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Avatar f tn my husband was 2yrs post liver transplant, that is the one reason why he is also now suffering from monitor blood sugar problem. my question now is about fluctition of his blood glucose, we have a kit monitoring it before and after meal, but there was time when we check it is high then after just a minute it drop down, we are really worried why is this happening? hoping that anyone could help!
Avatar n tn I've been prescribed and taking Suboxone for approximately 30 days and have noticed a significant increase in my blood glucose level. I've asked my pharmacist for her opinion but she knows very little about the topic. I haven't asked my shrink yet but will at my next appointment. In the meantime, this has me spooked. Anyone know???
Avatar n tn Baby: mittens, hats, pj's, a couple outfits, hair/nail kit, receiving blankets, baby blanket, socks. Hospital usually provides diapers, wipes, and little lotions etc. Mom: sweats or PJs, socks, slippers, big underware, nursing bra, toothbrush/ toiletries, phone charger, hair ties, nursing cover. The hospital should provide pads and disposable panties.
Avatar f tn A week later the surgeon repeated the tests to prepare me for surgery. The glucose level was 86 which was normal since the range used was 65-99. Three days ago my blood was drawn an hour or less after eating. The results once again read the glucose level of 115 which was high since the range used was 65-99. No one in my family has diabetes. I will see my pcp in a few days. Should I be concerned?
194838 tn?1303428544 I do not test my own blood but am sent to the hospital for fairly regular tests but notice that when people post with their blood glucose levels they are in the 100s. I am from the UK and wonder if there is a conversion chart because I think it would be more beneficial if I could compare with others on the forum to get a sense of how im doing for comparison, Any advise would be greatly appreciated .
Avatar m tn Are you concerned about the upward trend in your readings? If so, assuming that you did the testing with a "home" blood glucose meter, and that you tested at the same time each day, your readings are well within the accuracy range of the meter.
267076 tn?1270674331 About a month ago I went to the ER with bad headaches. They did a blood test and I just found out that my glucose was 141. That seems high to me but they never said anything about it (I wasn't fasting). Is that diabetic range? Should I be concerned about having diabetes? It seems odd to me that a year ago it was in the 90's but a month ago it was 141. I had a complete blood work done last week (after fasting) so I'll see what it is when I get the results.
961466 tn?1247550382 I would be asking your Dr for the glucagon kit so that you can rectify your wife's lows when she is not able to. Using glucose tablets, even glucose syrup plus calling an ambulance when you need to is important. Its one thing to think you're okay or try to ignore the problems but you are obviously worried. I don't mean to appear rude but does your wife deal okay with actually having diabetes?
Avatar n tn He may be suffering from what is known as hypoglycemic unawareness, which happens when a person has a number of lows so close together that the body can't really recover from one before another happens. It really is up to your son to take care of the problem, but he may not really be having warning symptoms when he drops low. The solution is to ask him to test more often, say every 2-3 hours, until he is able to go 2 weeks without any lows. That will help him recover his warning symptoms.
Avatar f tn m using the storage bags that come with my pump system. I received the Madela from my Insurance Co and the starter kit for my shower.
7291171 tn?1393336748 So I have a couple different sized outfits, a blanky, a nose sucker/first aid type kit, diapers/wipes, and little washcloths for messes... And I think all I need for me is breast pads, toothbrush, maxi pads, change of clothes and my brush so I don't have crazy hair in any pictures lol i forgot that last time and I looked a mess!
Avatar n tn Some things I have done is to ensure there is a kit in each of my vehicles. A 1-3 day kit is usually good. I also have a large kit for my family at my home that will last for 2 weeks for a family of 5. Also each of my kids have a single kit that they have in their backpacks when they go out. These are pretty small but have the essentials in them. There are so many ways to make a kit and you can do so without emptying your piggy bank. "Ready.
