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Avatar f tn Does the Ultra mini hurt when using it? I've read that the lancet can be painful. Also, what do you think about testing on the forearm instead of the finger?
Avatar n tn Okay - I was happy with my One Touch Ultra. Yes, it failed to pipe up enough blood sometimes resulting in a wasted strip. Yes, the 1 mu thing is a marketing gimmick since it still wants 3 mu of blood or the strip won't fill and you get an error. But - I learned its qwirks and got used to it.
Avatar f tn s interesting that you question the accuracy of your glucose meter for I was reading the September 2008 issues of Consumer Reports that rated both blood-pressure monitors and blood-glucose meters. Only one blood-glucose meter scored excellent overall and also scored the highest for consistency- the Johnson & Johnson Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Mini. The Ultra Mini was followed by Ascensia Contour, ReliOn Ultima (WalMart), and Accu-check Compact Plus.
Avatar f tn Couple of years back Consumer Reports tested home glucose meters and found only one that provide consistent "accurate" results. This meter was the Johnson & Johnson Ultra Mini. Search online as J&J was giving these away for free with a 15 day supply of strips. Wait time is 5-6 weeks. I got two. Bottom line, if in doubt go to your doctor and get an A1c test. This is the gold standard in determining whether you are normal, prediabetic, or become diabetic.
Avatar m tn Do yourself a BIG favor and go to this web site. Fill out the form to obtain a Free Johnson & Johnson One Touch Ultra Mini home glucose meter. You will be supplied with approx. 15 lancets and test strips, the rest is up to you. Read the instructions carefully prior to using. And read up online how to test and how often to test your glucose. https://www.onetouchgold.
Avatar m tn First, congrats to your mother for understanding how to manage and control her diabetes and for you for being a caring son. Here's my 2 cents; 1. The FDA allows home glucose test meters a plus/minus accuracy range of 20%. The reading is an approximate range within 20% of the actual. A good FREE meter is the J&J Ultra One Touch Mini. Google 'free ultra one touch' for the web site. I would also question the doctors test equipment as to when it was last calibrated. 2.
Avatar m tn Thank you very much for the advise. iuse ultra one touch . isnt it a good one.I have one more doubt. You said home meters are said to havea 20% variantion in accuracy. does it mean the meter shows 20% less or 20% more in the value when compared to lab result? idnt understand. kindly enlighten on the issue.I f the Fasting sample gives a result of 112 , does it mean the lab test result will be more than this or less than this.
Avatar n tn 5 which I feel fine.. As of late I have been waking up with what my friend believes is psychotic episodes, moments of ultra confusion for me as I usually have no recolection. It is now getting to the point where I could hurt myself as I thrash about and walk into walls. I had a CT Scan which showed no problem. These attacks which I thought where TIA"s (Transient ischaemic attacks) mini strokes if you like proved otherwise..
Avatar n tn I had recent dizzyness (usually at night), and went to my cardiologist about it, nad he took me off one of my blood pressue meds. Dizzyness seems better. They gave me a blood test, and my Glucose Serum came in at 103. It had been 87 about 3 months ago. This latest bloodtest was given to me about an hour after I had a glass of orange juice, and an english muffin with peanut butter. I believe that I had also not fasted before the blood test 3 months ago.
Avatar f tn I've recently been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and started testing my blood glucose at home with the One Touch Ultra 2 monitor. The test strips that I've been given are pre-coded, so I do not have to do anything to my monitor prior to testing, other than insert the strip.
503651 tn?1223174601 Inconsistent meter readings can and will happen. Here are some things you need to be aware of about home test meters; 1. Home meters run off of a photo cell battery. The battery may have drained below its normal usage mark resulting in inaccurate readings. Change the battery if your meter allows it. 2. Meters should be calibrated every three months. 3. Lets not forget that mechanical/electronic things fail out of the blue. This might be the case with your meter. 4.
Avatar n tn Hello every one. Did anyone here have any experience with the new mini med continous glucose system ? Do you guys think that it really works and is worth getting it ? I think the idea is great and would improve control greatly.
1813627 tn?1337722375 Hi ladies thanks for your input. This is my first pregnancy. I went for my first appointment with the nurse on Wednesday and this coming Tuesday is my ultra sound and meet with the doctor. This is not my normal OBGYN I had to temporarily switch due to my insurance but hopeing to have new insurance in feb and I can go back to my OBGYN especially now because this seems weird.
Avatar n tn As a long term Diabetic 2, I have been using quite a few brands:Free Style, One Touch, and lately the ReliOn sold at WalMart. I think the Relion is the better of all. It's least expensive, at least it's much cheaper than the most popular One Touch, and its lancet system gives me the least pain and it requires the least amount of my blood sample as little as the Freestyle do.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply, I was actually just curious so I tested my blood with a one touch ultra meter, I found out later after testing my blood from a friend that is diabetic that i should have waited at least two hours after i ate anything. I did it because it was mainly out of curiosity because i have a blood test coming up which included the glocose test. Also i am a worry wort so i worried that 176 was high. Thanks again for the response, i will talk to my doctor about it.
Avatar n tn My sister in law takes her blood sugar reading with a One Touch Ultra Smart tester. She gets a reading of 440. Sometimes the numbers are even higher. How can this be so high without major problems? My husband took his reading and got 86. She is a believer of herbals and supplements. Could one of these make a false reading? We have tried to get her to go to a Doctor, but she won't.
Avatar f tn my husband was 2yrs post liver transplant, that is the one reason why he is also now suffering from monitor blood sugar problem. my question now is about fluctition of his blood glucose, we have a kit monitoring it before and after meal, but there was time when we check it is high then after just a minute it drop down, we are really worried why is this happening? hoping that anyone could help!
Avatar n tn Not sure if the lifescan (ultra touch 2) one does but I do like that I can download the results from the monitor to the computer with it even though it wouldn't be hard for me to do so manualy. Does anyone have any personal experience with diabetes software and have any to recommend from their experiences? Cons and pros would be greatly appreciated as everything is so new to me. Also, I'm rather good with a computer so I'm not intimidated by complexity of a program.
Avatar f tn I finally got one jut in case i need it, its only $200 Philips Avent Isis iQ Duo Breast Pump
Avatar f tn I have two different meters-One Touch Ultra Mini and Accu-Chek Aviva. Is there any place to get free supplies or very low cost supplies for these meters? Your suggestions ar greatly appreciated! Thank you !
1324377 tn?1274732341 Thank you all for your replies. After the 268 result, I re-tested later and the number went even higher. I checked again just a few moments ago and the number was over 300 now. I thought "something has to be wrong!". So I read through the manual that came with the test unit (One Touch Ultra Mini) and learned how to do a 'Controlled Solution Test' to make sure the test strips and meter were working properly.