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Avatar n tn Last Sunday, I happened to take her bs 30 minutes after a breakfast of eggs,bacon, hashbrowns and orange juice. It was 67. It is a week later and the strange feelings have gradually gotten worse now with a tingling, numbing sensation in her extremities with the other symptoms as well...slight nausea I showed her how to do the monitor... This morning after breakkfast she felt really bad & so she did her reading. It was so low the monitor said LOW, and the instructions say call a doctor.
Avatar m tn Be very careful about drinking apple or orange juice, which can push sugar levels up very rapidly. After a while, you will know how much insulin or metformin or exercise is required to maintain normal glucose levels. Modern meters have a memory that can recall every test value and the time, and this can be downloaded to your PC. There are many programs with excellent RN's trained as advisors to help you set up a testing schedule.
Avatar n tn 1 about 1 hour after a breakfast (Weetabix, Milk, Orange Juice). I have to go back and have repeat test but after having nothing to eat approx 9 hours beforehand....will this give an increased or decreased reading.
Avatar n tn I thought it was a side effect of the meds, but I have been off them for a week and still the crazy orange tongue remains. I had some blood work done last week for a routine physical and the only weird reading was a high level of creatin - which may be an indication of decreased kidney function according to the doc.
2075937 tn?1334887794 i was given a green drink to drink when i got there and then after 1hr they took some blood and then i could leave, unfortunately for me my levels came back really high so i had to a second test where i was not allowed to eat for 12hrs before the test but i was still allowed to drink water. This time they took blood before then made have a green drink then i had to sit around for 2hrs then they took more blood before i could go home.
Avatar f tn I failed my first one because my dr didn't tell me I was goin to have a glucose test that day and I ate a McDonald's breakfast with an orange juice and sugar straws lol I failed horribly and had to come back for the three hour test! I have a great dr now and she told me in advance so getting to the normal experience! I've taken this test with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies already and I just found that both times it made me "crash" a few hours later.
Avatar f tn And I need to take 3 Hr test tomorrow not sure what will happen. I hope you pass your three hours one. I drank orange juice before my test.
Avatar f tn And I have to keep a log of the food I eat and fax over my logs with my food eaten and the blood glucose levels. Sometimes the GD can be controlled with diet. However, mine was okay with diet but not fabulous. So they had me take an oral prescription and i take it before I eat breakfast and lunch (glyburide). Now the blood glucose levels are under control. I the nutritionist calls me all the time and they go over your logs.
Avatar f tn hiya, ive had glucose tests to check for diabetes while pregnant with all 3 of my babies, and have been told i will again with this one, doctors were scaring me to death telling me they were too big etc, the test itself is a breeze they just take some blood first, then get you to drink a glucose solution, leave you an hour or 2 (so take loads to read or keep you busy) then they take some more blood and its done!
Avatar f tn 20a.m more blood  -10:20a.m blood      -11:20a.m more blood  I got home at 11:40a.m  I was feeling really dizzy  I thought I was gonna pass out....  I couldn't even move my arms... I have bruises in my arms.. I got stabbed With a needle five times.....
Avatar f tn Carotene is a lipochrome that normally adds yellow color to the skin. With elevated blood levels of carotene, the prominence of this yellowing is increased. Carotenemia may be particularly evident when the stratum corneum is thickened or when the subcutaneous fat is strongly represented. The condition of carotenemia is harmless, but it can lead to a mistaken diagnosis of jaundice. Awareness of carotenemia may avoid confusion with jaundice and unnecessary diagnostic studies.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies am 27 weeks and have my glucose test next week. My midwife has instructed that that i have lucozade original an hour before the appointment. She hasn't mentioned anything about fasting it is normal.
968908 tn?1274874715 I sometimes check my glucose level just to keep an eye on it as i am also prone to having low sugar levels as well. Anyway my question to you all is this, i have just taken my glucose level and my reading is 9.9, i had a glass of orange juice an hour ago with a banana, took it as i started to break out in a sweat similar to that of a hypo but found it was fairly high, is this a normal reading?? I am fully aware that levels ideally should be within 4.0 to 6.0..... any ideas please.
Avatar m tn Just over one hour after eating two jelly toasts, Powerbar, banana and apple with orange juice and skim milk it had dropped to 93 and 95!!! I am not diabetic but since it runs in my family I am keeping tabs on my b.g. This seems odd. What is going on?
Avatar f tn The glucose test is you drink a cup of this orange juice thats all sugar (Tasted like orange pop) and you sit there and wait for an hour and then they take your blood to test you for diabetes because it could potentially harm the baby if you have it
Avatar n tn Actually, pre-diabetes is a blood sugar >100. "Normal blood sugar levels are less than 100 mg/dl. Pre-diabetes blood sugar levels are between 100 mg/dl and 126 mg/dl. and Diabetes blood sugar levels are 126 mg/dl and above."
