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Avatar n tn At least twice as likely as someone who does not have diabetes to have heart disease or a stroke. High blood glucose levels over time can lead to increased deposits of fatty materials on the insides of the blood vessel walls. These deposits may affect blood flow, increasing the chance of clogging and hardening of blood vessels (atherosclerosis). Stress, obesity, smoking are contributory factors. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn First thing you need have on hand is a home glucose test meter. The only way you're going to know how the foods you consumed affected your glucose [blood sugar] levels is by testing, testing, and more testing. Times to test are; fasting - first thing in morning b4 having any food or colored liquids [plain water is OK]. This will tell you how much stored sugar your liver is dumping during sleep hours. Normal levels are 60/70 - 99 mg/dl or 3.33/3.88 - 5.
Avatar n tn This depends on what kind of control the diabetic has on his or her glucose levels. If the person is tightly controlled and keeps glucose levels normal most of the time, the urine composition is going to be different from a non-controlled diabetic whose glucose is high or low as a general rule. Type 1 diabetes simply means that the pancreas doesn't function properly -- other effects on the body depend on how carefully that person keeps his or her glucose levels in the normal range.
1666903 tn?1383332156 Presently, I feel more even, more stable, but another serious problem has appeared on the scene. Since the change in dosage, my blood glucose levels have shot up to over 200mg/dL. They are consistently that elevated, and my normal dose of insulin is insufficient to handle it. My doctor instructed me to raise my insulin (Lantus-a 24 hr., "background" insulin) by 5 units. So far, this has had no noticeable effect.
Avatar m tn With lemon juice, t2 diabetics can digest food easier without risking elevated glucose levels or putting their glucose levels at risk. So go ahead and enjoy those lemons.
Avatar m tn t always mean you will be urinating constantly or thirsty commonly people with high glucose levels have neither. A lot of diabetics will actually tell you they feel fine or even good or normal when their sugars are super high. The fact is that most times the glucose levels are tricking the brain respitors. . .(ie: being on a sugar high) Most diabetics only feel good when glucose is high because when they are coming down they are in fact going through sugar withdrawals. 2.
Avatar m tn 8-10 hrs with no food or colored liquids. Normally first thing in morning before breakfast. Fasting and preprandial - 60/70 to 99 mg/dl Prediabetes - 100 to 125 mg/dl Diabetes - above 126 mg/dl 1b.Glucose levels Postprandial [2-3 hours post meal] Diabetics <141 mg/dl, optimum <121 mg/dl A 'normal' nondiabetic would average <99 mg/dl 1c. Random testing is useless. Test before walking then 15-20 mins after when your body has come to rest.
Avatar f tn 55 male living with diabetes is it possible to have more than 1 type
Avatar m tn No amount of medication controls or manages glucose levels by themselves. Medication HELPS to lower glucose levels with your assistance. One has to commit to a lifestyle change by adhering to a diabetic diet, maintaining proper body weight, and perform, at minimum, 30 minutes of physical exercise daily. Slack on one and you defeat the others ending up requiring more medication. Ever hear of anyone getting better by taking more medication?
Avatar f tn The A1c provides an insight on your past 2-3 month glucose levels. Red blood cells live on average 2-3 months. Excess glucose rides on new red blood cells, the A1c captures this and provides an estimated three month daily average. " If a result such as 5.8% translates into an "average daily" value of 120 mg/dL, how can 5.8% be considered normal?" An A1c of 5.8% equates to an eAG [estimated daily Average Glucose] of 120 mg/dl, key word is estimated.
798555 tn?1292787551 History: I posted here in the past, as my fasting glucose was between 100-110 for almost 2 years, per clinic testing. Ac1 was OK but showed a pattern of increasing to the upper part of the acceptable range. So I took action when Drs did not seem to be interested in being pro active. That is the problem with western medicine....wait till its too late. The last few clinic tests showed fasting glucose in the 90's, and my new glucose meter just showed 93 this morning, looking much better.
