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Avatar n tn Current recommendations are for a fasting glucose or a 2 hour glucose tolerance test to be performed for the actual diagnosis of diabetes.
Avatar f tn I wanted to know if when you do a blood chemistry test, which is to show your sugar level, make sure your liver fonctions well and so on,can the doctor also see with the results if your taking a certain substance like a medication or on the counter drug? Or does he need to do a specific test in order to see, since he only asked for a normal blood test? In other words, can it indicate if you're taking medication or not?
Avatar f tn Home glucose checking is designed to only give a ballpark snapshot of what our blood glucose is at that moment of time. Blood flow through the body is dynamic and the chemistry, including glucose, at any given point will very from one moment to the next. That said unless you took a blood sample and tested it many times (not taking a new sample for each test, thus a different blood chemistry) the variance in readings you recorded are normal.
Avatar n tn m a 29 year old male in relatively good shape (work out a fair amount, but I could lose a five or so pounds), and a recent blood chemistry exam I took as part of my life insurance qualification showed that my glucose levels were 5mg/dl. Is that possible considering that the normal range is 70-125 and according to everything I've read online, levels below 20 can lead to unconsciousness? All my other readings--cholesterol, tryglyc, blood pressure, etc.--came back normal to optimal.
Avatar f tn my son has a blood test report, I don't know what kind of test it is.I though the test it's HCV-RNA. But there were only two days between collection and report time. I'm in Canada, I read someone who had get HCV-RNA TEST REPORT for two month in Canada. I'm in other city, I got the report from mail. I copy there, anybody can explain to me. CHEMISTRY HIGH SENSITIVITY CRP < 0.2 mg/L Low Risk: 3.
Avatar f tn I had a CCP blood test today and didn't know I was suppose to fast for 8-10 hours before hand. Will the results be affected and should I have the test done again? Thanks...
Avatar f tn The A1c provides an insight on your past 2-3 month glucose levels. Red blood cells live on average 2-3 months. Excess glucose rides on new red blood cells, the A1c captures this and provides an estimated three month daily average. " If a result such as 5.8% translates into an "average daily" value of 120 mg/dL, how can 5.8% be considered normal?" An A1c of 5.8% equates to an eAG [estimated daily Average Glucose] of 120 mg/dl, key word is estimated.
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Avatar n tn occational increase in blood glucose levels and cholestrol from age of 25. High blood pressure (140/90) since a year, with medication BP is 130/90. And now consistent higher levels of glucose since april 2013, cholestrol is well within limits now. He had chicken pox in january 2013. he lost weight and muscle tone in may-june. There are no symptoms of diabetes at all. Is he diabetic or can i hope that reducing his anxiety problem can bring the glucose level to normal?
1813627 tn?1337722375 Had about 10 viles of blood taken which I gather is normal the first time. They also had be do an hour blood glucose test done which I thought was done later in pregnancy. So today I had to go for a 3 hr test sinces yesterday my number was 141 and they wanted me to be under 135. Anyone that can shed some light on this would be wonderful.
Avatar f tn Most physicians, unless they are specifically trained in the pharmacology of opioids, are unfamiliar with UDT results, and therefore accept them as fact, as if they would a blood sugar result, knowing well that a simple blood glucose level can have false readings depending whether or not the patient was fasting for 12 hours prior to the test. This is also from the FSMB document: "Test results that suggest opioid misuse should be discussed with the patient.
Avatar f tn And also said Ill have the glucose test my next apt. What would they have taken one more vial of blood for?
Avatar f tn sugar, uric acid, potassium, cholesterol and SGPT results were within normal levels. While the normal range of values for SGPT is from 7 to 56 units per liter of serum, it is recommended that the reference range for this particular laboratory be used since technique and protocols used by different laboratories are usually considered. SGOT and SGPT are sensitive indicators of liver damage or injury from different types of diseases.
Avatar f tn All the blood tests show high fasting cholesterol but are otherwise all normal ( normal blood glucose, immunology, immunofixation, chemistry, hematology) I don't have any of the symptoms of a UTI, I almost never have to pee. What's wrong with me?
Avatar f tn Everyone is required to do it now. They just draw blood from your arm, like normal blood work. Mine came back negative, so my little boobear is ok:D and in a couple of weeks you'll get blood drawn again for glucose test...takes about an hr...lame. and then a few weeks after that, they do blood work again...but i forgot why this last time lol cow brains... haha or maybe this lastime was just me because im anemic and my platlets are very very low. Hmmm ..
Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
Avatar f tn I'm so pissed my doctor sent to do a blood glucose test gave me instructions not to fast and now that I got here the nurse told me I have to fast for it to be correct... like what the f***... has anyone had to take that 3 hours test cause of not fasting??
Avatar f tn Get your blood pressure checked. & Have you had the glucose tolerance test yet?
Avatar n tn t sound like the checkup included blood draws to look at your chemistry panel or a complete blood count [CBC]. The chemistry panel will look at your creatinine [kidney function], sodium, and potassium levels. Low potassium levels (hypokalemia), can cause an irregular heart rhythm along with improper blood pressure. Ask the doctor for a complete health checkup, not a physical exam. Good luck.