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Avatar f tn Without proper testing results one assumption is you experienced reactive hypoglycemia. Reactive hypoglycemia [or alimentary hypoglycemia] is low glucose [blood sugar] that occurs after a meal — usually one to three hours after eating. Try the following: • Eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day, no more than three hours apart. • Eat a well-balanced diet including lean and nonmeat sources of protein and high-fiber foods including whole grains, fruit and vegetables.
Avatar n tn A fasting glucose test will give a fairly accurate reading of the amount of excess glucose floating around your blood streams. A measurement of 5.0 mmol/l is considered normal, not diabetic.
490398 tn?1319940717 This is NOT a fasting glucose. My dad is diabetic and he has all of the tools to test blood. He has regular diabetes not Type 2 but it usually skips a generation. I had blood taken at the doctor last week, again, not fasting, for other health problems and it came back at 169. My doc obviously wants to retest me when I've been fasting and get an A1c.
Avatar m tn whom I seldom get to see is not much help , he even at times to order my blood work. My fasting blood sugar when i check it at home is 170 in the morning before i eat.
Avatar n tn Actually, articles I have read listing so-called "normal" ranges of glucose values after a meal tend to say that a reading above the mid 140's is considered possibly diabetic. However, the ranges do differ from person to person. Most people's glucose can go as high as in the mid 140's after a meal before their own bodies start producing extra insulin to bring those levels down. The range of 70-126 is considered normal before eating a meal, or as a fasting glucose level.
Avatar f tn blood sugar reading for me when I test at different times of the day....before meals, after meals, fasting in the morning, at bedtime and other random times during the day.
Avatar n tn A1c reading ≥ 6.5%, fasting plasma glucose reading ≥ 126 mg/dL (taken 8 or more hours after a meal), or a 2-hour plasma glucose reading > 200 mg/dL following a 75 gram oral glucose test. Keep in mind many of these tests must be performed by a medical professional. Your blood glucose reading after you ate the candy bar was higher than normal and may put you at risk of developing diabetes in the future.
Avatar n tn Since your sugar reading was 109 at your annual physical check up, as you said, I am pretty sure, this must have been from a fasting reading meaning you did NOT eat anything for the last 10 hr.The fasting number 109 indicates that you are pre-diabetic, most like a type 2.The cold fact about pre-diabetic 2 is like a little pregnant, you will become a full blown diabetic 2 in 2, 6.. years from now. It depends on what foods , what drinks you will consume.
Avatar f tn Hello, I've never been concerned about diabetes before as my fasting blood glucose levels have always been under 100. However, my last fasting glucose test as well as my husband's were both high (mine 127, his 140). The doctor had us return for A1c tests which were in the normal range (mine 5.6, his 5.5). Based on that, the doctor assumed we had eaten something before the fasting test and said, 'see you in 3 months'. But we didn't eat anything.
Avatar m tn I had a full blood check up last week and my glucose levels came back as high for a morning reading at 9.2. I had some more tests today including a fasting test and a hba something or other. My question is soe this now mean i have diabetes. I am very much a night person regularly up til 4 in the morning and eating and drinking before i go to bed. I am white, not over weight and have no family history.
390388 tn?1279636213 Being diabetic and having lots of heart trouble and high blood pressure issues myself, I can tell you that a fasting glucose reading of 200 would get my attention in a New York minute. Your arteries are becoming inflamed at that reading and you will start to experience high blood pressure as well as be at risk for blood clots in your heart arteries.
Avatar f tn I have been monitoring my blood sugars at home since at a doctor visit my fasting glucose was 135. Every morning in the past week I have taken it (on empty stomach) it has been in the 130's, only one time it was 114. All throughout the day it is between 129 and 158, sometimes it is 192, 263. I had blood drawn today for A1c, should get the results in a couple of days. I am wondering if these numbers are normal, or do I have a problem?
603046 tn?1279159413 Sometimes my non fasting reading is less than fasting. For example yesterday my fasting was 126 but my non-fasting was 108. Any explanation why? I see my doctor fairly often usually for lab tests. I see two different doctors and both said I don't need to have medication. As I previoulsy indicated I was on Avandia for a while but my doctor took me of it based on the glycohmoglobin test. My only medication I'm taking at the moment is Zocor 10 mg daily.
Avatar f tn I would recommend recording your blood sugar levels fasting, and 1 hour after you eat and speaking about it with your doctor. The fasting level that you mention in your question is elevated. You want to speak with your doctor soon, so that you can get your sugars regulated either by diet and exercise or medications if that is what is recommended. It also might be helpful to keep a food journal until you see your doctor.
Avatar f tn So far I succeeded but sometimes readings come very erratic, another problem is my fasting glucose levels which always come on border ie <5.2. Usually when I get abnormal reading at 1hr I again do at 2hr. I am really puzzled how to overcome this problem, is this also common with other women?
Avatar n tn To diagnose diabetes, your A1C has to be 6.5 or higher, or your fasting blood glucose (blood sugar) has to be equal to or greater than 126 mg/dl (7 mmol/l). This test has to be taken when you've fasted (not had anything to eat) for at least 8 hours. Perhaps your A1C levels were at pre-diabetic levels, but your blood glucose levels were higher.
Avatar m tn On the 29th of sept did a fasting blood glucose ,reading was 99 ( on 8 hour fasting). Being confused repeated the test on 30th but with 12 hour fasting it the reading was 107.(all test done at the same lab). Now I am monitoring my blood sugar using glucometer getting normal readings. Occassionaly when i am tense and under stress getting readings which are above 140. Will keep you posted.
Avatar n tn I'm a novice when it comes to diabetes so I could use some help. I'm on 2.5mg of Glipizide and have been for about four years. My doctor discourages blood glucose testings -- says that's only necessary if I were on insulin. However, I will occasionally check my blood sugar -- maybe once or twice a month or if I'm not feeling well. I checked it on Sunday and found it was running somewhat high.
Avatar f tn I have been working to reduce my weight since (down 25 lbs, 25 to go) and adjusted my diet to eliminate as much sugar as I could conveniently manage to do. Latest fasting glucose reading is 109 (this reading being more typical of the impaired fasting glucose levels of the past 5 years), glyco of 6.2 after 3 months of my revised diet. I have doubt that losing the other 25 lbs will fix the problem, since I was experiencing high fasting glucose levels 5 years ago when I was at a normal weight.