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Avatar m tn Recently I had taken ECG @Hospital. They reuse Electrodes... Is there any possiblity of Sepsis, due to reuse of Electrodes.. Since I had few Cystic acne on my chest..Is any injury caused to Acne by reused Electrodes... I ma freaking out.... Please clarify and help me.. .
Avatar m tn Even though, there was more blood on the ECG Electrodes, within 3mins, HIV dies since it is exposed to air ?? so no problem with a blood contacting acne wound, which was fresh...
Avatar f tn I would still push for a complete heart and neuro work up which would be imaging of both the heart and brain along with eeg (electrodes on the head) ekg (electrodes on the chest) and a 30 day event monitor (holter but you wear it for 30 to up to 60 days) there are also implantable recorders which can be worn for 1-2 years and when an event happens you press a button on an external device it records a couple minutes before and after the event.
Avatar n tn I was thinking that it might be an error with the electrodes or the computers, or the ECG; but we used several different electrodes, computers, and ECG machines and the result was the same; my heartbeat was upside down. I am planning on going to a doctor to check this out; but I wanted to know if anyone knew what this is. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I believe the 12 lead ecg lacks sensitivity in the right ventricle and the back of the heart, so additional electrodes are used. There can be confusion too with the word 'lead'. Most people assume it means one of the wires coming from the ECG machine, but it isn't. For example, a 12 lead ECG uses 10 wires/electrodes. The word 'LEAD' refers to a signal received by the ECG machine from across 2 electrodes.
Avatar m tn With lemon juice, t2 diabetics can digest food easier without risking elevated glucose levels or putting their glucose levels at risk. So go ahead and enjoy those lemons.
1538488 tn?1331483305 My fasting blood glucose is 110-125 mg/dl.hba1c is 7.96. My age is 57 years.After 2 hrs of b/f 165-190mg/dl. No medication.Glucose level slightly increase after exercise in the morning .What action is to be taken?
Avatar n tn In the event that you had an arbitrary blood glucose test, an ordinary outcome relies upon when you last ate. More often than not, the blood glucose level will be underneath 125 mg/dL (6.
Avatar n tn Hello, A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fiber-containing foods, and low-fat milk is advised. Consumption of foods with a low glucose levels appears to reduce postprandial glucose rise and improve glycemic control. Reduced calorie and nonnutritive sweeteners(better avoided in epileptics) are useful.
Avatar n tn with large breast that hangs down to her waist. Normal practice is to place the electrodes under the breast. Can we place he electrodes on top of the patient breast where there is no breast muscle tissue. It looks like a tear drop where the meaty tissue is low to her waist line and only thin skins is on top at the normal male or female anatomy.
Avatar n tn I'm a ftm and I'm still really early at 8w2d. Last Friday I had my first appointment and had a lot of blood work done which is normal but I'm getting the tests back with not a lot of explanation. Its making me a little nervous. The thing that worries me the most is that the glucose test came out about 5 points high and I have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. Has anyone had this happen and ended up not having anything wrong? I'm fearing the worst and hoping for the best.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER not long ago and I was told I had very high blood sugar, I had not eaten anything for more than 8 hours other than toast.
Avatar f tn Kokil, This is regarding Sepsis... Recently I had taken ECG @Hospital. They reuse Electrodes... Is there any possiblity of Sepsis, due to reuse of Electrodes.. Since I had few Cystic acne on my chest..Is any injury caused to Acne by reused Electrodes... I ma freaking out.... Please clarify and help me..
Avatar f tn I have been monitoring my blood sugars at home since at a doctor visit my fasting glucose was 135. Every morning in the past week I have taken it (on empty stomach) it has been in the 130's, only one time it was 114. All throughout the day it is between 129 and 158, sometimes it is 192, 263. I had blood drawn today for A1c, should get the results in a couple of days. I am wondering if these numbers are normal, or do I have a problem?
Avatar n tn Drug-induced hypoglycemia is seen with the inadvertent or intentional overdose of insulin or oral medications used to lower blood glucose. Blood glucose-lowering pills and insulin are medications used to lower the abnormally high blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus. Examples of blood glucose-lowering pills are glyburide (Micronase, Diabeta, and Glynase) and glipizide (Glucotrol).
Avatar f tn Hello Doctor, I was diagnosed with thyroiditis last year at age 57, but I'm not sure what kind. I started out hyper which my doctor treated with beta blockers to slow my heart rate. Then I went hypo, and I've been on 50 mcg of Synthroid for the past year. My last TSH was 2.98. My question is regarding blood glucose. My last fasting test was 127. I've always tested under 100. I'm fearful of developing diabetes. Is the synthroid causing my blood sugar to rise?
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Avatar m tn I need to clarify my earlier post. Exercise does burn energy, and eventually exercise lowers blood glucose. When I mentioned "cardio level aerobic exercises" I meant this to be "rigorous" exercises. For example cardio aerobic, fast treadmill workouts, or even continuous pumping of weights. In a way, your liver "has a mind of its own" and continues to produce glucose while you exercise.
Avatar n tn t tell a doctor what is going with your glucose levels at all times of the day. Home glucose meters are good to see how well one is managing their glucose levels. Having scaled results (high to low, or normal to near high or above) calls for an A1c test to see the entire picture. An A1c test measures your glucose going back three months. Why three months? On the average, new red blood cells live three months before dieing off and getting turned into Bilirubin.
863754 tn?1239144755 My aunt is in the hospital, as I type this, fighting to stay alive. After speaking with the doctors about her condition, I've discovered that they have absolutely no idea why she's dying. I'm posting here in the hopes of saving her life. For some reason, her blood glucose levels won't stabilize. They'll give her a shot of glucose to get her levels up, but in the matter of a few hours, it's back down to around 50 or 60 and they have to give her another shot.