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Avatar m tn With lemon juice, t2 diabetics can digest food easier without risking elevated glucose levels or putting their glucose levels at risk. So go ahead and enjoy those lemons.
Avatar m tn t always mean you will be urinating constantly or thirsty commonly people with high glucose levels have neither. A lot of diabetics will actually tell you they feel fine or even good or normal when their sugars are super high. The fact is that most times the glucose levels are tricking the brain respitors. . .(ie: being on a sugar high) Most diabetics only feel good when glucose is high because when they are coming down they are in fact going through sugar withdrawals. 2.
Avatar f tn The A1c provides an insight on your past 2-3 month glucose levels. Red blood cells live on average 2-3 months. Excess glucose rides on new red blood cells, the A1c captures this and provides an estimated three month daily average. " If a result such as 5.8% translates into an "average daily" value of 120 mg/dL, how can 5.8% be considered normal?" An A1c of 5.8% equates to an eAG [estimated daily Average Glucose] of 120 mg/dl, key word is estimated.
Avatar n tn This depends on what kind of control the diabetic has on his or her glucose levels. If the person is tightly controlled and keeps glucose levels normal most of the time, the urine composition is going to be different from a non-controlled diabetic whose glucose is high or low as a general rule. Type 1 diabetes simply means that the pancreas doesn't function properly -- other effects on the body depend on how carefully that person keeps his or her glucose levels in the normal range.
Avatar n tn First thing you need have on hand is a home glucose test meter. The only way you're going to know how the foods you consumed affected your glucose [blood sugar] levels is by testing, testing, and more testing. Times to test are; fasting - first thing in morning b4 having any food or colored liquids [plain water is OK]. This will tell you how much stored sugar your liver is dumping during sleep hours. Normal levels are 60/70 - 99 mg/dl or 3.33/3.88 - 5.
Avatar n tn Chromium appears to play a role in normal insulin function and glucose utilization, and some investigators have suggested that it increases insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance and decreases blood glucose levels in certain diabetics, possibly those with low chromium levels. However, others have not corroborated these findings, and a few have even reported a negative effect on glucose tolerance and blood levels.
798555 tn?1292787551 There are also other substances that help lower blood sugar, including American ginseng, holy basil, gymnesta sylvestre (spelling?), and others. I have noticed the blood sugar lowering effect of holy basil, which I take to control cortisol levels. But since I don't have a blood sugar problem I know about, I've never tried to measure the effect.
Avatar m tn Is caliory restrictions good for diabetics? And is fasting going to drop the blood glucose levels too low that diabetics can't sustain concentration and strength thought out the mornings? Intermittent fasting tends to last 12 to 16 hours usually done from 7pm 11am.
Avatar m tn Please do not put off calling your doc today. I looked up Amaryl (glimepiride) and it is used by type 2 diabetics to lower glucose levels. There's a discussion going on in this forum about type 2, after long periods of time (how long is unk), reversing into type 1 diabetics. In your case it seems you are combating low glucose levels and may have a flipped 180º. Let us know what your docs says. You will help a lot of readers by posting your history if you did turn into a type 1.
996946 tn?1503249112 Maybe I should resubmit my question? Or at least rephrase it? Or post it on a different forum? I have been on coumadin for a-fib for 6 months and I am wondering if it has any effect on blood sugar levels?
Avatar n tn the normal range is 70-110
Avatar m tn Check your glucose level in the middle of the night (around 3 AM). If your blood sugar is high, you are probably experiencing Dawn Phenomenon. One thing to try is not to snack 2-3 hours before bedtime. Carbs will raise glucose levels during the night.
Avatar f tn Liver enzymes are often elevated in type 2 diabetics. This can be related to the breakdown of stored glucose in the liver. Metformin often helps to return these elevated enzymes to baseline by regulating insulin and glucose levels.
Avatar n tn I am really trying to better understand blood glucose levels as they relate to a prognosis of diabetes, especially in relation to your diet and quantity of food.
Avatar n tn have you tested your glucose levels when these symptoms hit you? You may find that your glucose levels have dropped too low, for these are some of the symptoms of low blood sugar. Many people do mention tingling in hands when glucose levels drop too low. I would heartily recommend that the next time this happens, you do an immediate glucose test, and then perhaps test again about 45 minutes later.
1327535 tn?1295227611 A fruity odor is characteristic of the preswense of ketone bodies, which are produced when blood glucose levels are abnormally high and there is insufficient insulin available. Thus, as waverider suggested, you require a complete diabetic evaluation. Insofar as your hernia, you need to find a physician who is familiar with SIS, otherwise known as "small intestine submucosa", which is undergoing FDA trials and, if used, should completely solve your hernia issue.
Avatar m tn No amount of medication controls or manages glucose levels by themselves. Medication HELPS to lower glucose levels with your assistance. One has to commit to a lifestyle change by adhering to a diabetic diet, maintaining proper body weight, and perform, at minimum, 30 minutes of physical exercise daily. Slack on one and you defeat the others ending up requiring more medication. Ever hear of anyone getting better by taking more medication?
Avatar n tn THE BOSTON GLOBE March 14, 2008 A small Franklin company says it is developing a novel device that could potentially let diabetics continuously monitor their blood-sugar levels — without having to draw blood. Echo Therapeutics Inc. is expected to say today the device passed one of its first key tests, a pilot study with two dozen patients in the intensive-care unit at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.
Avatar n tn He may have lost some of his warning symptoms of lows. This happens to many diabetics who keep glucose levels low enough that they have a tendency to drop too low when timing of a meal is off or a carbohydrate count was not quite right. But the great news, and the reason I am taking the time to write this, is that he can get those early warning symptoms back so he can feel the glucose levels dropping before they get low enough to disable him as you write about.
1096641 tn?1271707225 7%, while diabetics aim for 4.7-6%. An A1c of 6.2% means your daily average blood glucose level was 143 mg/dl, where normal tops out at 99 mg/dl. "I also have very high cholesteral and my tryglicerides are high themselves. i am on chol meds..." This will cause your blood glucose to rise. Continue with the physical exercise, weight loss, and proper nutrition. A few pounds lost has been shown to lower glucose levels. Stay on the road you're on now and don't deviate.
Avatar f tn Bottom line is to test, test, test and find out which fruits do or do not elevate your glucose levels. If unsure test again. Some of us cannot tolerate any fruit of any kind in any quantity so keep that in mind.
Avatar f tn But then, I manage and control my glucose levels carefully and live a healthy lifestyle. Quoting from an article on mismanaged diabetes, "Researchers believe that up to 50% of people with diabetes will experience some sort of sexual dysfunction at some point. But even if diabetes doesn’t directly cause sexual dysfunction, other diabetes-related health issues can influence your sexual desire and may be a threat to intimacy within a relationship.