519736 tn?1253986826 Blood sugar and glucose in a round about way are synonymous. Blood sugar is used more often than glucose for the simple reason this is what is heard or read most often when diabetes is mentioned. Insulin is produced by your pancreas to allow glucose from your blood to be absorbed by cells in your liver, muscles and fat to be used for your bodies energy needs. It does more but I won't get into that. A thyroid disorder will affect your blood sugar levels too.
7923170 tn?1412999504 How hard can it be for steams bags, breast milk storage bags, and a medela starter kit n a car seat??!?!! Would just appreciate some cooperation seeing that drs don't expect me to carry to 36 weeks n I'll b 26 Monday.
Avatar m tn Also l bought a Dus 10 urine strp home test kit . If the result is the colour blue its normal, green means some glucose and brown colour means a high level, When l wake up in the morning l got a green or light green, but during the day l took two tests and got normal blue. Could meals or food affect the result.
Avatar f tn I had my 3 hour glucose test today but the sent me home because I looked like ****. I threw up 3 times at the clinic so I went straight to the ER because I knew I was dehydrated. I keep zip lock bags on me in case I lose it and the last time before the ER was dark red/brown and tasted like blood so I brought it with me to the ER. They tested it said no blood. I was released around 3 and I've felt better until the last half hour I started feeling a little nausea.
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Avatar f tn Buy a glucose monitoring kit and check it your levels a few times a day and when you do feel like a low sugar attack is occuring measure your glucose level to see if indeed it is this that is happening. You need to get your GP to book you to have a test called a GTT (glucose tolerance test) This consists of going to hospital for a few hours, having a intital finger ***** test done to measure ur sugar level then if it is under 7.
Avatar n tn I believe you asked about HYPOglycemia: The symptoms are vary varied and might include dizziness, feeling generally out of it, fatigue, irritability, disorientation, tingling. Testing is the key as if your numbers have been high for awhile you will feel low even if you're not. You should treat any lows below 60 (some treat below 70) with a couple glucose tablets. You will learn the correct number for you.
306245 tn?1244384967 The accepted ways of screening for diabetes are a fasting glucose, a random glucose(not as good) or a 2 hour glucose tolerance test. A HgB A1C is sometimes used by doctors but it is not widely accepted as a good screening measure, so I suggest a fasting or an OGTT. You should also have a thyroid screen(TSH) done. Fasting glucose is not perfect, so yes you can have a "false negative" in terms of saying you have no abnormalities in glucose handling.
Avatar n tn It makes a BIG difference when you test your blood sugar [glucose]. Not knowing your country of residence, the following are testing times with US measurement units. The UK and other countries, like Canada, require conversion from mg/dl to mmol/l. ‚óŹ Fasting - first thing in morning before eating or drinking anything except water.
Avatar f tn What do you mean by 'all the symptoms'? You may be dealing with something else. 97 is a completely normal blood glucose reading.
Avatar n tn i recommend a glucagon kit which has a syringe with normal saline solution and vial of powdered glucose which should be mixed together the administered 9f the person is unconscious or unable to injest enough food to help the blood glucose rise.
Avatar n tn My doctor discourages daily blood glucose testing unless a patient is on insulin. I do test occasionally (though I feel guilty when I do) and when I test I'm finding that in the a.m. (non-fasting), it's running 300 or more -- this morning it was 321. I'm on Glipizide and Juanvia. When it's running over 300, should I be doing something to bring it down??? What, if I've already taken my medicine for the day?
Avatar n tn Hi all, I'm a 25 year old male who just had some blood work done for some chest, arm/leg pains I've been having. Xray and all blood work came back fine except for the glucose levels which I was told were "a bit high." Probably 45 minutes before the blood tests, I had a bowl of frosted mini wheats and a glass of juice. I am going back to get a fasting test, but wanted to know if eating the food/drink right before could have caused glucose reading to be a bit high?
Avatar f tn Diaper rash cream, first aid kit, a grooming kit, shampoo, gripe water is helpful for a gassy baby/hiccups.