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Avatar n tn When exercising, the body needs extra energy or fuel (in the form of glucose) when your muscles use the glucose for energy, that causes your blood sugar to go down. But intense exercise can have the opposite effect and actually increase your blood glucose levels. The body recognizes intense exercise as a stress and releases stress hormones that tell your body to increase available blood glucose to fuel your muscles.
Avatar f tn If it is blight red, it's new blood, darker or black, it's old blood. Most doctors say any time you have blood in your bowel movement, you need to be seen by a doctor for evaluation. This is my recommendation to you. It definitely could be the hemorrhoids but because you don't know, you need to check on that.
Avatar m tn 2 stones in my gallblader and minor hepatic steatosis. Also my blood tests showed my glucose (105), cholesterol (245) and triglycerides (220) are high and I can have problem in the future because that. He said me to take some medices to irritable bowel syndrome and asked to remove the gallblader. But I am very anxious and can´t put my mind at rest because my sympthons occurs in Pancreatic Cancer.
Avatar f tn Carotene is a lipochrome that normally adds yellow color to the skin. With elevated blood levels of carotene, the prominence of this yellowing is increased. Carotenemia may be particularly evident when the stratum corneum is thickened or when the subcutaneous fat is strongly represented. The condition of carotenemia is harmless, but it can lead to a mistaken diagnosis of jaundice. Awareness of carotenemia may avoid confusion with jaundice and unnecessary diagnostic studies.
Avatar n tn He said he was not affected with HIV or other issues. Consulting with one of my Dr. friend i asked him to confirm @ jaundice. He got his blood checked & confirmed -ve. He was operated for heart surgery and got everything checked @ 2 months back. Please guide if i have to take any tests or treatment.
Avatar n tn m 20 years suffering from jaundice since past 4 sgpt was 1700 whch came down to 100 in two weeks n bilirubin came down to 1.4 ...then i started with my normal routine thinking that m relapsed n went up..i was admitted in the hospital for glucose etc. as i had my exam coming up n i wanted to give them ...the bilirubin went to 5.6 n sgpt went to 1200 the reports i had hepititas A as welll... now after two weeks my bilirubin is 2.1 n sgpt is 666...
7527649 tn?1410584476 Any moms had babys with jaundice , how long did they last with and how did it go away. My son is 4 days and i have to keep taking him back to the hospital to get his blood drawn every day. Im just wondering if any other moms went through this ?
Avatar m tn Blood test showed total serum bilirubin 1.1, direct 0.3 and indirect 0.8. Let me know that i jaundice or not.
1194973 tn?1385503904 A lot of different things can cause can spontaneously occur, and it can occur from different blood-type issues..for instance, my son had it because he has A+ blood but I have O+ and somehow our blood mixed, and the antibodies in my blood attacked his red blood cells :(. It caused him to have what's caused ABO Incompatibility Jaundice...and his levels were dangerously high very soon after birth, which is how they noticed it immediately and were able to identify it.
Avatar n tn At least half of all people with pancreatic cancer develop jaundice. Jaundice occurs in all cases when the cancer is at the ampulla of Vater. Jaundice is a yellowing of the eyes and skin due to staining by bilirubin (a dark green-colored substance made in the liver). Bilirubin accumulates in these tissues and in the blood. Pain: Pain in the abdomen or back is a very common sign of advanced cancer of the pancreas. The cancer will often spread to the nerves surrounding the pancreas.
Avatar f tn Damien arrived january 22nd @ 9:59pm weighing 9lb 15oz. My doctor told me wed most likely get discharged today but one nurse came in this morning and pretty much yelled at me about my breastfeeding since we found out hes jaundiced.. he gets blood work done in half hour (6) & get the results back at 8.. i put him on bottles today just for him to get hydrated & its helped & used the doctors tips to lower his bilirubin levels ..
Avatar f tn Its the amount of bilirubin in the blood. It comes from the cord I believe. Its just something all newborns have. Some just have it worse than others.
Avatar f tn Do all newborn babies have a slight bit of jaundice ? I hear they do. My baby boy has a slight tent of yellow. When I left the hospital they said he did but it should go away within the next few weeks if I keep him by a window with sunlight shining on him. The thing is, I live in the south. And we haven't had much sunlight. It's been raining everyday. I was also wondering if it has to be sunlight or it just has to be day time?