Avatar n tn have you tested your glucose levels when these symptoms hit you? You may find that your glucose levels have dropped too low, for these are some of the symptoms of low blood sugar. Many people do mention tingling in hands when glucose levels drop too low. I would heartily recommend that the next time this happens, you do an immediate glucose test, and then perhaps test again about 45 minutes later.
Avatar m tn Type 2 diabetics may require an insulin prescription if oral medication and proper nutrition [diet], exercise, and suitable body weight cannot control their glucose [blood sugar] levels adequately.
798555 tn?1292787551 A number of studies have shown that it can correct blood sugar in type-2 diabetics and improve or even eliminate insulin need in insulin-dependent diabetics. The most effective and potent form of alpha-lipoic acid is R-lipoic acid, which can be purchased without a prescription. 100 mg 30 minutes before each meal. You can increase the dose in 50 mg. increments until you reach the desired blood sugar level.
Avatar f tn Many of us diabetics have found that eating LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) helps to control BG (Blood glucose) since it is carbohydrates that raise BG ALL carbs raise BG, eating fewer carbs help to lower BG.
1096641 tn?1271707225 1) whether the types of food consumed are causing unnecessary/unexpected rises in your blood glucose levels above normal levels [see below]; 2) whether your body can shed the excess glucose caused by the foods/liquids consumed. Normal levels are: * Fasting [prandial]: 70-99 mg/dl * After meal 2-3 hrs [postprandial]: below 180 mg/dl although some doctors prefer to see below 140 mg/dl. You need to reference your lab copy of the test results for the ranges expected by your doctor.
Avatar n tn So my prediction is that this statistic will cease to be accurate in coming years, for the cause of complications is higher-than-normal glucose levels. If new treatments are able to keep patients' glucose levels within normal levels without risk of severe hypoglycemia, I believe we will see diabetics living longer lives. Unfortunately, it takes a generation to prove this, so stay tuned.
Avatar n tn Hi Karen, I am a Type I Diabetic and not a health professional. It seems that your daughter has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Without knowing more about her situation: her blood glucose numbers and other factors, it would be hard to determine whether or not the doctor made the best choice by putting her on medication. Type II diabetes can be treated with diet and excercise but that's not always the case.
Avatar n tn He may have lost some of his warning symptoms of lows. This happens to many diabetics who keep glucose levels low enough that they have a tendency to drop too low when timing of a meal is off or a carbohydrate count was not quite right. But the great news, and the reason I am taking the time to write this, is that he can get those early warning symptoms back so he can feel the glucose levels dropping before they get low enough to disable him as you write about.
Avatar n tn Your doctors are probably reluctant to talk about the risks because your a1c levels indicate that you are not in great control right now. Obviously, a second C-section would seem to be a fairly likely scenario. A type 1 diabetic patient whose glucose levels are high may be more susceptible to problems healing from any surgery and of course high glucose levels make fighting off infection more of a danger.
Avatar m tn But my question here is about Masturbation in relationship with glucose levels. What effect does it have on diabetics and any info. concerning this relationship is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Tom.
Avatar n tn 1) It is illegal and you can end up arrested for drug use, which kills many future opportunities, 2) Most users experience the munchies while high, and diabetics tend to find that their glucose levels rise when using marijuana because of this. If you cannot eat while thinking clearly enough to count your carbohydrates and take adequate insulin to cover them, you put yourself at risk of severe complications.
Avatar n tn I am not quite sure what your question is about concerning the alcohol. Are you asking which to drink first, or asking what the effects might be? The answer is that alcohol lowers the liver's ability to release emergency sugars that all people store in their livers in case they haven't eaten in a long time and glucose levels drop (which can happen to non-diabetics as well as to diabetics, but which can be life-threatening to the type 1 diabetic).
Avatar f tn m not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes. Major health problems cause blood sugars to rise dramatically, even in non-diabetics. There is something about the stress that the problem puts on the body that changes the body's ability to absorb that blood glocose. A heart attack can certainly be considered a major health issue.