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Avatar n tn per carbs, per starches, per snack, etc Most endocrinologists will put a diabetic patient who uses insulin on a sliding scale of insulin, depending on what the blood glucose is when you test before a meal. What did your doctor tell you?
Avatar m tn I feel I am on a huge dose for my sliding scale, which still barely seems to keep up. I am on Lantus 40 units, twice a day. Humalog sliding scale, starting at 20 units. For every 50 mg/dl over 150, 2 more units. In a typical day, Between 20-28 units multiple times a day. A1c=7.7 currently. Is Humalog maybe not the right choice if I need such high dosing?
943601 tn?1245484695 Last month, I am a diabetic and was diagnosed with HSP. I now taking very high doses of predisone 60mg bid. This dosage has been reduced to 50mg bit. I am finely down to 40mg bid. I am very concerned about damage to my week kidneys due to the very high blood glucose levels > 400 at times. I have been controlling it with a sliding scale using Humalog Quick Pen. How fast does the ill-reversable damage set in? My medicine has been change from enailapril to coreg. Biopsity shows nothing.
Avatar f tn ve taken her to a doctor at the very least, if not the ER. Being diabetic and vomiting can make controlling Blood Glucose difficult. Many people have a sliding scale for insulin if they're taking injections. The loss of fluid and nutrition can throw everything out of whack. Medical intervention may be the only thing that brings her BG levels back under control. Please let us know if she's okay. thanks.
Avatar n tn Take 10 units of Humalog before meals and 55units of Lantus before bed. What is the sliding scale when sick. Have sinus infection and bad cough.
Avatar f tn s prescribe a long acting insulin (such as Lantus) to be taken daily and then also a shorter acting insulin to be used on a sliding scale. The person tests their blood sugar before each meal and at bed time and compares the result to the scale prescribed by the doctor and inject the appropriate amount of insulin (if indicated). It is a good idea to record these levels in a journal so it can be shared with the doctor. The idea is to keep the blood sugar at a steady, consistent level.
Avatar n tn My husband is on a sliding scale for Humolog and 44units of Lantus at bedtime.His blood sugar at 9pm was 155 I gave him the Lantus as ordered.At 2am he was shaky,sweaty,and weak.was the Lantus dose to much for his blood sugar level?I should mention he ate supper late 7pm.I'm wondering if I gave it to close to thr humolog dose before supper.
Avatar n tn We got him to the doctors office and he seemed to stabilize and the doctor called his endo who only adjusted his sliding scale for breakfast and sent him home. We are now terrified of low blood sugars and it felt like the doctor didn't care too much, he is the only pediatric endo in the area and we don't know what to do, any suggestions?
Avatar m tn how much 1 unit insulin will drop your blood sugar. This will be much more accurate in terms of managing blood sugars than sliding scale which is more about correction after the fact.
Avatar n tn There are times when I check my urine for ketones when my blood glucose is particularly high. For example, this morning before I had eaten a bite, my blood sugar was 406. I checked my urine for ketones at that time and it showed moderate to high amounts of ketones in my urine. This afternoon after I ate, my blood sugar was 521 and I checked for ketones again. On the second check, it was negative to a trace. Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this to happen?
1452593 tn?1285187324 Two hour PC (Postprandial glucose test) where they make you fast for 8 hours, take a blood sample to get your glucose reading, and then you eat a meal and then they test your blood-sugar again (another blood sample). You have to do insulin or your sugar goes through the roof. Beats me....
Avatar n tn Yes, if his glucose levels go high (they probably will do this, seeing as how the dose he is on is so small compared to his usual dose), his doctor can give you a sliding scale of quick-acting insulin to lower his glucose back to normal. So he will probably be taking much more of the quick-acting than normal to compensate, but will probably be just fine as long as he tests often.
Avatar n tn In three years our Endocrinologist has never explained the sliding scale to us and I did not even know there was a such thing until he had forgotten to take his shot in the morning and a nurse asked me if he used a sliding scale. She looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her that. When I asked the doctor she explained her dislike of the sliding scale and said aslong as he sticks to his diet of carbs and takes his insulin, he will be fine.
