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Avatar f tn In your first thread I mentioned that the FDA set manufacturing guidelines for home glucose meters at ± [plus/minus] 20%. This means your 70 mg/dl reading could be 70 mg/dl or it could be as low as 56 mg/dl or as high as 84 mg/dl. Home meters give an approximation not a true reading of glucose levels. Since your 100 mg/dl reading two minutes later falls out of this range, the questions remaining are: 1. How old is your father's meter? 2. Do the test strips have an expiration date? 3.
Avatar f tn Nine years ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy. However, my 2-hour glucose testing numbers were borderline. I tested my blood 4 times per day and never once had an abnormal or even remotely high result the rest of my pregnancy. With my 3rd pregnancy I was not diagnosed with gestational diabetes. That was 4 years ago. Diabetes does not run in my family. No one in my family has it.
Avatar m tn And, 2-3 hours after eating [postprandial] when glucose [blood sugar] is at its highest point. The first is to get a baseline to work off, the second to see what foods you consumed does to your glucose level and what you can and should not eat. "where do I need to be using his # " Huh? Are you asking what numbers are considered normal ranges? These are: prandial = 70-99 mg/dl or 3.8-5.5 mmol/l postprandial = <180 mg/dl in most cases <10.
Avatar f tn s interesting that you question the accuracy of your glucose meter for I was reading the September 2008 issues of Consumer Reports that rated both blood-pressure monitors and blood-glucose meters. Only one blood-glucose meter scored excellent overall and also scored the highest for consistency- the Johnson & Johnson Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Mini. The Ultra Mini was followed by Ascensia Contour, ReliOn Ultima (WalMart), and Accu-check Compact Plus.
Avatar m tn Blood sugar peaks 2-4 hours postprandial, not 6 hours. Go to the web site Wave posted in his thread so you don't mistake what is correct. Cheap meters may not produce accurate results every time. If you value your health invest in a good quality meter. Consumer Reports listed Johnson & Johnson LifeScan Ultra meters as the most reliable. Search around, J&J offered free meters last year.
Avatar f tn So I heard that we shouldn't be using johnson baby soap. Who is using johnson and your baby is fine?
7482680 tn?1404839491 I been using Johnson& Johnson on my daughters 1 7years & 1 5months, no problems,no issues nada,I even use their products on myself on count very nervous about ysing other things on myself, dat baby might break out from, now only thing my youngest breaks out from is the lavender sleep lotion,n I heard Johnson's& Johnson baby power, it's cause of cervical cancer,etc, in women..
Avatar n tn Ditto on changing doctors. Have you calibrated your home meter, the test strips and/or checked for expiration dates? I say this because its known for home meters to go astray with inaccurate results. Expired test strips also will be inaccurate. If interested I can post a Johnson & Johnson web page for free home glucose meter.And lots of good diabetes recipes on the Internet. Do a Google search.
Avatar n tn Hey mommies, what are your opinions on this johnson & johnson controversy? What other products do you recommend for your babies?
Avatar f tn A study was just done stating the Johnson & Johnson products contains formaldihide and many cancer causing agents!! Johnson & Johnson actually admitted that their products had cancer causing agents in them... I exchanged all the shampoo and body wash and lotion and diaper rash cream for something else organic..
Avatar f tn t smoke the only thing I can say us keep your routine simple. I wash my face with Johnson and Johnson purpose face wash am and pm. In am after I wash with purpose I use st Ives green tea scrub on problem areas and once a week my whole face. I put erythromycin 2% gel (got from derm) and that I use every other day just on problem areas. But I also make sure my face is moisturized with cetaphil. La Roche posay has good stuff for our skin it's online and at cvs and walgreens.
Avatar m tn Do yourself a BIG favor and go to this web site. Fill out the form to obtain a Free Johnson & Johnson One Touch Ultra Mini home glucose meter. You will be supplied with approx. 15 lancets and test strips, the rest is up to you. Read the instructions carefully prior to using. And read up online how to test and how often to test your glucose. https://www.onetouchgold.
Avatar m tn Johnson & Johnson announced a definitive agreement to acquire Novira Therapeutics, Inc., a privately held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies for curative treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. The acquisition includes Novira's portfolio of novel antivirals, including its lead candidate, NVR 3-778. Financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed. http://www.marketwatch.
7122105 tn?1407103099 Lately I have heard some bad reviews for Johnson and Johnson products so I was thinking maybe using Burts Bees products instead. What do you all use?
Avatar f tn I use disposable. Easier for me. I use a bunch bof brands. Johnson and Johnson, Nuk, target brand. All work good.
Avatar f tn Please be frank....I hav found svrl complaining about johnson....I wana kno wether its true....and which is better...n how is sebamed pdts??...
Avatar f tn There are controversial things going on with Johnson and Johnson as well as Aveno that they are putting things that are cancer causing in their products. Read the reports and make a valid decision on your own merit. We chose not to use their products and threw away what we had. I am using mustela which took care of my daughters cradle cap the first use in which Aveno didn't help at all.
525332 tn?1213795935 I used Johnson& Johnson with my first child and never had a problem but with this one I brought johnson & johnson and Baby Magic I will see which one I like better When she gets here
Avatar f tn I had fasting labs done a few months ago because of hypothyroid. My blood glucose at that time was 102mg/dl. Is that high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes? I already have another appointment for fasting labs next month. I thought I would get a jump start on changing my eating habits but I can't figure out what I can eat. Everytime I try to follow one of the diets in a magazine or on a website I end up with headaches that last for days.
1530342 tn?1405016490 But that deal fell apart after Johnson and prosecutors disagreed over the terms. Johnson instead decided to maintain his not guilty plea and the case is set to go to trial. On Saturday, the Tribune reported that Johnson provided the newspaper with emails, financial statements, photos and a transcript of a recorded meeting with John Swallow, then the state's chief deputy attorney general. Only one email from Johnson was available on the newspaper's website.
Avatar m tn Johnson and Johnson( the biggest and largest Pharma dog on the block is looking to expand it's interest with Vertex and as well as Tibotec (TMC435) to accelerate their "respective "all oral' experiments. This also is good news. If BMS & Gilead choose not to play nice together,,there will alway be someone to take their place and force them to "not be left out".
206807 tn?1331936184 According to Johnson biographer Robert Caro, Johnson would calibrate his pronunciations by region, using “nigra” with some southern legislators and “negra” with others. Discussing civil rights legislation with men like Mississippi Democrat James Eastland, who committed most of his life to defending white supremacy, he’d simply call it “the ****** bill.” Then in 1957, Johnson would help get the “****** bill” passed, known to most as the Civil Rights Act of 1957.
Avatar f tn I used extra virgin olive oil. It's safe and pure. Many Johnson & Johnson products have harmful chemicals in them that cause cancer. The company has recently admitted this.