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Avatar m tn I am controlling my diabetes now for two months without medication. I set up an excel document and print it off , you can fit two months worth of info on one sheet, it's so easy to show the doctor trends, I include how many calories I've eaten per meal. It's really helped me. I've lost 30 llbs in two months and have stayed off of medication.
Avatar m tn I'm having some blood work done that will include a glucose test. The requisition form includes instructions to fast for 12 hours prior to the test, but does not mention anything about tobacco use, and I do unfortunately smoke. Perhaps to be safe I should abstain from smoking as well as food prior to the test, as nicotine could affect my blood glucose levels. But on the other hand, doesn't *nicotine withdrawal* also affect blood glucose levels?
180395 tn?1287493997 Once before breakfast and once before lunch. So I decided to buy a glucose monitor to check to see if maybe low blood sugar was the culprit. Well this morning before I bought it I came to work, had 2 donuts for breakfast (this isnt an everyday thing, someone just decided to be nice and bring some to work this morning) then I had 2 cups of coffee with creamer that contains sugar and on the way to work this morning I had a large cup of sweet tea.
Avatar f tn Most times all you have to do is monitor you blood sugar levels and watch your diet. If you do this then the odds are that baby will be fine. Only in few cases do you actually need insulin, and even then if you follow instructions you should have no problems. Plus side you will probably get more ultrasounds to check babies growth, because GD can cause bub to be a bit bigger. Also if bub is bigger you just might get to meet them earlier than expected.
Avatar f tn My midwife said dont eat from 9pm the night before and then I have my first blood test at half 10 then the drink and then my other at half 12 and they monitor me through it.
Avatar f tn I'm so pissed my doctor sent to do a blood glucose test gave me instructions not to fast and now that I got here the nurse told me I have to fast for it to be correct... like what the f***... has anyone had to take that 3 hours test cause of not fasting??
Avatar f tn I failed my glucose screen too! I just got the results from my 3 hour test today. Whew....passed. My understanding is that quite a few people (up to 25%) fail the initial glucose tolerance screen but very few fail the 3 hour test. I'm sure you'll pass too! Sorry but btw the 3 hour test is horrible, just sitting and waiting and 4 blood collections. BOO!
1240706 tn?1331602111 I had my glucose test this morning. My instructions were to eat a normal breakfast but to avoid sugars and juice. Since I was at the labs at 7:00 am this morning I elected to not eat before and had breakfast after the test. The lab technician did not ask if I had fasted. The test I took was the one where you have a small drink- you must drink it in 5 minutes or less, and an hour from that they draw your blood. The first one. Hopefully everything is good.
Avatar f tn my husband was 2yrs post liver transplant, that is the one reason why he is also now suffering from monitor blood sugar problem. my question now is about fluctition of his blood glucose, we have a kit monitoring it before and after meal, but there was time when we check it is high then after just a minute it drop down, we are really worried why is this happening? hoping that anyone could help!
Avatar f tn If sugars are over 900, does the glucose monitor read "HIGH"? What is the maximum reading on a glucose monitor. I am terribly worried.
Avatar f tn So I had my 1 hour glucose test Monday and the doctor called Tuesday and told me my blood levels came back high, I scheduled the 3 hour glucose screening for this upcoming Monday. I had a stomach flu that day an the day before and was very dehydrated.. Anybody else hadthis happen to them and not end up being confirmed witch gestational diabetes?? I'm a worried mommy.
Avatar m tn Hi l have a Omron home blood pressure monitor and on medication for high blood pressure , l am 43 years old. About once every 15 or 20 tests the irregular heartbeat symbol appears, l follow the instructions and wait a few minutes and test myself again and the symbol never appears again in the second test. Should l be worried or could it be a false reading if it only shows up every 15 or 20 times use the monitor, is it normal to get an occasion irregular hearbeat reading on these machines?
709686 tn?1277432159 re concerned about your blood glucose levels, you can purchase a glucose monitor pretty cheaply at drug stores. I got one a few years ago for $10 at CVS. They usually come with 10 test strips and 10 lancets and instructions, which should be plenty to check your blood sugar throughout a couple of days. Extra test strips can be pricy. If you go this route, most recommend checking your blood sugar first thing in the morning (fasting) and 2 hours after meals.
10881528 tn?1423629432 I ate breakfast and did my 1 hour test and passed, and was grateful I ate because that stuff gave me a huge headache! Follow whatever instructions your Dr gave and find something to distract yourself with for the test. Good luck!
592256 tn?1353249474 Hi, every time I see the doctor or nurse they keep on at me to lose weight, I do all the right things but I cannot lose any, so I decided to stop my insulin 2 months ago and I have lost 20 pounds, thats great and I feel much better but now my blood glucose ranges from 13mmol(234mg/dl) in the morning to 25.5mmol(459mg/dl) at bed time. I dont feel ill or anything in fact I feel better, just thirsty. I dont know which is more serious to be over weight or have these high glucose levels.
Avatar m tn I was having problems with anxiety and hot flashes and I have now linked to my blood sugar...I bought a glucose meeter myself and I monitor. If i eat something high in sugar I will spike really high and then drop back down such as 150-160 then drop into the 80' within about a hour...of course this creates symptoms....
Avatar f tn half year post liver transplant, my question now is about his bood sugar, we are trying to monitor it , we have the kit and test sugar before and after meal, but there was time that in just a minute sugar rises and and sometimes went very low. is this normal for or the kit have a problem?
5536886 tn?1455827346 How did you choose which blood glucose monitor to use? Are there certain features that make one better then the other?
Avatar n tn When I wake up my blood sugars are in the mid 50s. After breakfast they hover around 76 or 82. They rarely ever go above 86 ever. Once a day they may hit 115 if I eat bread ..stay there briefly to go back down to the 70s. I am not on a specialty diet nor do I do keto. I usually eat a lot of fruit and seafood. Once average my glucose monitor tells me my daily averages are around 75. What do you think I have? Am I in a pre-diabetic state and my panaceas is just pumping out insulin?
Avatar f tn I've recently been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and started testing my blood glucose at home with the One Touch Ultra 2 monitor. The test strips that I've been given are pre-coded, so I do not have to do anything to my monitor prior to testing, other than insert the strip.