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Avatar f tn Hello. Can anyone tell me about the whipple procedure. What is survival rate? Had anyone had this surgery. Are there any MD's out here that perform this procedure? I am thanking each and all for any info you can provide.
Avatar n tn Is there anyone who can share an experience about whipple procedure performed on children diagnosed with non malignant pancreatic tumor on head of pancreas This discussion is related to <a href=''>WHIPPLE PROCEDURE IN CHILDREN</a>.
Avatar n tn He also said that there is no show of spreading, but that he will know after the whipple surgery to be performed in two weeks after his bilirubin count comes down; he currently has a draining catherer outside his skin. He also said he wants him to be a bit stronger for the surgery and his bilirubin count to be a little lower. His past history is no cancer in his family; always healthy; definitely a consistent drinker -4 to 5 drinks per day (beer, sangria, and wine) for the past five years.
Avatar n tn Also, there are some non-cancerous conditions that cause a high level of CA19-9 and it is best that you discuss the result and the possible Whipple procedure with your attending physician. Take care and do keep us posted.
506791 tn?1439842983 Had a modified (pylorus preserving) Whipple on 2 June at UMMC. Surgeon told my wife and family after the procedure that he believes they got everything and that there was minimal spread, pathology confirms. One nerve was possibly involved, tumor had grown and was touching small intestine, but not infiltrating, no other tissue involved save minor suspicious tissue in 4 of 29 lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn I am now faced with needing the Whipple procedure something I have not been wanting to have. My surgery date is Feb 4, 2010. I have lost 30 pounds but gained about 5 pounds back since having the feeding tube. My GI doctor wants my weight up to 120 before he will remove the feeding tube but I have been unable to get to that weight. Has anyone had this Whipple procedure for non-cancer reasons? I can't seem to find any information on pts who have had this who have not had pancreatitic cancer?
Avatar m tn t let anyone operate b/c it is cysts but the new doctor I just saw believes I should have the whipple procedure done ASAP. I am scheduled to go for EUS at the end of Sept. Does anyone know a GREAT surgeon if I need to have the whipple procedure done?
Avatar f tn s by Allan Whipple. The goal of the Whipple procedure (pancreatoduodenectomy) is to remove the head of the pancreas, where most tumors occur. Because the pancreas is so integrated with other organs, the surgeon must also remove the first part of small intestine (duodenum), the gallbladder, the end of the common bile duct and sometimes a portion of the stomach. In the reconstruction phase of the operation, the intestine, bile duct and remaining portion of the pancreas are reconnected.
Avatar f tn I had EUS to diagnose the chronic pancreatitis after they saw a hint of it with ERCP. They say I have "mild" chronic pancreatitis, but the pain is sometimes unbearable. I'm wondering why your mom had to have a whipple procedure. I've heard of it but do not know what it is. Also, does your mom have any type of gastroparesis with this? Does she take enzymes, etc. I just returned from Mayo but they didn't give me much info. other than I suffer from IBS as well.
Avatar n tn Due diagnosed with lung cancer, nobody will operates me in Germany! I seeking a Whipple Procedure in NY / Boston urgent! I will pay the operation and the hospital stay by myself and i need informations which clinics doing this Whipple operation in NY or Boston - despite my lung Diagnos. Thanks for your support!
506791 tn?1439842983 5 years ago today I underwent a pylorus preserving Whipple procedure to remove an adenocarcinoma, which was in the head of my pancreas. I had 16 chemo treatments from mid-July to mid-December that year. As of 19 May 2020, when I spoke with my oncologist about the blood work and CT scan performed earlier in the month, I am officially 5 years showing No Evidence of Disease.
506791 tn?1439842983 On June 2nd last year, from initial cut to final staple, I underwent a pylorus preserving Whipple procedure. In the pathology report the tumor was Stage 2B (T3 NX MØ) with 4 of 29 lymph nodes and 1 nerve suspected a involved, no other spread. From July 14th to December 22nd I underwent chemo therapy (2 weeks on - 1 week labs) with Zophran for nausea and Gemzar for anti-cancer effects. Staples came out at 3 weeks, chemo started at 6 weeks and I was back to work part time at 9 weeks.
Avatar n tn Due diagnosed with lung cancer, nobody will operates me in Germany! I seeking a Whipple Procedure in NY / Boston urgent! I will pay the operation and the hospital stay by myself and i need informations which clinics doing this Whipple operation in NY or Boston - despite my lung Diagnos. Thanks for your support!
Avatar m tn You say you were tested for diabetes? Well, sometimes low blood sugar can cause the sleepiness after eating, have you had a glucose tolerance test performed?
Avatar f tn I know someone who had a whipple procedure last year and complications which led to the removal of all but 50 cm of small bowel. He still has the ileocecal valve intact.He also takes pancreatic enzyme supplements due to the complications He experiences diarrhea after each meal. He is not eating much and requires TPN every day over the nighttime. How do you wean someone from TPN who only has 50 cm of small bowel? What are the odds of him getting off the TPN?
Avatar f tn I forgot to ask my doctory last appointment and my next appointment (26 weeks) ill be scheduling my glucose. My question is do you not eat anything before getting your blood drawn? Then drink that drink and get it drawn again?
747159 tn?1293804327 Good Day, I have auto immune chronic pancreatitis, CLL, had colon cancer, and they once thought I had pancreatic cancer, the fine needle biopsy showed I had it but when they did the Whipple procedure they did not fine it. I was given viokase 8 for years, then they took that off the market and I had to go on creon dr 24,000 units. I have tried this by first taking 2 one before meals and one after meals, it did nothing to help me.
Avatar f tn I was being seen by Tulane surgeon who wanted to remove the mass by means of a whipple. After reviewing the whipple procedure, I began researching alternative treatments for pancreatic masses. CBD oil (cannabanoid ?sp) was given to me by a friend. He actually took a pound of marijuanna and followed the Rick Simpson site directions for making the CBD oil. I took 5cc over a month. The following month and my pre surgical exam revealed the tumor/mass was gone.
Avatar f tn I had Whipple 2013 carcinoid cancer, yesterday endo and colonoscopy. Stomach has erythematous mucosa biopsied. I'm on several meds in addition to liver bile reducer as the Whipple made many changes inside. Now again fearful of cancer. They didn't see cancer during the tests they said. But they took many biopsies. I've been in pain for a few months left side of stomach. I do also have diverticulosis in sigmoid and descending colon.
Avatar m tn t have enough insulin available to help the glucose get into the cells, and to regulate how much glucose the liver releases, then the net effect is that your blood glucose will be higher after exercise.
580765 tn?1274919360 According to Emedicine, elevated glucose levels in the CSF is a non-specific finding but may indicate that the blood glucose level might have been elevated at the time. Do you have records of your blood work from that same day? A blood draw is done on the same day you have your LP so they can perform all the testing concurrently, i.e. blood and spinal fluid. If you do have the results, see what you glucose levels were.
Avatar m tn why did my glucose level continue to rise over 3 hours instead of peak and drop down like most people do? And why would I get more sick after eating than I would having a 100 mg dose of glucose on an empty stomach? My doctor is out of town for another 2 1/2 weeks and the nurse had really no advice for me other than sometimes your body produces a large amount of insulin after you eat which can cause this feeling. So why didn't I get this feeling immediately from the test?