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Avatar m tn I am 63 and am "borderline" diabetic. My fasting blood sugar level is actually higher in the morning than when I go to bed at nite. Last nite it was 103 when I went to bed and this morning it was 121. I was expecting it to be around 90. I am in the 80's when I come home from work before I eat dinner, and I am pretty careful with my diet. My A1C in December was 6.6. I have lost 35 lbs recently and workout 4 days a week.
Avatar n tn My blood sugar Yesterday evening after 8 hours fasting is 104, Then after dinner- exactly after 2 hours it is 210, after 3.5 hours it is came doun to 104, in the morning after ten hours fasting it went up to 114, my concern is after 10 hours it was 114, aftter 1.5 hours I did the test (total 11.5 hours fasting) it shows 152 ... I am really diabetic ?
Avatar f tn micronutrient deficiencies, some infections, autoimmune disorders, connective tissue disorders etc could also present similarly. The fasting blood sugar level is high; however this could also result from physical/ systemic stress, medication side effect etc; and would require further investigation (repeat values/ GTT and c-peptide levels) for establishing a diagnosis. I would suggest discussing the situation in detail with his treating pediatrician. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar m tn Nausea, dizziness and headache could be caused by having too low blood sugar, which could be a result of fasting, particularly, if you have any type of blood sugar disorder, such as diabetes or hypoglycemia. Your belief will determine whether or not you must continue fasting.
Avatar f tn We started to log what she drinks during the day, an average of 70 oz and she only weights 28lbs. This morning I took a fasting reading, she had not eaten in 9hrs and her blood sugar was 109. I'm seen different levels online and I don't know how concerned I should be. There is diabetes on My side of the family and her fathers is unknown. I plan to test her morning fasting levels through the weekend and then speak with dr on Monday if they are in the same range.
Avatar f tn And, in diabetics, again, fasting can result in dangerous drops in blood sugar levels. Most religions that prescribe fasting as a spiritual requirement or exercise make exceptions for diabetics or those who are aged or ill. They may excuse the person from the fast entirely or modify it so that it is less restrictive.
1010843 tn?1264044268 Hi, when I was pregnant and on insulin, my dr. increased the insulin when my fasting blood sugar began to go consistently over 95 in the mornings (if I was over 95 for 3 days, then we increased the nightime insulin. If my day time levels started to go out, then we increased the morning insulin). We increased by 2 units per increase, with close monitoring. Your insulin requirement will increase during the pregnancy and it is normal to have to increase it.
Avatar m tn Your blood sugar before breakfast is a fasting blood sugar.
Avatar n tn Recently I have been suffering from anxiety attacks and light headedness. Done a fasting blood sugar test and it seems I have high blood sugar levels. Than this be the result of my anxiety attacks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/384507'>Mysteriously high fasting blood glucose</a>.
Avatar f tn It depends on when the blood sugar was taken. If you were fasting then it's extremely high I'd you had just eaten and depending on what you ate it could be okay.
Avatar n tn I have been at or over 300 in my blood sugar levels for two weeks and my doctor is away. Should I go to the emergency room? When should I panic? What other steps can I take before my doctor gets back?
Avatar n tn If I get up and check my blood sugar levels and I'm 105. After I have breakfast should I take my Metformin even though my sugar level is good?
325405 tn?1262293778 Now that I have type II, what are the ranges to aim for for blood sugar levels for fasting and then for 2 hours after a meal? Right now, I'm testing about 100 to 110 in the morning and about 110 to 130 after meals. If I forget to take my metformin at night, my fasting level is usually around 120 to 130. But, with the medicine it is 100 to 110 fasting. Is this good? Is it supposed to be under 90? Or can I not aim for that goal since I'm a diabetic and is it unrealistic?
Avatar n tn I need some help...I just started to test my own blood sugar levels....In the morning before meals it goes to 107-120 and then after meals it goes to 120,130,145,151,181,209 back down to 140,150,120 in that order....My back doctor is alittle worried she says it is high for my age(30). Im going in the morning for blood work while im fasting....Can someone tell me if i have anything to worry about?If so can i be type one or two?
Avatar n tn Hi Pael. Your average number of 115 is reasonable, though it is slightly higher than would be considered non-diabetic. If you can keep your numbers around this level or slightly better is great. Keep working with your dr as well. For reference non-diabetic numbers are in the following ranges:- 1. Fasting and before eating: 70 - 95 (in the 80s is considered perfect). 2. Post eating (2 hours or when blood sugar peaks): 90 - 140, but ideally < 120).
452066 tn?1400630477 First of all, I am not a diabetic, but would like to learn more about it and blood sugar levels due to a severe arrhythmia problem I have(also have an implanted defibrillator) and I am tired of talking til I am blue in the face to doctors and I feel there may be a link to either my glucose levels or hormones. I have been seen by 2 endocrinologists and both said I am fine...BUT they have told me that my insulin production is very high but they won't do anything about it.
Avatar m tn Exercise daily will also help with blood sugar control. Use oral or injectable meds to control sugar levels. Best practice for diabetes is to start even persons with Type 2 on insulin early. Starting insulin while your pancreas is still working means lower doses of injected insulin - enough to support your pancreas rather than replace it, which is safer than having to depend totally on insulin. Please research and read up on diabetes.
Avatar f tn I am also having trouble with low blood sugar. My blood sugar goes from 44 to 255. I know normal is 80-120 . At the Diabetes clinic they said if mine dropped from 50-70 to take gluclose tabs, 8, but my body is reacting like a normal one. I take 4 at 44 which is life threatening low. I also notice that lately it's dropping after I eat which I don't understand. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/621786'>Blood sugar drops after eating</a>.
Avatar n tn I did some searching last night for info about blood sugar levels and treatment but did not turn up anything pertinent. Who knows?! I keep telling myself that somehow it is a good thing and it must mean the tx is working :) lol I guess that is one way to make it through the days!
Avatar n tn My daughter ( 7 yrs old) had her blood sugar tested at a dr appointment yesterday. It was taken about 4 hours after eating. It came back at 133. The dr wants to do a fasting check on her. Are her levels high?
Avatar f tn A fasting blood sugar of 120 is considered pre-diabetes. Anything 126 and over is diabetes. No, it isn't normal and you should be getting other tests such as A1C which measures average blood sugar over a period of a couple months and/or OGTT which measures reaction to a sugary drink over a couple hours. If she is, in fact pre-diabetic as it sounds she needs to find out more about controlling blood sugar through diet and exercise.
Avatar n tn I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes. For a fasting blood sugar, that is high. It is possible that Lupus can affect blood sugars, because any stress that a body has can increase blood sugar levels, but unless there was something different than normal going on, it's not likely. With your family history, you probably want to continue on the path to a diabetes diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Yes, it is possible. But don't rely alone on fasting levels to determine prediabetes or diabetes. If your levels are above normal it is used as an indicator, a pointer towards an A1c test.