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Avatar f tn Se has been drinking now for over 10 days now, no vomiting, just sluggish, sleepy, hides under the table, unmotivated. Being in a foreign country with a language in veterinary lingo that I dont fully understand is difficult at times.... Here are the highs... The rest are all in normal range HDW 4.4 RDW 20.4 WBC 20.52 Neut Segmentati 17236.8 monociti 1641.6 Iron 450 Colinesterasi 10566 Protein C Reatt. 0.7 Potassium 6.2 Rapp (ratio?) Na/K 24.
Avatar n tn Hi, if your a1c is 11.2 this means that your average blood sugars are over 300. This is terrible for your health and you are at risk for very serious complications along with stroke, heart attack, among others, in the very near future. Blindness, kidney failure, and wounds that won't heal are also high risk given your current levels. With your blood sugars this high you need to be taking insulin.
Avatar n tn My glucose level has been over 400 for more than a week. How serious is this. My doctor does not seem overly concerned made appointment for a week from now.
Avatar n tn On the days when I have no coffee, my am blood sugars are great. On the days I have coffee, 2 hours later its 260+. I havemet with the dietician and figured the calories/carbs... and adjusted my pump accordngly. Does caffeine make your sugar elevated?
Avatar n tn Recent lens implant medication is Pred-Forte 1%. THis has taken morning glucose over 300 where they are routinely 150. Please advise.
Avatar f tn This is a life-threatening emergency which occurs when blood sugars have been consistenly over 300. This occurs more commonly in Type 1's, often at diagnosis, but can also occur in Type 2's who have been diagnosed long enough that they don't produce much insulin or the insulin production is overwhelmed by serious infection or stress. If someone's blood sugar has been in this range for awhile and they start experiencing flu like symptoms or vomiting they should go to the ER.
Avatar n tn The high hba1c is not good news, and this person's blood sugars do need to be controlled. His average blood sugar is around 300, when a normal average blood sugar is 100 or below. High blood sugar causes damage to nerves, with damage known to occur with blood sugars higher than about 140. This person should be on insulin appropriately dosed (Basal-bolus dosing - adjusted to food and exercise levels).
Avatar f tn So i went to take my glucose test today nd they had said i no longer had medical so that they wouldjust bill methe payment for taking the glucose plus the blood work nd all that. Do any of u ladies know proximatly how mush the bill will be?
Avatar n tn 20 years but for the last 6 months his levels have climbed to 260- over 300 some days. He is visiting the VA hospital and they seemed to think that this could be controled by more carbs in his diet. Finally this week with levels over 300 he fell, and has no strenght at all to walk, or even use his arms. This of course is a very frighting thing for him and I have tried to encourage him by telling his that I feel that this is ALL related to his high levels.
Avatar m tn Diabetics with glucose over 300 should be treated with a combination of two different insulins (Lantus which controls insulin levels over a 24 hour period and Apidra or rDNA insulin which is fast acting and generally taken before meals) and also Metformin. If this protocal is not being prescribed by his doctor I would have him schedule an appointment with a diabetic specialist because his current doctor does not know how to handle diabetic patients. 3.
Avatar f tn The A1c test is used primarily to monitor the glucose control of diabetics over time. Depending on the type of diabetes that you have, how well your diabetes is controlled, and your doctor, your A1c may be measured 2 to 4 times each year. A 1% change in an A1c result reflects a change of about 30 mg/dL in average blood glucose. For instance, an A1c of 6% corresponds to an average glucose of 135 mg/dL, while an A1c of 9% corresponds to an average glucose of 240 mg/dL.
Avatar n tn There is glucose stored in liver and muscles and blood transfers the glucose. When you do strenuous exercise all the glucose in muscles is depleted and due to the craving Liver starts metabolism of converting your stores into Glucose for energy. If your muscles are deprived for long you get this lactic acidosis or muscle cramps. So for getting continuous energy you have to tone your body.
Avatar n tn Any steroid will increase your blood sugars. Cortisone, a steroid is known to increase glucose levels even in those that are not diabetics. Are you on a sliding scale insulin? If so than you know how to adjust the dosage to accommodate for high glucose readings. If your levels are still high you need to contact a physician immediately. Any BS over 200 that does not respond to the protocol established by your physician requires immediate medical attention.
Avatar n tn A good way to see if yours is within normal variance is to bring along your meter when you go for a blood draw (from a vein). Within 5-10 minutes of them drawing blood, do your own blood test and save the results. Compare them with what the doc tells you your number was. Your result should be within 15% of the doc's result. What's important here is to know how you feel & how you function when your BG is at different numbers.
4117735 tn?1349962369 The reason asked is that I have been monitoring my glucose and it has been between 200 - 300, and I would like to lower my readings.
Avatar f tn I also grew up with a father who did not control his blood glucose and saw him bounce around just like that. Having high blood glucose and low blood glucose can really effect your mood. People who are having blood glucose levels over 300 can really be the meanest individuals. The higher the number, the worse the mood swings can be.
Avatar f tn I ask because this is dangerously high and will lead to severe diabetes complications unless you take immediate action to get your blood glucose numbers arrested and under control. You can also start by maintaining proper weight, exercising daily, and eating a proper diabetes nutrition.
Avatar n tn I'm a novice when it comes to diabetes so I could use some help. I'm on 2.5mg of Glipizide and have been for about four years. My doctor discourages blood glucose testings -- says that's only necessary if I were on insulin. However, I will occasionally check my blood sugar -- maybe once or twice a month or if I'm not feeling well. I checked it on Sunday and found it was running somewhat high.
Avatar n tn I have blood pressure of 140/100 last month and with salt restriction it has come down to 120/88 ,now i have found out that i have fasting blood glucose 174 post food is 300 , fasting lipid pofile .cholestrerol 304 hdl 36 triglyceride 734..i also have a fat around my waist i was thinking i have metatbolic syndrome or do i have anything else ????.Is it possible for me to exercise and change my diet and reduce my glucose nad cholesterol at this stage without medication.
Avatar f tn In order to go about this on the cheap, go to a big box discount store and by a blood glucose monitor and strips and test before and after eating and see where your levels are running. If they are consistently over 100, you might want to check in with your physician and get a proper diagnosis. if you are into the 200 or 300 levels, its time to have a serious talk with your physician and probably not a bad idea to consult with an endocrinologist.