Avatar f tn Jaundice is a symptom like fever and is not a disease. The causes of jaundice are Hemolysis-increased destruction of red blood cells. Hepato cellular jaundice- Acute parenchymal liver disease and chronic parenchymal liver disease. Cholestasis – due to –biliary cirrhosis, viral hepatitis and autoimmune hepatitis. Congenital non-hemolytichyperbilirubineamia-Gilbert’s Syndrome and Rotor’s syndrome. The cause for jaundice needs to determined.
Avatar f tn Its when baby produces too much billireubin (an enzyme made in the liver) which causes yellowing of the skin. If baby is jaundice, or has hyperbillireubinemia, they will be placed under special UV lights that will promote the billi levels to come down on their own. Its not uncommon, I work on a pediatric floor and we see this quite a bit.
Avatar m tn My father presented with fever and chills n jaundice His ALT =261 ALP =375 GGT=558 serum bilirubin= 3.0 US abdomen-- CBD is dilated Liver irregular history of open cholecystectomy 15yrs back? Wht is the differential diagnosis?
Avatar f tn Jaundice is very common in newborns and in most cases resolves on its own, sometimes if bilirubin levels are too high they will initiate photo therapy (which isn't for heat, its UV light) and is perfectly safe.
162279 tn?1270601359 But he was born with SO many of the symptoms a newborn has when their mother has G.D. (high birth weight--10.6 pounds, low blood glucose, jaundice, respiratory distress, birth injury--broken collarbone) So this time I am feeling very nervous and wondering if I DID in fact have it with Jameson. I am 35 weeks today, and while I dont seem to have any symptoms that indicate it, neither did I with Jameson.Yet he had all those issues.
Avatar f tn Well my son is a week old and the doctors said he has mild jaundice and they did some blood work on him , im not familiar with this my first son didn't have it cause i used formula and i was doing research and they said breastfeeding causes it ... now im worried should I stop for a while and use formula ?
Avatar f tn Complained of super tired, and my Alt was 280 and Ast 206. No tender liver area, no jaundice, no dark urine, but Vit D 13 rather than around 30, and fasting glucose 122....CBC normal, See doc in 4 days, but any hint or simply ideas of what is happining!!??
10427810 tn?1410754377 Has anyone else had a baby that had problems with Jaundice? My son was born 5 days ago at 35+4 weeks & we got to bring him home yesterday after two long days under the light & we went back to recheck his levels & they were rising so we go back in the morning to get another test done & if they are rising then he is going to be admitted back into the hospital. I'm really scared & was wondering if anyone else went through this & their baby is fine. Thanks in advance!!
9764007 tn?1405807828 The only cause is not blood type my daughter had jaundice and we have the exact same blood type. But it can be cause by blood type and no one should be arguing with the lady who just had a baby and can't see it constantly due to a medical condition that has been explained to her. I am sure they told her why they think her baby is jaundiced and if it was a normal mild case she would have her baby now. Congratulations skittles and hope baby clears up fast so you can take her home with you.
Avatar f tn Difference in blood type can be a cause, but isn't what jaundice IS. Jaundice is when the levels of bilirubin in the blood are too high so then the bilirubin is deposited in the skin causing the yellow color, because the liver hasn't filtered the bilirubin fast enough. But the many different things that CAN cause jaundice, don't necessarily cause jaundice in everyone. It's more about liver function.
7182802 tn?1401930603 Just wondering if anyone can share there baby's jaundice story's with me. My son has severe, he has bin on the billi light blnket for about 26 hours. I'm so concerned it doesn't look like it's getting any better, everytime I think about it I cry.
Avatar f tn Is your baby getting regular check ups with her doctor for the jaundice? New born jaundice should not last longer than 2 weeks, and if it does it could signal a liver condition that requires treatment, and you are at the two week mark.
Avatar m tn re jaundiced. Generally 1.4 is not elevated enough to show jaundice. Typically jaundice is seen in patients with a 2 MG/dl or higher total serum bilirubin. Your ALT is certainly elevated enough to warrant further investigation. There is something injuring your liver and further testing is necessary to diagnose your condition. Frequently doctors will order viral hepatitis tests to rule out Hep A, B, C etc. Aside from viral hepatitis there are many other liver disorders to consider.
Avatar f tn OK so day 5 was determine to have jaundice.. So I had to take her too the hospital for a blood test OK day 6 got her results she was at a level 15 so had to take her back to the hospital to get checked again so now I'm waiting for the Dr to call me back to see of she needs to be admitted! Any one else go through something similar? I'm losing my mind going crazy with all the what if!!!