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5536886 tn?1455827346 How did you choose which blood glucose monitor to use? Are there certain features that make one better then the other?
180395 tn?1287493997 Once before breakfast and once before lunch. So I decided to buy a glucose monitor to check to see if maybe low blood sugar was the culprit. Well this morning before I bought it I came to work, had 2 donuts for breakfast (this isnt an everyday thing, someone just decided to be nice and bring some to work this morning) then I had 2 cups of coffee with creamer that contains sugar and on the way to work this morning I had a large cup of sweet tea.
10374491 tn?1441916101 A blood sugar monitor only gives the blood sugar that is present in the blood at the time it is done. An HbA1C blood test gives the average blood glucose that is present in the blood over a period of 9-12 weeks. The glucose sticks to the red corpuscles and these are renewed every 9-12 weeks. The doctor is the best person to give advice whether to use a home blood glucose monitor. My doctor will not prescribe a home monitor for me because my HbA1C levels are well managed.
Avatar f tn my husband was 2yrs post liver transplant, that is the one reason why he is also now suffering from monitor blood sugar problem. my question now is about fluctition of his blood glucose, we have a kit monitoring it before and after meal, but there was time when we check it is high then after just a minute it drop down, we are really worried why is this happening? hoping that anyone could help!
Avatar f tn I was out of town and just saw this now. ttc1010, I'm sorry you have GD. What worked for me was to limit carbs and eat mostly protein and veggies. Once you have a blood sugar monitor you can see what causes your sugar to rise and what doesn't. One thing I found was that adding cinnamon to food helped because it is a natural blood sugar regulator. I'd have a bowl of yogurt with blueberries and cinnamon every day for a late morning snack, and it never caused a problem.
Avatar f tn Buy a personal blood glucose unit and monitor your results. Get in contact with a new physician and report your old physician to your local Medical Board!
Avatar m tn I am controlling my diabetes now for two months without medication. I set up an excel document and print it off , you can fit two months worth of info on one sheet, it's so easy to show the doctor trends, I include how many calories I've eaten per meal. It's really helped me. I've lost 30 llbs in two months and have stayed off of medication.
5051252 tn?1362970368 i was talking to a friend regarding her diabetes type two, and she said she found out she had this by using a glucose monitor a few times a day for a week, reported her readings to her doctor and they did tests and diagnosed her. she said that her glucose levels were super high, so i decided to buy one just to try and see. i check myself three times a day - and the readings are normally around 80-90 every time, and sometimes that is about 30-60 minutes after eating. should i be concerned?
304573 tn?1345577338 Anyone start having problems with their blood glucose levels...seems I am becoming hyperglycemic.....
Avatar m tn Buy a new one
Avatar f tn Then you drink the drink wait one hour and have blood taken from you as well as a urine sample. Its to see if you have glucose diabetes.
Avatar f tn Have you ever tried testing your blood sugar during these episodes? A home monitor is very inexpensive. Usually when I have low blood sugar episodes (or that's what they feel like since I don't have true hypoglycemia - sweating, feeling faint, shaking - my blood sugar is only between 65-70) That might ease your mind or indeed confirm that you are experiencing low blood sugar. I suffer from severe anxiety/panic (specifically over health).
Avatar m tn These sticks are a good indicator, but they will only detect glucose in the urine if there is above a certain level (fairly high) of glucose in the urine. An HbA1c blood test shows average blood glucose levels over a sustained period (about a 3 month period). Rather than a normal blood test that would only show the sugar levels at the time you gave your blood for testing.
Avatar n tn Hey, appreciate all the feedback, wanted a little advice on what I just tried to find out until I get to a doctor to confirm everything. So what I did after other day was go out and buy a home glucose monitor, just see where I stand. So what I did was have a reatively light dinner since it was a little late from getting in(protein bar, some nuts/raisins) and plenty of water. I then went to bed (waited about 8 hours), woke up to do my blood sugar.
Avatar f tn but only one thing i can suggest is buy glucose monitor. if you in usa relion brand is super cheap. for one day test your sugar every hour and see if you get high reading. for hba1c 5.8 you need average 120. i am also confuse about my number. its opposite to yours. my hba1c is 5.
Avatar n tn He/she sounds like a quack. It is important to monitor your blood sugar (glucose) on a regular basis to understand how well you are controlling your diabetes. Your above 300 mg/dl readings are high and getting real close to a dangerous level where diabetes complications start to set in. I'll get back to when to test your glucose further down in this thread.
Avatar f tn They will give u diet restrictions & have u monitor and chart ur blood sugar levels every day.
Avatar f tn t get one and said almost everyday that i needed to go buy one so for this baby i have one! You can always get just the basic one of buy one used on Craigslist and resell it if u don't end up using it.