Avatar n tn when we got home, I told my husband to get me some orange juice right away. Within about 15 minutes my levels were back up to 88 and my symptoms were subsiding. Now a couple hours later my levels are fine, and I feel fine other than a headache ( I took a nap). Do you think that it was just the test that caused this reaction? or is there something wrong with me beyond possibly gestational diabetes?
Avatar n tn So the morning of my first test I took my pills with orange doctor had me go back and take the test again. My fasting levels were 3.8 Had 75g of glucose 1 hr I was 4.7 2hrs I was 4.3 Is this more normal?
508203 tn?1233238404 In the first one, I just drank the orange stuff, waited an hour and then went back for them to do the blood. For the next test, they had me fast for 10 hours prior to taking the test, drink the orange stuff, then had blood drawn an hour later and again the following hour. The second test resulted in a normal result. I'm not sure why the first test showed high. Maybe because of what I ate/drank before the test? Not sure. I haven't spoke to my doctor since the test.
504000 tn?1242504393 hey girls! i have my glucose test next week i really do not want to fail i hear the 3 hr test is horrible. most people i know failed on there first try. Do you girls have any tips on preparing for this test?
915119 tn?1341952589 ) At 8:15 am/The juice right after Waited 1hr/9:15 draw blood/ 10:15 blood/And once again At 11:15am For my 1hr test/Went in at 8:30 Drank the juice/Waited 1hr And draw blood at 9:30 Maybe you could call or email your dr ...ask him why? Dont you have a new dr.? I do and I'm always questioning everything he does.......just to make sure...he probably thinks I'm a little annoying lol...but he does everything different than my ex OB/GYN...
Avatar n tn caused a mixture of blood and other tissue liquids, your numbers could be slightly different from what his real glucose levels are. I test from fingertips and have had many types of glucometers in my 37 years with type 1 diabetes, and have never found them to be inaccurate.
72351 tn?1281996142 I want to tell you that checking your blood glucose levels (bg's) while you are sick is very important and I am glad to hear that you have been doing so. Because of your illness and the medications that you are taking for it, it is extremely important that you keep testing your blood more frequently until you are feeling better (which I hope is soon!). Those factors can contribute to bg fluctuations that are not typical for your body.
Avatar f tn Lol well I ate a croissant sandwich from burger King and drank an orange juice maybe an hour before I went in. They told me to eat like normal so I did. And my test still came back negative. Just do exactly what YOUR doctor told you to do. It seems that all docs and clinics are different.
279415 tn?1217375230 She had to buy a monitor and test strips, and has to check her blood sugar levels 4 times a day. She has to write it in a log and bring it with her to her appointments so that they can see where her levels are at! Are they going to have you meet with a diabetes specialist or a nutritionalist to come up with a better diet for you?
Avatar f tn 3 - Your baby can get used to high blood sugar levels. If this happens, your baby thinks that sugar levels of 130, 140 and up are normal. When baby arrives, there is no more sugar supply. This can cause baby to have a seizure. You don't want that. If baby is suspected of having abnormal sugar levels, then baby will likely be taken to the nursury for 12-24 hours for observation to make sure a seizure does NOT happen. For me, it wasn't worth the risks.
Avatar f tn My blood sugar keeps fluctuating and the fluctuations are within a short amount of time. The other day it dropped to 49 and after some orange juice and a few other food items it went to 119. Within a half hour it dropped again to 62. This is not the first time my blood sugar level has dropped significantly. Yesterday it dropped to 62 and in the past my lows have ranged from 50 - 62. I recently got some blood work done as well.
Avatar m tn I noticed on my blood work that my Glucose was at 89 which was pretty surprising to me personally yesterday. But then...
180395 tn?1287497597 Ask your doctor to test your glucose (blood sugar) with an OGTT (oral fasting glucose and an A1c test. What you're exhibiting is Hypoglycemia, low glucose levels where your body (pancreas & liver) are not producing the right amount of insulin. Dropping below 60 mg/dl leads to drowsy/fatigue conditions. Below 40 mg/dl is considered dangerous to the point of coma. Most OTC glucose meters need calibration to the test strip, some do not, and some are plain inaccurate.
Avatar f tn For some people, Metformin can cause glucose [blood sugar] levels to drop too low [hypoglycemia]. This often times happens when Metformin is combined with other diabetes medications, and is more common in elderly folks or folks with internal organ issues. Low glucose also can happen when fasting before surgery or a blood test/s and after lengthy exercise. You should notify your doctor of your low glucose experiences ASAP. Ask your doctor how to adjust your Metformin dose if needed.