Avatar n tn Any steroid will increase your blood sugars. Cortisone, a steroid is known to increase glucose levels even in those that are not diabetics. Are you on a sliding scale insulin? If so than you know how to adjust the dosage to accommodate for high glucose readings. If your levels are still high you need to contact a physician immediately. Any BS over 200 that does not respond to the protocol established by your physician requires immediate medical attention.
Avatar n tn Most endocrinologists will put a diabetic patient who uses insulin on a sliding scale of insulin, depending on what the blood glucose is when you test before a meal. The ideal is of course for glucose levels to be in the "normal" before meal range of between something like 70-126 (different doctors use slightly different numbers, but this is pretty typical). But we can't always have the ideal numbers -- if we DID, we wouldn't be diabetic!
Avatar f tn Maybe your insulin regime is not ideal. How is it dosed? If it is on sliding scale it can be very hard to control. Basal insulin combined with mealtime dosing based on what you actually eat can give better and easier control. Eating lower carb reduces the requirement for insulin and means you can take less and therefore control the rollercoastering. All of Waverider's advice is excellent.
Avatar n tn my fathers blood sugar is 224 how many units of levemir flexpen do i give him his Dr put him on a sliding scale. i dont know what the dosage is ???? i give him humalog the scale is 200 to 250/ 5 units and so on. Is there a guideline of units for levemir ?
885280 tn?1289562555 After I read your responce I started looking for the info. you listed. I go to a sliding scale clininc in my area most of it is done by volen. and a lot of there meds samples and med equem. is given to them. Anyway I looked on the box that the glucose meter came in and the exper. date is 12/2009. I wonder if that could mean the numbers are off because like I said before I almost pass out when I hit 70. With the information you gave me it makes alot more sence. I have never had a A1c test.
Avatar f tn ) you might want to try a planned parenthood or a clinic of some sort. I know planned parenthood offers payment based on a sliding scale...the more you make the more you pay, the less you make the less you pay.
Avatar n tn I went to a diabetes education class that teaches about the sliding scale and how to take your Humalog. However, my doc gave me a formula to use to counteract high blood sugars when not enough insulin has been taken. It's (bloodsugar) - 100 divided by 40. So, if your blood sugar is 300 you would subtract 100 to get 200. Divide that by 40 to get 5 units of Humalog. I also have a scale for when I eat. It's for every 15 grams of carbs I take 2 units of Humalog.
Avatar n tn Depends on how you use your insullin. My doctor gave me an insulin to carbohydrate ratio to use. I use 1 unit of insulin to every 12 grams of carbs I eat. The less carbs I eat, the less insulin I use. I have a very physical job for four hours a day and I don't even need my Humalog when I eat lunch. My pen generally lasts me the whole month. My Humalog is only good for 28 - 30 days.
Avatar n tn I lost my sliding scale card that my Diabetes (Metabolic, Endocrine, and Diabetes) doctor gave me to use because I haven't had to use my Novalog since before Christmas. I currently have a virus and my sugars are out of control. What is the recommended dosage because I don't want to give myself too much or too little.
Avatar n tn it is usually recommended to contact your doctor to see how much short acting insulin to take (some doctors have a sliding scale on how much to give) Continue to drink lots of fluids. If a person has moderate to large ketone they have a condition called Ketonacidosis may be developing, this could be accompanied by vomiting and if severe coma.
Avatar f tn I would suggest going to a health clinic that has a sliding scale. Do you have hemmroids? Blood in your stool can be caused by a number of reasons including ulcers and polyps in your colon or a sign of a more serious condition. I would try getting into the doctor to get it checked.
Avatar n tn I recently started thyroid medication and I am gaining weight. Does thyroid medication worsen insulin resistance/ glucose tolerance?
1367276 tn?1278801812 Your doctor has you on a very outdated method of determining bolus (meal) doses, called a sliding scale. The standard of care is called an Insulin to Carb Ratio, which has you count your carbs then take the amount of units needed for what you are actually going to eat. In addition, if your numbers are that high even between meals you may need more lantus. 15 units is quite low for a type 2.
Avatar f tn My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 5 years old. She has been giving NPH with Humalog. It hasn't been working much though because she's high most of the time even when we watch what she eats and exercises. It just doesn't make much sense why the NPH isn't working anymore. She's on a sliding scale for Humalog and she gives a shot of 40 units of NPH in the morning.