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159619 tn?1499916784 My fasting glucose levels the past three tests have been 100 (9/2007), 90 (4/2008) and 101 last month. I know these are higher than the recommended number of less than 100, what kind of risk am I in for developing diabetes?
Avatar f tn I would recommend recording your blood sugar levels fasting, and 1 hour after you eat and speaking about it with your doctor. The fasting level that you mention in your question is elevated. You want to speak with your doctor soon, so that you can get your sugars regulated either by diet and exercise or medications if that is what is recommended. It also might be helpful to keep a food journal until you see your doctor.
Avatar f tn Ask him/her for the C-Peptide test as Zoe suggested along with a thyroid [TSH test] checked. Abnormal thyroids can and will disrupt blood glucose levels. Lastly, along with morning fasting testing it is important to know when to test [prandial & postprandial], especially with strenuous exercise. Post back if unsure and we can provide the times.
Avatar n tn 4.5 to 5.3%). My fasting insulin and C-peptide are within normal ranges. A low-carbohydate diet (<100 grams/day) did not help; increasing my activity level helped somewhat. I would describe myself as a very anxious person and, in the past year, would probably have satisfied the criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, if I had chosen to seek medical help (doing a bit better now, thanks). Both FBG and HbA1c appear to test higher when my anxiety level is higher.
3094000 tn?1341802987 I've been at this level for a number of years. In the past two weeks, my sugars have been on the lower side of normal. One morning, my fasting blood sugar was 55. Tonight three hours after a meal, it was just 91. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn I haven't been diagnosed with diabetes but have recently been checking my fasting blood glucose myself pre-breakfast. Can fasting blood glucose vary each day from normal to high in pre-diabetes? Eg one day day 5.1 mmol (91mg/dl), several around 6.1 mmol (110mg/dl) then 7.8 mmol (140mg/dl) Thanks So my fasting glucose ranges from normal to high Question, can pre-diabetes have fasting glucose levels that vary from day to day from some days as normal to other days being high?
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm a volunteer and not a medical professional so please check with your doctor to address any concerns you have regarding your particular condition. With that said, below is an excerpt from the Virginia Mason clinic website: which states the norms for blood sugar levels: "A fasting blood glucose test. This test is performed after you have fasted (no food or liquids other than water) for eight hours.
Avatar m tn Hi, I want to ask about my blood test. I had fasting glucose 98 (normal is 74-100) and hba1c 4.8. Is this what i should be worried about? Is such high level of glucose can develop organs damages?
Avatar f tn I asked the nurse if everything was alright and was told that my blood glucose levels were somewhat higher than normal but would have to wait a week to talk with the doctor. I am very concerned and slightly anxious. Does this mean that I could have diabetes? I am somewhat overweight but have been trying to lose the pounds. My blood pressure was fine when the doctor checked 110/70.
Avatar n tn I commend you for your diligent efforts with controlling and lowering your glucose back to normal levels. That's a big attaboy! I'm not certain how to answer your latest and ongoing concerns directly. Perhaps you could answer all of my questions first to give me a general direction to point you towards. 1. If you pull back your bed covers, do you see body hair on your sheets? 2. What color is your urine? * Clear like water or more towards a coca cola darkness. 3.
874521 tn?1424120397 Apologize for the mixup. Opus to answer your question, the normal mmo/l levels are 4-7 mmo/l. If you were fasting 8-10 hours prior to testing then 5.2 mmol/l would be considered normal.
Avatar m tn A bit more information is needed to answer your question. When was that blood sugar taken? Fasting at first thing in the morning? After meals? (How long?). A random blood sugar doesn't mean that much. If it is fasting, then it is in the pre-diabetes category. Normal fasting is considered to be under 100. Pre-diabetes is considered from 100 to 125 and diabetic is considered 126 and over. However one number is just one number and what would be better is to have an A1C done.
