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1209036 tn?1299178657 Anything over 130/140 (depending on the doc) you may be asked to make major changes to your diet or even take pills and you will have to test your sugar daily at home with a blood glucose monitor that uses a drop of blood from your finger.
Avatar f tn my husband was 2yrs post liver transplant, that is the one reason why he is also now suffering from monitor blood sugar problem. my question now is about fluctition of his blood glucose, we have a kit monitoring it before and after meal, but there was time when we check it is high then after just a minute it drop down, we are really worried why is this happening? hoping that anyone could help!
1770925 tn?1365618522 m not certain what your question is about. One can purchase a Blood glucose monitor to check your glucose levels hourly if you desire. They are devices—about the size of a cell phone or smaller—that are used to monitor your blood sugar at home. I'm sure you know that. Are you a diabetic? Are you taking insulin? If so what kind and how much? If you are on insulin then they obviously need adjusting.
Avatar n tn I'm a ftm and I'm still really early at 8w2d. Last Friday I had my first appointment and had a lot of blood work done which is normal but I'm getting the tests back with not a lot of explanation. Its making me a little nervous. The thing that worries me the most is that the glucose test came out about 5 points high and I have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. Has anyone had this happen and ended up not having anything wrong? I'm fearing the worst and hoping for the best.
Avatar n tn I've been told blood work is necessary during pregnancy - to get a base line before hand and then to monitor levels. Changes to dosage are made if necessary during and after pregnancy. I am not aware of any being needed otherwise. The other answer made it sound like the person was avoiding any blood work while on lamical. I'm not sure why that would be? Ive had standard tests, glucose, cholesterol, etc, per direction of physicians while on it.
Avatar f tn How Many Times Does Your Docter Make You Get Your Blood Work Done ? Im 26 Weeks & Im On My 3rd Time Going To Get My Blood Tooking & Idk If Its Normal Or Not .. I Asked My Sister If She Got Blood Work Done & She Told me Only Once To See Her Blood Type. The First Time I Dont Rememeber Why They told Me To Get It Done , But The Second Time Was To See If My Baby Could Have Holes In Or Spine Or Somethin .. Then My Last Visit She Gave Me Another Paper To Get My Blood Work AGAIN !
Avatar f tn Did he give you a monitor to test your blood? He should have. I have diabetes and I've never heard of those kinds of numbers. Usually they test your A1c which averages your blood glucose from the last 3 months. I believe that number is supposed to be below 7 so you see those numbers don't make sense. I would go back and get answers and ask for a monitor. Good luck!
Avatar f tn If anything u should have a glucose test coming up n then some blood work after thar
Avatar m tn 0, specific gravity 1.025,250 of glucose, which makes no sense with normal serum glucose and negative for ketones, blood, nitrite and leukocyte esterase. Urine hCG was negative as well" I just dont understand. Its looking like i have more than one thing working against me.
Avatar m tn About a year ago during routine blood work, my fasting glucose result was found to be 102. My doctor (an endocrinologist I see for my thyroid disorder) was concerned and ordered A1C and C-Peptide tests along with another fasting glucose test. All came back normal a few weeks later (A1C 5.1, fasting glucose 92). An additional fasting glucose test a few months later was normal at 94. Just a few days ago, I got another blood test and my fasting glucose was back up to 101.
Avatar n tn I personally use the Accu-chek Softclix lancing device and find that it works well for me. I had to work with the settings to get the setting that gives me a good drop of blood without going too deep, though, and you will have to do the same. Any new system will take some adjustment. As for the Accu-chek Compact, I personnally don't know about that particular glucose monitor. However, I use the Accu-chek Advantage and am happy with it.
180395 tn?1287493997 Once before breakfast and once before lunch. So I decided to buy a glucose monitor to check to see if maybe low blood sugar was the culprit. Well this morning before I bought it I came to work, had 2 donuts for breakfast (this isnt an everyday thing, someone just decided to be nice and bring some to work this morning) then I had 2 cups of coffee with creamer that contains sugar and on the way to work this morning I had a large cup of sweet tea.
Avatar f tn For a week I was checking blood sugar with the monitor when I first woke up and before I ate, and two hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was also given a diet of things I can and cannot have. I'm allowed 3 snacks and B, L, & D. I can't eat more than 30 carbs per meal. And I have to keep a log of the food I eat and fax over my logs with my food eaten and the blood glucose levels. Sometimes the GD can be controlled with diet.
Avatar f tn But since then my viral load is steadily going up, IT was 17 million in Oct 09, now last week it was 24 million. So that is how much virus is in your blood right? So does that mean the sides could be worse since it is so high, would it slam the virus hard at first? Or could it mean my liver may be getting worse quicker since it is multiplying fast in my blood? here is some of my blood results today, hcv rna detected 24,100,000 IU/mL Log =7.38 glucose 122H BUN 10 Sodium 135 L Potassium-4.
212161 tn?1599427282 If you take insulin injections, it could be that the effect of insulin you took is waning. Your blood glucose will rise if you didn’t take enough to keep your insulin level up through the night. Some people claim that vinegar tablets taken before bedtime works to prevent DP. This much is known, Dawn Phenomenon varies from person to person and can even vary from time to time in each of us. I suggest you talk with your doctor to hear what professional has to say.
5536886 tn?1455827346 How did you choose which blood glucose monitor to use? Are there certain features that make one better then the other?
Avatar m tn The blood glucose test is ordered to measure the amount of glucose in the blood right at the time of sample collection. It is used to detect both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, to help diagnose diabetes, and to monitor glucose levels in persons with diabetes. The urine glucose is seldom ordered by itself. At one time, it was used to monitor diabetics, but it has been largely replaced by the more sensitive and “real time” blood glucose.
Avatar m tn my husband when to Er as he was running low blood pressure of 83.57 and said he felt funny and light headed. the lab work I am wondering about is Leukocytes - was 12.7 Neutrophils was 8.1 Monocytes was 0.9 Carbon Dioxide 21 Glucose was 146 they did nothing but take labs and send him home.
Avatar f tn I am also having trouble with low blood sugar. My blood sugar goes from 44 to 255. I know normal is 80-120 . At the Diabetes clinic they said if mine dropped from 50-70 to take gluclose tabs, 8, but my body is reacting like a normal one. I take 4 at 44 which is life threatening low. I also notice that lately it's dropping after I eat which I don't understand. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/621786'>Blood sugar drops after eating</a>.
Avatar f tn I am due July 10th my second child. I was told my glucose test came back high. I now have to go to the hospital for the glucose three hour tolerence test. A bit worried, I am hoping it comes back negative so I don't have to worry about having gestational diabetes. Any advice if it does come back positive?