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Avatar f tn My doctor told me that my glucose fasting score of 96 on a scale of 70-100 was nothing to worry about, but just bought a one touch and have noticed that in the morning before breakfast so far, I'm at between 96-113 and about 118 an hour after eating. How do I respond to these scores? By eating something immediately? What? So confused.Am collecting numbers but don't know how to respond to them? What do I do?
Avatar m tn A1c is the amount of glucose that is stuck to red blood cells. the higher the A1c the higher the BG. since red blood cells live about 90 days the A1c is an average of your BG for 90 days. the symptoms you mention I have never heard of for diabetes. despite what the "media" say weight has little to do with causing diabetes.
Avatar m tn I feel I am on a huge dose for my sliding scale, which still barely seems to keep up. I am on Lantus 40 units, twice a day. Humalog sliding scale, starting at 20 units. For every 50 mg/dl over 150, 2 more units. In a typical day, Between 20-28 units multiple times a day. A1c=7.7 currently. Is Humalog maybe not the right choice if I need such high dosing?
Avatar n tn per carbs, per starches, per snack, etc Most endocrinologists will put a diabetic patient who uses insulin on a sliding scale of insulin, depending on what the blood glucose is when you test before a meal. What did your doctor tell you?
1452593 tn?1285187324 Two hour PC (Postprandial glucose test) where they make you fast for 8 hours, take a blood sample to get your glucose reading, and then you eat a meal and then they test your blood-sugar again (another blood sample). You have to do insulin or your sugar goes through the roof. Beats me....
Avatar f tn s prescribe a long acting insulin (such as Lantus) to be taken daily and then also a shorter acting insulin to be used on a sliding scale. The person tests their blood sugar before each meal and at bed time and compares the result to the scale prescribed by the doctor and inject the appropriate amount of insulin (if indicated). It is a good idea to record these levels in a journal so it can be shared with the doctor. The idea is to keep the blood sugar at a steady, consistent level.
Avatar n tn Hello Gilbert, I'm guessing that you're writing from outside of the US and are probably using a scale that's different from the one we use here in the US. In the US, "normal" ranges are often cites as 70-120, and so 29 sounds "low." I believe that the scale you're using is the same one we use to measure our a1c where normal might be in the 4.5 - 5.7 range, and so 29 is extremely high.
7532337 tn?1400702311 So I'm going to my appt/glucose test here in a bit and I'm not looking forward to drinking that yummy goodness...blah, but I think I'm dreading the scales more. We'll see if I'm still measuring a week ahead.
390388 tn?1279636213 Being diabetic and having lots of heart trouble and high blood pressure issues myself, I can tell you that a fasting glucose reading of 200 would get my attention in a New York minute. Your arteries are becoming inflamed at that reading and you will start to experience high blood pressure as well as be at risk for blood clots in your heart arteries.
Avatar f tn BP, but not so good that your blood sugar was 10. Aim to keep it between 5 on the lower end of the scale and no more than 8 on the high scale. If you get into the habit of keeping a regular record of your BSL you will be more in control with what you need to do. One quick way of bringing your BSL down a couple of points is to drink water. I've found that it fills me up, takes care of the hunger and reduces the reading.
Avatar n tn I assume this determines the bolus dose by what the blood glucose is before the meal. Just to let you know this is a somewhat outdated method. More exact is to match insulin to food by a I:C, an insulin: carb ratio. You need to determine the correct ratio for your son which might differ for each meal. Then you count the exact number of carbs he will be eating and figure it out from there.
943601 tn?1245484695 Last month, I am a diabetic and was diagnosed with HSP. I now taking very high doses of predisone 60mg bid. This dosage has been reduced to 50mg bit. I am finely down to 40mg bid. I am very concerned about damage to my week kidneys due to the very high blood glucose levels > 400 at times. I have been controlling it with a sliding scale using Humalog Quick Pen. How fast does the ill-reversable damage set in? My medicine has been change from enailapril to coreg. Biopsity shows nothing.
Avatar n tn Most endocrinologists will put a diabetic patient who uses insulin on a sliding scale of insulin, depending on what the blood glucose is when you test before a meal. The ideal is of course for glucose levels to be in the "normal" before meal range of between something like 70-126 (different doctors use slightly different numbers, but this is pretty typical). But we can't always have the ideal numbers -- if we DID, we wouldn't be diabetic!
Avatar f tn ve taken her to a doctor at the very least, if not the ER. Being diabetic and vomiting can make controlling Blood Glucose difficult. Many people have a sliding scale for insulin if they're taking injections. The loss of fluid and nutrition can throw everything out of whack. Medical intervention may be the only thing that brings her BG levels back under control. Please let us know if she's okay. thanks.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with hep c 4 years ago. I don't remember the genotype but I remember the dr. said it was the worst type, the hardest to get under control. I had a biopsy done shortly thereafter and it showed that I was a 1 on a scale from 0-4. I haven't been under medical care since then and had an addiction problem until last year. After I got clean I began having severe problems with hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn My husband is on a sliding scale for Humolog and 44units of Lantus at bedtime.His blood sugar at 9pm was 155 I gave him the Lantus as ordered.At 2am he was shaky,sweaty,and weak.was the Lantus dose to much for his blood sugar level?I should mention he ate supper late 7pm.I'm wondering if I gave it to close to thr humolog dose before supper.
Avatar n tn Any steroid will increase your blood sugars. Cortisone, a steroid is known to increase glucose levels even in those that are not diabetics. Are you on a sliding scale insulin? If so than you know how to adjust the dosage to accommodate for high glucose readings. If your levels are still high you need to contact a physician immediately. Any BS over 200 that does not respond to the protocol established by your physician requires immediate medical attention.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your prompt response. I am 23 years old, have low blood pressure, I don't smoke or drink. I have had no history of chronic headaches or migraines. My blood glucose levels are normal. How likely is it for me to get Alzheimer's disease or dementia at this age?
Avatar f tn In order to go about this on the cheap, go to a big box discount store and by a blood glucose monitor and strips and test before and after eating and see where your levels are running. If they are consistently over 100, you might want to check in with your physician and get a proper diagnosis. if you are into the 200 or 300 levels, its time to have a serious talk with your physician and probably not a bad idea to consult with an endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn There are times when I check my urine for ketones when my blood glucose is particularly high. For example, this morning before I had eaten a bite, my blood sugar was 406. I checked my urine for ketones at that time and it showed moderate to high amounts of ketones in my urine. This afternoon after I ate, my blood sugar was 521 and I checked for ketones again. On the second check, it was negative to a trace. Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this to happen?