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Avatar f tn Without proper testing results one assumption is you experienced reactive hypoglycemia. Reactive hypoglycemia [or alimentary hypoglycemia] is low glucose [blood sugar] that occurs after a meal — usually one to three hours after eating. Try the following: • Eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day, no more than three hours apart. • Eat a well-balanced diet including lean and nonmeat sources of protein and high-fiber foods including whole grains, fruit and vegetables.
8102917 tn?1402457914 I kept having the same issue and my blood pressure has been fine. My glucose always runs low, Dr advised me to carry sweets with me. Since I did, no more lightheadedness or dizziness. I still get them here and there but not like before.
Avatar m tn Hi I work in Pharmacy. I was doing blood glucose check on one of the patient and accidentally stuck the lancet to my right index finger after i just used on her to get blood. I had a gloves on. I used 33 gauze lancet. I did come in direct contact with her blood(whatever blood left on that lancet). What is my chance to get HIV or Hepatitis C. I asked her about her medical history but she said that she did not have any disease.She is 22 years old black female.Please help.
Avatar n tn Many small meals throughout the day, instead three large portions, may help balance your glucose levels. Try this routine for a couple of days and try to eat at the same times each day. Test Preprandial and 2-4 hours Postprandial. If your glucose continues to bounce down/up you should refer to your doctor for testing asap.
883901 tn?1294000772 I had my blood tests last week as my doctor wanted to check my Iron level , at the time I had asked her could I please be refered to the Neuro because things were getting worse. Well what a little shock I got today!! They said my Glucose was slightly high, it is suppose to be between 3-6 & mine was a 7. I asked is that meaning I might have Diabetes, she said yes & we need to get you in quickly to see the nurse, the nurse will go through everything with you.
Avatar n tn Foods with a high GI are metabolized into glucose very quickly and tend to spike blood sugars. These are difficult foods for Type 2s to deal with. Often, these foods also taste very sweet and anecdotally, I've heard many folks (diabetic or not) report that if they have a little bit of candy/cake/cookies/sweet veges, then they crave more. All those foods are high GI foods. GI is not the only factor to consider, of course.
Avatar m tn would the amounts be higher (due to the liver releasing sugars into the blood) or lower (due to the body's insulin response)? I'm 32, 6'0, 220lbs. I have also started juicing a lot lately (over the past month), mostly vegetable juices flavored with apples and a lemon. My biggest concern is insulin sensitivity: 2 years (and about 15lbs) ago I was diagnosed with flatline hypoglycemia (Results: Fasting: 79; 1hr: 81; 2hr: 71).
Avatar f tn re way past my medical knowledge, but I do suggest that as a possibility. To find out, you have to do a glucose tolerance test or something to see whether your blood sugar levels are in fact messed up. Raising blood sugar is easy -- eat simple carbs. Remember, Type 2 diabetes is high blood sugar; hypoglycemia is the name for the disorder involving low blood sugar. A lot of natural supplements can lower blood sugar, and biotin might be one of them, but I'm just not sure.
Avatar m tn If you take insulin you may be taking too much for the amount of food you are eating. As insulin helps the glucose get to the cells and tissue. If you are not taking insulin your body may be releasing a large amount of insulin in response to a meal high in carbohydrates. You need to find a balance as hypoglycemia can cause you to serious problems. I would talk to your dr.
Avatar m tn With lemon juice, t2 diabetics can digest food easier without risking elevated glucose levels or putting their glucose levels at risk. So go ahead and enjoy those lemons.
Avatar n tn I started testing myself. Sticking my finger causes added anxiety. Fasting is ok. But after meals is always high. I did a glucose tolerance test, and came back well within normal. Yet high post meal readings continue. The Dr said it was likely dude to stress hormones effecting the digestion process, which wouldn't the liquid sugar load in a glucose tolerance test. Despite this, I continue to obsess, test like crazy, and I guess from the stress, continue to get scary high post meal numbers.
Avatar m tn And yet the symptoms have remained, no matter what I do. Did pinprick blood glucose test when I have the symptoms, and it always came out normal. Fasting glucose levels were normal until recently. I'm not overweight (male, 44 yrs, 5'8" and 146 lbs), but I have added inches to my abdomen. I also don't exercise regularly, which I know I have to rectify. I've been to many doctors, including endos.
Avatar n tn Both blood glucose levels seem to be within normal ranges (80-120).
1538488 tn?1331483305 My fasting blood glucose is 110-125 mg/dl.hba1c is 7.96. My age is 57 years.After 2 hrs of b/f 165-190mg/dl. No medication.Glucose level slightly increase after exercise in the morning .What action is to be taken?
Avatar n tn In the event that you had an arbitrary blood glucose test, an ordinary outcome relies upon when you last ate. More often than not, the blood glucose level will be underneath 125 mg/dL (6.
Avatar n tn Hello, A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fiber-containing foods, and low-fat milk is advised. Consumption of foods with a low glucose levels appears to reduce postprandial glucose rise and improve glycemic control. Reduced calorie and nonnutritive sweeteners(better avoided in epileptics) are useful.
Avatar m tn ve been having some of the classic warning signs of diabetes - very frequent urination, somewhat increased thirst, extreme fatigue that no amount of sleep or exercise seems to relieve - but the blood glucose tests are coming back normal. Any idea what might be going on here? As an added twist, I'm currently in a 3rd world country where the standard of medical care is fairly low, so any advice is appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi There, I'm a recently turned 40year old male,living in Malaysia. I have a history of neck issues (cervical spondylitis)? Sometime later Sept - Oct 09, stiffness of the neck and head getting heavy had me run to my GP for advise. He checked my blood sugar and it was 22 Mmol. I also have had elevated blood sugar problems when I had a boil somewhere on the body or the neck getting stiff, after a while it went away.
Avatar f tn Hi all. I have been dealing with an exhaustion issue for several months now with no improvement and no reasons found. My symptoms strongly correlate to hypothyroidism. To the point my doctor was sure my FreeT4 and TSH would come back showing something abnormal. Problem is...they were PERFECT. I did have a thyroid ultrasound done and nodules were found, but per the doc were too small, had clean margins, and didn't look suspicious to warrant FNA. Pending test is for Hashimotos...
Avatar n tn I'm a ftm and I'm still really early at 8w2d. Last Friday I had my first appointment and had a lot of blood work done which is normal but I'm getting the tests back with not a lot of explanation. Its making me a little nervous. The thing that worries me the most is that the glucose test came out about 5 points high and I have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. Has anyone had this happen and ended up not having anything wrong? I'm fearing the worst and hoping for the best.