Blood glucose test during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn what does it mean if i have diabetes during pregnancy? Will it affect my baby? Am i high risk pregnancy now?
Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
415867 tn?1323369103 now im 19 weeks preggos today and i was tested for gestation diabetes early on due to the fact that i have PCOS and because im overweight and diabetes runs in my family they always have a concern...i did do the 1 hr glucose test and i failed it miserably!!
Avatar f tn Please can someone explain to me what exactly is this glucose test all about.
10389360 tn?1410827568 I'm doing it Friday at 24 weeks. I'm also not looking forward to it, afraid I'm gonna throw up the juice!!
10798067 tn?1431554033 Hey ladies..ok so im on my 4th pregnancy and due to have a glucose test in a few week..told its goin to take 2 to 3 hours! I have never had one before on previous pregnancies but i have heard it makes you feel awful sick this true? And what exactly does it involve? What was your experience of it like?
Avatar f tn Yupp, I just had mine done, yesterday
Avatar f tn How many blood do they take from you and what happen if you fell the test also my doctor told me to eat breakfast before i go in what kind of breakfast should i eat?
2075937 tn?1334887794 Ahh I hope I can keep the drink down but besides this glucose test and the blood draw is there anything else they do or check for at a 24 week app?
8274643 tn?1406145196 I just drank the orange drink for the glucose test now I'm waiting for the hour to have blood drawn. Honestly, from what I've seen on here and how some girls got sick off of it etc I thought it was gonna be horrible. But the drink wasn't that bad! I chugged it though since my nurse poured it over ice. But it honestly wasn't as horrible as some people make it out to be. It just made my girls really hyper lol.
Avatar f tn I have my glucose test in the morning. I was just wondering if there's anything I should or shouldn't do for it?
7164766 tn?1391500256 With all the other worries n difficulties during pregnancy watching what you eat shouldn't be one lol
Avatar n tn I suck mints from when I wake to when I go to bed plus I've cut my intake of pure apple down to just one carton a day. It's a tough pregnancy with this one.
Avatar f tn Blah I have the glucose test tomorrow and I was wondering, is it really 3 hours or is that the longest it can take? I really don't want to be there for 3 hours.
Avatar f tn Bring a book or magazine as you will be bored during that time and be prepared to give your blood every hour until your 3 hours is up. 4 times total. That was the hardest thing for me. Good luck!
Avatar f tn No. U can refuse it...u can refuse any test during pregnancy. HOWEVER, gestational diabetes could be dangerous for you and baby if left untreated and undiagnosed.
Avatar f tn Just got my results and I failed my one hour test. I know have the three hour test. Just wondering how many moms failed the one hour and passed the three hour? And for those.moms who have GD what do you have to do now? How has it changed your pregnancy?
6403762 tn?1381716118 I have my glucose test in mid January and my doc said I had to fast. Most of the time you need to..I wouldn't eat just to get accurate results. If your doc said you can eat, then I'm sure it'll be ok to have crackers or something.
9232406 tn?1406126019 the chances for women during a second pregnancy to fail the test are higher and so is the chance of getting gestational diabetes. Its just something with our hormones that cause our insulin to be blocked. Dont worry though if you do get it , it goes away after birth and chances of the baby having any issues is low as long as you follow the diet or exercise plan they give you. Right now all my numbers are low and normal, I've been measuring ahead since 24 weeks about a week and 2 days ...
11195379 tn?1427925127 8) so now i have gd. Ive read that drinking 3 glasses of water could help lower blood glucose. During my test i wasnt allowed to move around but could drink some water..but i im wondering had i drank water if my level would be lower? I was so focused on keeping the horrid lucozade down (they cancel the test if you throw up) that i was almost napping in my chair for 2hrs. So im going to try hydrating from now on.
Avatar f tn My doc just called and I did not pass the 1-hour glucose test so now I have to go back for the 3-hour! Has this happened to anybody? Anyone know what happens if I have the diabetes you get with pregnancy? Ugh!
Avatar f tn I have my glucose test in a few weeks and myidwife said I have to fast as from 8pm the night before and that im only allowed to drink water
Avatar f tn Fast 8 hrs prior to the test and nothing to eat or drink besides water during the test. cut out the sweets now. Goodluck!
Avatar f tn If you fail the glucose test means you have gestational diabetes thats what the glucose test is for
Avatar f tn How important is it to get the glucose test done. I have appointment in the morning and cant be botherd to go.
Avatar n tn Snrich the first test I took it wasn't horrible.. my one hour test. But with the 3hour test you have to drink more of the stuff. I got almost all of it drunk before puking. I think it all depends on the kind. Lime is awful but the only kind my hospital has. I've heard better things about the fruit punch and orange.
1117137 tn?1345231505 Results turned out fine but later that week I took the regular urine test and fingertip blood test and my glucose was high, don't know what is going on but remaining positive. Dr. visit tomorrow will get some clarification hopefully.
9038886 tn?1402129326 I took my glucose test when I was 5 months. . I am going to take another one at my next appt. I will be 7 months. Has anyone taken it twice before? & did they tell you why?.