1461994 tn?1285900732 Hi, I've been on Interferon/Ribavarin therapy for 3 weeks now for HCV Genotype 2B. When I started, my glucose was 78 but it jumped to 90 this week. Is this normal? Should I be concerned that I'm going to develop diabetes if I continue with tx for 21 more weeks? My blood sugar has always been in the 70's or 80's, no family history of diabetes, I'm 59, thin and in good physical condition otherwise.
Avatar m tn I had a full blood check up last week and my glucose levels came back as high for a morning reading at 9.2. I had some more tests today including a fasting test and a hba something or other. My question is soe this now mean i have diabetes. I am very much a night person regularly up til 4 in the morning and eating and drinking before i go to bed. I am white, not over weight and have no family history.
Avatar n tn I just had a fasting blood glucose test taken. It was 104. I know 126 and up is Type II Diabetes. Should I be concerned with this number?
Avatar n tn Sure, if one OD's by ingesting too much orals or injecting too much insulin will glucose levels drop below normal levels. The objective is to bring your glucose to a normal range, not below it. Depending on the diet and exercise it may or may not exacerbate the condition but not with orals or insulin. I can see your statement applying to Lada's, or with type 1.5'ers, but not type 1 or 2's.
Avatar n tn hello, you don't take insulin? The 200 @ 45 minutes is abormal and even 140 is on the high side of 'acceptable'. Stress does not give you hgih blood sugar. Sorry, your Dr is doing you a disservice by labelling it as stress. Given you are thin and young, this should be watched closely as it may be what is called adult onset type 1 (a slower onset type 1).
Avatar n tn Hello, Blood sugar of 115 could be "somewhat normal", depending on when you measured it. Blood sugar of 147 is not normal regardless of when you measured it. Truely normal fasting is in the low 80s, however most doctors will allow up to about 99, 100 - 126 is prediabetic, and >126 is overt diabetes. 2 hours after eating target should be close to fasting if your blood sugar is normal, but always < 120, though some will allow < 140.
Avatar n tn My fasting glucose results (Glucose Plasma-Hexokinase), three in last three months have been in the range of 108-120 mg/dL (normal range 70 - 100). In my last test I also got the HbA1c checked, it is: High Performance Liquid Chromatography-HPCL = 5.5 % (normal range 4.27 -6.07) The question is that fasting glocose test is indicating high glucose level but HbA1c in reasonably below the max. value. Which one is to be relied upon? Shall I be concerned at these glucose levels? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn There are different schools of thought. My two-cents worth is that initially, you should be testing very intensively. Later on, when you get a handle on your insulin utilization situation, you can test less often. The problem is that none of are very good at "guessing" our blood sugar levels.. (1) Fasting (or one definition anyway) is the level when you get up in the morning without eating all night. (2) Generally, two hours after every meal. (3) Before going to bed.
173119 tn?1297003336 I would also like to add that my A1C is totally normal. I just don't understand why I am getting the high fasting blood sugars.
Avatar n tn One takes the A1c test at given time, fasting or not fasting. The A1c will measure back three months the amount of glucose in your blood stream, the results are shown in percentile. Can't cheat on this test. Hope this answers your thoughts.
Avatar f tn His initial blood work was abnormal, but not terribly high, so they ordered a repeat in a month and a recheck of his weight. His weight is stable, the blood count returned to normal, but his fasting glucose was elevated at 132. I know that's high, but I'm not sure just how much of an indication this is that he may have JD. Also, he recently started wetting his bed again and he does eat ALL the time and drink a lot, but I just have always seen him as an active typical boy.
Avatar f tn Over the past 1 week, she has been checking her blood glucose levels. The levels are way too high early in the morning i.e 120 and above. Returns to normal during the course of the day. Is this normal, perhaps due to medication, or should we be looking at some other tests?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am very concerned about my blood glucose levels. I am diabetic and I haven't been keeping track of my blood glucose levels for years. For the last month or so, I had been feeling totally exhausted, falling asleep at the computer, several times I actually fell asleep with food in my mouth that I hadn't chewed. I was weak and out of breath and could barely walk without getting winded.
Avatar m tn But since about 4 to 5 months i have been observing that the fasting glucose levels are higher than the post lunch levels. .