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Avatar f tn The A1c provides an insight on your past 2-3 month glucose levels. Red blood cells live on average 2-3 months. Excess glucose rides on new red blood cells, the A1c captures this and provides an estimated three month daily average. " If a result such as 5.8% translates into an "average daily" value of 120 mg/dL, how can 5.8% be considered normal?" An A1c of 5.8% equates to an eAG [estimated daily Average Glucose] of 120 mg/dl, key word is estimated.
Avatar f tn Normal fasting blood glucose for a non-diabetic person will be < 95, with ideal considered to be in the mid- to low 80s. One issue is that sometimes post meal numbers can be abnormally high, even while fasting appears normal or close to normal. So I would recommend that you request an hba1c, which is a test for average 3 month blood sugar. ideally that result will be 5.0 or less. You could alternatively buy a blood glucose meter and test your levels from time to time.
Avatar m tn Is caliory restrictions good for diabetics? And is fasting going to drop the blood glucose levels too low that diabetics can't sustain concentration and strength thought out the mornings? Intermittent fasting tends to last 12 to 16 hours usually done from 7pm 11am.
Avatar m tn 8-10 hrs with no food or colored liquids. Normally first thing in morning before breakfast. Fasting and preprandial - 60/70 to 99 mg/dl Prediabetes - 100 to 125 mg/dl Diabetes - above 126 mg/dl 1b.Glucose levels Postprandial [2-3 hours post meal] Diabetics <141 mg/dl, optimum <121 mg/dl A 'normal' nondiabetic would average <99 mg/dl 1c. Random testing is useless. Test before walking then 15-20 mins after when your body has come to rest.
Avatar n tn the normal range is 70-110
798555 tn?1292787551 With my fasting glucose at decent levels now, I would like to have a good complete glucose baseline for keeps sake. I have only tested fasting myself. What is the best method of testing glucose with a home meter before and after meals for a good baseline to compare in the future? Is there a chart online some ware that correlates to after meal glucose levels? Please enlighten me.
Avatar n tn First thing you need have on hand is a home glucose test meter. The only way you're going to know how the foods you consumed affected your glucose [blood sugar] levels is by testing, testing, and more testing. Times to test are; fasting - first thing in morning b4 having any food or colored liquids [plain water is OK]. This will tell you how much stored sugar your liver is dumping during sleep hours. Normal levels are 60/70 - 99 mg/dl or 3.33/3.88 - 5.
1096641 tn?1271707225 "Is my itchiness related to my blood sugar?" My answer is yes and no. Irregular blood glucose can cause itchiness. Liver damage can cause it too. I say this because of your Addiction Recovery profile, which I must congratulate you on for your road to recovery. When itchy does liquid [water or lotion] applied to the itchy area provide temporary relief? If yes, seek referral to a Gastroenterologist and get a either Contrasted CT Scan or a biopsy of the liver.
Avatar f tn A few days ago, I tested my 17 year old daughter and it was 111 after not eating for 4 hours. So, I tested her again in the morning to get a fasting Blood Sugar and it was 123. Should I be worried and should I take her in to get her tested?
Avatar n tn Chromium appears to play a role in normal insulin function and glucose utilization, and some investigators have suggested that it increases insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance and decreases blood glucose levels in certain diabetics, possibly those with low chromium levels. However, others have not corroborated these findings, and a few have even reported a negative effect on glucose tolerance and blood levels.
Avatar m tn As I understand it any reading over 200 puts you in the diabetic category Diabetes is very controllable. just stop eating carbohydrates. The fasting is the last thing to go bad for diabetics the first thing is GTT . use it as a wake up call. by controlling your BG now can save your pancreases insulin production longer.
1154802 tn?1266485720 What is the normal range for blood glucose fasting, 1 hour after eating and 2 hours after eating? I think mine might be a bit high...
Avatar n tn I am hoosier mom of 9 yo boy. Is it possible for a fasting glucose to be good but still have glucose issues? He is extremely tired he has the "spells" where he gets "hot flashes" his trunk, neck and head are warm his tempatuer only elevates about 2 points, cold clammy sweat and has blurred vision. The spells happen randomly but when he is in the heat they are more intense....does anyone think this is a sugar level issue?
Avatar f tn Get an A1c test to verify your glucose levels. This is another blood glucose test. Your fasting test results do indicate diabetes. Although this may be associated with your PCOS I'd wait for the liver/kidney/hormonal tests results. I think your doctor is on the right track in determining what is causing your issues.
Avatar m tn There are continuous glucose monitoring studies in people with no signs of diabetes. There people showing fasting blood glucose typically in the low 80s Anne with very little variance even when they eat. Blood glucose in children and during normal pregnancy is also lower.
Avatar m tn Going to bed with higher than normal levels means 1/3 of your day is spent with high levels. Weight has a lot to do with t2 diabetes. Losing the extra poundage is known to help lower your levels. Also, avoid eating sugary foods and foods laden with carbohydrates.
Avatar m tn First of all - many people who post questions have questionable spelling. Don't take that too personal. Second, absolutely 170 is too high. Blood levels should be between 70 & 120 for Diabetics. Get a new Doctor if you can. Another thought, 1 Glipizide may simply not be enough. When I was first diagnosed as Diabetic, 2 Glipizide was the very first med I was given. It was not until I kept eating **** that I got the scrip for the Metformin.
Avatar n tn t prioritize our lifestyle choices until after we are ill, and this slight rise in fasting glucose may be a wonderful warning to you. At this point, your fasting glucose at 102 is still very comfortably normal, but if it continues to rise (normal ranges from somewhere near 70-126 according to most doctors), then you could eventually become a type 2 diabetic. This rise could have been due to a dinner the night before that was heavy in carbohydrates, so it may mean nothing.
Avatar f tn I just had labs done and all liver tests decreased but still within normal levels, but most alarming to me was my glucose level rose from 95 to 113. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn No amount of medication controls or manages glucose levels by themselves. Medication HELPS to lower glucose levels with your assistance. One has to commit to a lifestyle change by adhering to a diabetic diet, maintaining proper body weight, and perform, at minimum, 30 minutes of physical exercise daily. Slack on one and you defeat the others ending up requiring more medication. Ever hear of anyone getting better by taking more medication?
Avatar n tn thanks for that but does not answer question about whether the level will increase or decrease from random(non fasting).
1667350 tn?1303724825 Hello, Definitely your blood sugar levels, uric acid levels and cholesterol levels are raised. Fasting blood sugar levels between 100- 125 mg/dl indicates pre diabetic range. Pre diabetics are more to developing full blown diabetes in near future. This does not usually need drugs to be controlled and glucose levels can be brought under control with good exercise and diet control. A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fiber-containing foods, and low-fat milk is advised.