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Avatar m tn Every year I go for routine check up and i am a little confused with my blood sugar test results. I have been monitoring my results since 2007. back in 2007 normal range in Canada was 3.6-6.0. Since then it has changed to 3.6-5.5 my results in the last few years have been as follows: 2007 : fasting 5.8 A1C 5.6 2008 : fasting 5.4 A1C 5.7 2009 : fasting 5.2 A1C 5.9 (at home on meter 4.7) 2010 : fasting 5.2 A1C 5.7 2011 : fasting 5.2 A1C 5.7 2012 : fasting 5.9 A1C 5.5 2013 : fasting 5.
194838 tn?1303428544 to get labs done, especially if you have diabetes, they will most likely want to do a cholesterol test, which IS a fasting test. This test will be very good info for keeping up with your overall health. If I were you, I would just skip breakfast or lunch, whatever is closer to your app.
Avatar n tn Hi recently my BP shooted to 140/90 during that course i was tested for CBC, Renal, Lipid and Sugar. All the counts of CBC, Renal and Lipid are absolutely normal. But my fasting blood sugar was 8.1 which is quite high. Before this test i used BP tablest for 4 days until the test is done. Later from the next day i was tested for Random blood sugar several times for 2 days always the readings are normal the highest shown is 5.2. My doctor not even commented on this.
Avatar m tn The Blood Test was Tuesday morning. The results which were flagged as "high" were Hematocrit 52.3%", Glucose 107 mg/dl, Albumin 5.1 g/dl, A/G Ratio 2.7, Bilirubin Total 1.3mg/dl. I don't know what any of this means.
Avatar m tn On the 29th of sept did a fasting blood glucose ,reading was 99 ( on 8 hour fasting). Being confused repeated the test on 30th but with 12 hour fasting it the reading was 107.(all test done at the same lab). Now I am monitoring my blood sugar using glucometer getting normal readings. Occassionaly when i am tense and under stress getting readings which are above 140. Will keep you posted.
539156 tn?1281818356 If 148 is the average reading for your fasting blood sugar, than that is diabetic level. Fasting blood sugar readings should be less than 100 and ideally 80-90. Unless you know what your blood sugar readings have been with and without food, you can assume from your reading of 148 IF it's fasting, that you have had diabtes all these years. I am surprised that your family doctor did not keep on top of this. I am a former diabetic that was insulin and pill dependent.
Avatar n tn In terms of your medication and your sugar level, it matters whether you were fasting before the test. If you had a fasting blood sugar of 116 that is high for a non-diabetic; if you had eaten within two hours before the test then 116 would not be cause for concern. Regardless, you should take the medications the doctor prescribed as indicated because you don't want your sugar level to creep higher.
Avatar n tn I insisted on another test. They did another in office test (fasting again) and I came back at 180. So they sent me for a 4 hour glcose tolerance test. Again it came back "normal" they did not share the results with me they left a message on my phone. I asked for a glcose moniter to test over time and they assuerd me I was fine and polietly refused. So bought one anyway and took my blood sugar after waking up, 1 hr after breakfast, and at 4:30 every afternoon.
Avatar f tn I had a CCP blood test today and didn't know I was suppose to fast for 8-10 hours before hand. Will the results be affected and should I have the test done again? Thanks...
490398 tn?1319940717 This is NOT a fasting glucose. My dad is diabetic and he has all of the tools to test blood. He has regular diabetes not Type 2 but it usually skips a generation. I had blood taken at the doctor last week, again, not fasting, for other health problems and it came back at 169. My doc obviously wants to retest me when I've been fasting and get an A1c.
Avatar n tn First, any prandial test (fasting and after meal) captures glucose only at test time, not yesterday, two days ago, or a three weeks ago. It really doesn't tell a doctor what is going with your glucose levels at all times of the day. Home glucose meters are good to see how well one is managing their glucose levels. Having scaled results (high to low, or normal to near high or above) calls for an A1c test to see the entire picture. An A1c test measures your glucose going back three months.
Avatar n tn On the first test I was fasting for a blood sugar test and my thyroid results were TSH 5.65, T4 10.2, T3 19 (not sure what kind of test the T3 was said normal range was 24-39?). They put me on 25mcg Synthroid (I have MVP and doctors were worried it would make me jittery to go higher). I just went back last week and the tests come back with TSH 1.5 and T4 9.9 - they didnt do T3 this time because it was an in-house test and they dont do that one.
975514 tn?1324997938 I recently had a blood test, which included a glucose test. I wasn't fasting. I ate a bowl of whole grain cereal at about 5AM. My test was a 10AM. My uncle has diabetes and my sister is hypoglycemic. I know I get sick if I have a shake from McDonalds, but that's about it. I get really tired and nauseated. I don't drink sugary beverages at all just because I am always watching my weight, but I wonder now how that would effect me?
Avatar n tn @joyel - I eat dinner around the same too and used to get the hunger pains when I hit bed at 11 pm. Here's what I found that works for me; around 8, I may snack on nuts, or have a small bowl of low carb/no sugar O's, wheat shreds, or corn flakes topped with sugar free hemp milk. Or, one slice low carb [12g], 0 sodium, 0 sugar toasted whole wheatberry bread with pure peanut butter topped with sugar free jam. You'll feel satisfied w/o worry of raising blood sugars.
Avatar n tn My blood sugar fasting is 88 and post prandial is 107.Am I suffering from diabetes? What can I do to reduce the sugar levels further.Please advise.
Avatar f tn t going too alter your results. If you have it you have it. My Best suggestion is go in fasting (carbs will raise your blood sugar quick, protein will raise it as well but at a slower rate). I know more people who fail the 1 hr test because their doctor aid they could eat certain things. I told my midwife I was just going to be at the lab when they opened (7am) and I wouldn't eat before hand and she said that was fine.
Avatar f tn Symptom relief should be all important, not just test results. If you will post your symptoms and test results, I will be glad to help interpret and advise further.
976897 tn?1379167602 Now it turns out it could be hyperthyroidism and is due for a backup blood test in march. They said his results were just borderline. Having read about this disorder, many of his symptoms seem to match. What worries me though is, could his lower than average cholesterol simply be due to a speeded up metabolism? If he is put on medication will this increase.