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Avatar f tn My glucometer allows me to download the past 500 glucose tests I've taken to an excel document. Can I, now or in future, import that information directly to my diabetes tracker so I can have a broader data stream to better understand my stats?
Avatar f tn you will want to keep and it is VERY important long run to keep a diary. This diary should include all the blood tests you have. The date, and what medications you were taking and dosage levels of each along with how you were feeling at the time of each test. This diary will prove to be worth its weight in GOLD if you ever have to find a Dr, or move to a new area or whatever. Do NOT rely upon the Dr office and medical records to be perfect.
Avatar m tn Calories, Carbs, Blood Glucose anything that will help us keep control of our sugar levels and weight Thank you Rich0314
Avatar n tn Hello: For the last 9 mos it burns when I pee. For the last 2 mos it burns when I ejaculate, while having sex or masterbate. All Tests - Blood work, STD's, prostate, CPPS all come back clean. Uroligist says he does not know what is wrong he tried treating me for CPPS but the medication had no effect. I am a Male 6'2 225 lbs, work out 2-3 times a week (usually heavy) and I eat well.
212161 tn?1599427282 Perhaps medical science will soon develop a better test than the A1c. The A1c in itself is not bullet proof. Blood glucose levels in the preceding 30 days contribute substantially more to the level of A1C than do blood glucose levels 90 to 120 days earlier.
Avatar m tn my wife is 73 yrs. old and has trouble keeping her glucose readings level: She is a small lady at about 5'3" and maybe weighs 102 lbs. wring and wet.........she constantly watches her diet and keeps a diary of what she eats.......but still us up and down on her readings...............presently she is on glucovance 1.25-250 three per day.................has discussed this with her Dr. without any results.....................any help you could give would truly be appreciated..........
Avatar m tn How has your blood sugar been since your last post? I hope you have been able to it is down even further.
Avatar m tn You need to use your own glucose meter and to religiously take blood samples until you get a handle on glucose control. This includes a few weeks of intense testing, to include baseline levels when you awake, before and after each meal, and two hours after each meal, along with a precise calorie count and diary of your food. Later on you can reduce the number of blood sticks. You can't eat like a "normal person".
7177914 tn?1399518500 I was giving the option of doing a food diary and testing my blood sugar levels with pricking my finger time times a day when I woke up two hours after lunch and two hours after super.
Avatar f tn What is the best time to check blood sugar? I normally try to check mine right before I eat breakfast (around 7:00) and it is relatively high (this week, it stayed in the 180 range). I am getting mixed information. I was told on many occasions that although it is high, there is no need to get alarmed. On the other hand, a doctor actually told me that I need to discuss with my primary physician about getting on insulin because my glucose levels should not be that high when I wake up.
349463 tn?1333571576 It's probably not's the pregnancy. Your body requires you to produce more insulin while your pregnant...practically double or triple and sometimes the pancreas just can't do the job. I failed the test too....i failed 1-hr so badly that they didn't even make me do the 3hr. So now I'm on that special diet and can only have 30 carbs per meal/snack. I get to eat 6 small meals. I keep full and what not, but no chocolate, no ice cream, no cereal, no fruit! UGH!!
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum. There are "trackers" on the profile page.You can keep track of your blood count levels on the Complete Blood Count tracker and you can keep track of your viral loads as well as your AST, ALT, Bilirubin, and Albumin on your Hepatitis C tracker. There is a place on those thrackers towards the bottom where you can also put in side effects of treatment. To get to the trackers hover over "My Med Help." Then click on "Trackers.
Avatar n tn I received results of blood work that ranked my glucose level at 114. I have had a Nissan Fundoplication for severe GERD a couple years ago. Has anyone had a similar experience? What could possibly be happening to me? I see the surgeon that performed Nissan this week and was wondering what questions I should ask.
1392153 tn?1428624323 I keep a food diary...this diary also keeps track of my biotin levels never show anything..its as if I never eat anything containing biotin...I 'm aware of foods containing biotin and I eat all of the foods containing biotin...why are my levels 0?...should I be taking a supplement?...I have a very slow metabolism...its not the result of an underactive thyroid ( which I have and am taking supplements for) TSH levels were tested the other week and they are normal...
Avatar f tn i dont get my mouth swallen and anything like that, i just feel so weak as i´m going to pass out. i had the glucose test done but it came back normal. i have no idea of what this could be, dysautonomia maybe? or could this be an allergy to fruit or something?
198419 tn?1360242356 Hey Shell, I started one way back when i joined but I found it problematic and stopped doing it. The issue I had was more to do with 'umbrella terms' and it would of been better or more informative for me, to of had a body picture that i could fill in where i experienced the sx eg parathesia. As it is, this particular sx is what i think of as back ground noise, always there to some degree but its when it aprears in a new spot or gets worse that i get more telling information.
745101 tn?1293038814 What I found out yesterday is that 1 hour after eating they want my blood glucose at 7.8 or less (140 for the USA) if its going higher than that then its going too high so lower gi index foods / smaller portions should help with that.
Avatar f tn I presume this has to do with the sugar causing an insulin spike which in turn causing blood glucose level to drop and triggering the hunger response. So I avoid anything sweet at night. But I do like carbohydrates---wholegrain breads and pasta, brown rice etc + plenty of olive/sesame oil + small amount of cheese/egg/meat/fish. But I'm getting sick of eating these things because I eat so much, and I'm still ravenous.