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Avatar n tn He also has high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. He has been having kidney test ran that I belive are the BUN. Anyway, over the past 5-6 years the result has been holding steady at 55. Last month it had decreased to 42. Last week the results were 77. I am very alarmed by these numbers as several years ago the doctor told me that the kidney function had been holding steady at 55 and that was about 35% kidney function. My question is how bad is 77?
Avatar n tn ok i have recently taken a urine test because i had some kind of uti they said there was a very high abnormal range of glucose in my urine but when i came back the next day they gave me a blood suger test which was normal does anyone know what may have caused the high glucose in my urine?
Avatar f tn i am female, 62 yrs old, my glucose is 122, my cretinine is 1.7, my bun is normal, i just found out, i take meds for hypertension & glucose. how can i reduce glucose & cretinine & is 1.7 cretinine dangerous ?
Avatar m tn I got a call from the nurse the next day and she said that my BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) is normal; blood glucose is normal;however, my creatinine serum is slightly elevated. Creatinine came out to be 1.48 mg/dl. My doctor told me to get tested again in 6 weeks to see if it is reduced. Please note that I am a heavy weight lifter. I have been practicing bodybuilding for about 4 years; therefore, i also have a higher protein intake than an average person.
Avatar m tn Please get a blood glucose fasting and after food. Thyroid is normal. Random glucose level is normal but on lower side. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor and the cause for high cholesterol. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Avatar n tn I just had a BUN test. My UREA Nitrogen was 28. The lab range is 7-25 mg/dl. My BUN/Creatinine Ration was 36 with range of 6-22 (calc). What would cause these numbers to be this high? I drink plenty of water though my average times in urination is at least 10 times a day. My lower back does hurt and has been hurting for at least three months. I am very fatigued and have been previously set up for a sleep study. Just began taking provigil three days ago.
Avatar m tn Is there any chance you mean blood glucose also known as blood sugar? If so some questions that come to mind would be: Has your father been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes? What treatments were prescribed? Did his doctor suggest diet and exercise?
Avatar n tn i got home about 11 checked my blood sugar it was 79. i ate some cheddar peppars and some chips. checked it again and it was 59. so i ate a chili dog without the bun. waited an hour and now its fourty.
Avatar f tn A re-test in 2 weeks would certainly be worthwhile. High blood glucose and excessive vitamin C supplements can also cause high creatinine levels to occur. I would be interested in the SubQ fluid dose (to see if it is accurate for your dog) ... can you let me have your dog's weight please? Given the possible liver enzyme abnormality, it may be worth using Milk Thistle as a supplement (this will help protect the liver).
Avatar m tn 0, specific gravity 1.025,250 of glucose, which makes no sense with normal serum glucose and negative for ketones, blood, nitrite and leukocyte esterase. Urine hCG was negative as well" I just dont understand. Its looking like i have more than one thing working against me.
Avatar m tn I think A1c is veyr important for monitoring trend over time. Fasting blood glucose is a bit useful in that fasting glucose can change over time and indicate a problem. But in many people the fasting blood glucose might be one of the last numbers to be abnormal. On the other hand fasting blood sugar can also be affected by your previous day's meal and activity levels.
Avatar m tn My doctor decided to run a 3 hour glucose intolerance test (100 mg glucose) on me to see if that gives any idea of what is happening. My test results appear normal, yet confusing to me. My starting glucose was 101, at one hour it was 117, at two hours it was 119, and at 3 hours it was 123. The procedure left me feeling a little dizzy at first, but it wasn't until I ate food after the appointment that I really struggled.
Avatar f tn That's crazy that so many women on here said their drs said not to fast. I've seen 4 different obgyns and all sais for the glucose test is a fasting test. Maybe that's why I see so many women on here saying they failed their test? I've never heard of not fasting for this test tho crazy!
Avatar m tn i would get your blood sugar checked via a fasting blood sugar and Hemoglobin A1C, and also a urinalysis and BUN Creatinine blood test to check for kidney problems.
Avatar n tn s name is Tita and her kindness are functioning only 25% (according to the last blood test results 2 days ago) she stayed 2 days a the vet with IV and the veterinarian said that she has progress a little and we can bring her home with a treatment. They did another blood test but we haven't got the results. My concern now is that her back legs are very swollen and she can stand. What can I do to help her? Are there any exercise like therapy to help her?