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Avatar m tn According to my doctor, both, pre-diabetes and type II diabetes are reversed if you can maintain normal blood glucose levels, via diet and exercise, without medication.
Avatar m tn but not high enough to make the diagnosis of diabetes. The tests used to make this diagnosis are blood glucose test and a glucose tolerance test. Has your doctor done either of these? There are no real symptoms of pre diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, thirst, blurred vision, numbness/tingling in the distal extremities, fatigue, slowed healing of cuts, and frequent infections. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition frequently found with diabetes.
Avatar f tn Eating a balanced diet low in carbohydrates and maintaining a healthy weight can help lessen the symptoms of PCOS. They also help to lower blood sugar levels. Regular exercise helps weight loss and also aids the body in reducing blood glucose levels. This helps the body use insulin more efficiently. "As a prediabetic, and possibly insulin resistant, should I be testing my glucose levels regularly?" Yes.
Avatar n tn 126 mg/dl * to convert mg/dl to UK or Canada mmol/l standards, divide by 18 Weight loss, daily 30-60 minutes exercise, and restrict carbohydrate food intake all will help lower your glucose levels.
Avatar n tn During routine health check up in May 2012 my sugar fasting was 80 and pp two hours after a glass of glucose water was 154. I was advised exercise and avoidance of sweets. During July 2012 my sugar fasting was 73 and pp after regular breakfast was 73. Why this variation. Is pp after glucose water the correct procedure as told by my doctor.
Avatar f tn Weight loss if you are overweight, and exercise are also very important for blood sugar control. At least 30 minutes of exercise once a day (or even better if you can make it longer or more than once a day), would help in controlling blood sugar.
370181 tn?1595629445 My doctor has just told me that I am pre-diabetic. My fasting glucose was 124. Needless to say I'm pretty scared and would like your advice on what I need to do to either reduce or even reverse this diagnosis. Can anyone recommend a good book that lists the foods I need to avoid and ones that are very good. Is there a supplement I can take to help?
Avatar f tn Without fueling your body, you might not be able to exercise as long or as intensely, or you may have less energy or even dizziness if your blood glucose level drops. You may also tend to overeat after you exercise or later on in the day. Your body breaks down the food you eat into glucose in your blood, or as stored energy called glycogen in your liver and muscles. Having glucose provides you with energy production for your workout.
Avatar n tn May be wise to check fasting insulin as well as glucose, and get hba1c done to be sure that average blood sugars are normal. This way you can already monitor and catch early if your blood sugar levels become less than ideal..
Avatar f tn By measuring your blood sugar response to different foods (test 2 hours after eating) you can work out which foods elevate blood sugar levels (Keep maximum blood sugar levels less than 140 (7.7), but even better if you can keep it below 100 (5.5). Exercise can also help you body to respond better to insulin and take up and use sugar in your blood. So a brisk walk for 30 minutes after eating could be helpful...
Avatar f tn and the prednisone actually raising or lowering the blood glucose because then it is high or low and those numbers will effect you. Does that make sense? What I do know is that if those are accurate readings, you may no longer be pre-diabetes but may have diabetes. What is your A1C? What do you do to treat your pre-diabetes; what is important is to lose weight if you need to, lower carb intake and get regular exercise. 215 is definitely in the zone where complications begin to form.
Avatar m tn My recent visit to the doctors my fasting blood glucose was 107, my last three visits were around 95.II AM 53 years old five foot 10 and about 250 pounds, have been at this weight about five years.. my doctor was not to concered about the rise in the glucose level, sould I be thanks for the help.
Avatar f tn However, your body can also break down protein to make glucose, and obviously there is some glucose in your body because your blood sugar levels are stable. On your ketogenic diet your levels are totally normal. However, on this diet there is very little demand on your pancreas. if you increase your carbs, depending on the health of your pancreas, you may or may not have high blood sugar levels. So we cannot know if you are diabetic. You do not have diabetic numbers on this diet.
Avatar m tn Managing type 2 diabetes is done with carb reduction, weight loss if needed, exercise and oral meds if your doctor determines this is needed. If you are pre-diabetic it's a good opportunity to get your blood sugar under better control to prevent or slow the progression to diabetes. Worrying doesn't serve much purpose, but getting a clear picture and determining action does!
Avatar f tn With continuous moderate exercise your muscles use up excess glucose. However, strenuous exercise can have the opposite effect as your body may release stress hormones that tells your body to release available glucose for energy. 1. That last 10 minutes may have jacked up your glucose as this falls under strenuous exercise, that is, unless this has been your normal routine for months on end. 2 & 3 - Good start 4. Eat after exercising not before.
Avatar m tn Along with this is daily 30-60 minute exercise which helps burn off excess glucose. If you live near an indoor mall go there before stores open and walk the aisle ways. Its a great free place to beat winter conditions. Your tingling and numbness can be signs of nerve damage that can be verified by a doctors evaluation. An Ophthalmologist can check your vision issue too.
Avatar m tn I've been pre diabetic for the last several years. I recently had a fasting glucose test and it showed my blood sugar was 142.. which is basically the diabetic range, I redid the test the next week and I dropped back down to 118 the prediabetic range. I've never spiked to the diabetic range until that day. Could lack of sleep and stress maybe have spiked the glucose that high?
Avatar n tn My doctor ordered blood work, my glucose result was 103. Doc wanted to put me on a Diabetic pill. I told him No, I would watch what I eat and we'd go from there. I used to junk out bad at night; candy, chips, drink regular cokes, ect... Now I drink Diet Coke and I don't eat anywhere near like I used to. I'm probably 10 pounds overweight. I have a physical job. I'm in good health, I have high blood pressure that is controled by meds. I bought a AccuCheck Active tester.
Avatar n tn I didn't see a Topic Area of Pre-Diabetes. I think that's what I may have and I am scared. My reading is 102. I have always been around 97. I don't know what to do, I don't know what to eat...I know I need to exercise... I just need some words of wisdom.
Avatar m tn re late to catching your airplane flight makes the muscles and liver release stored glucose, in turn you burn this off. Continued exercise cause the muscles to store excess glucose for future use. This lowers your glucose levels. At this stage you already know you are prediabetic. There is no need for an A1c meter. This where the home glucose meter becomes a useful tool. I'm not certain of the health protocols in India regarding home glucose meter purchases.
446335 tn?1223948356 A recent pre-op blood test showed a blood sugar level of 139. My doctor had me do the 2-hr. glucose tolerance test today. Don't have the results yet but the blood sugar test they did initially showed a level of 140. I know both of those put me into the category of diabetic. Runs in the family BTW, father managed blood sugar with Glucotrol. So what can I expect?
1310035 tn?1305621642 Hi I am gonna see my neuro next monday but just want to ask some opinions, my neuro made me do a glucose tolerence test, fasting, it came back as abnormal, though the one I did last year september was normal, could the ms affect the glucose levals in ones body, the lab tech said its called insulin something or the other and my cholesterol levels were also high which they were normal last year, I have read that maybe its caused by the brain trying to repair the demeyelinated areas but I don't
116881 tn?1189755823 I was diagnosed with pre diabetes when my yearly physical fasting blood glucose reading came out at 102. (Father has type II diabetes.) Anything over 100 for a fasting reading is considered pre-diabetic by my healthcare provider. Not sure if they're overly cautious or what. I would love to know more about what readings are appropriate for pre diabetics but everything I read about is for diabetics. Does anyone know of any good sources?