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Avatar n tn About the whole stigma issue of judging people with Hep C, I just wanted to say that my girlfriend has been rather promiscuous in the past, but she is faithful once she settles on a guy. And, assuming she does testpositive, she has had other possible exposure risks. She had a baby almost 20 years ago and almost bled to death and had to get an emergency blood transfusion. Whether or not she could have gotten exposed way back then and not known it til now, I don't know.
3806367 tn?1348198246 They did blood work to make sure it didn't get in my blood. When they had the test results they called me and said my blood was fine nothing abnormal at all in my blood. My wife was in the ER in July of 2012, and she had blood work taken as well and nothing ab normal showed up for her either. If I have hepatitis C, wouldn't it have shown up in the blood work done from the ER, and I really don't see how I could have it anyways. I'm healthy, wife is to.
Avatar n tn The tattoos went as normal, but he said that at one point he was looking closely at the tattoo while working on it and he felt like tiny bit of spray from the tattoo may have hit him in the eye. Tattoo spray is incredibly fine and anything that would have come off it couldn't be any bigger than the tip of a pen (probably more like the tip of a pin). Since then he's been worried about possible transmission via the eye since he takes precautions in every other way.
Avatar n tn Hep-C is a human transmitted blood to blood virus and the addition of a cat in the route provides another degree of separation, so to speak. The most common ways of getting the virus are shared IV needles and blood transfusions. There are a number of other documented transmission sources, such as tattoos, body piercings, manicures, air-guns.
Avatar n tn It doesn't take much in a blood to blood contact. I'll give you an example. Let's say there are a few buddies shooting up some heroin. One might be infected. That one cooks up the goods and draws in the mixture. Finding a vein he draws back the plunger, sees blood which confirms that he's on the right track. Then, plunges the stuff in. The next player in the game takes the syringe and draws water in and presses it out a couple of time. Looks good and clean to him.
Avatar f tn HI Everyone, I recently donated blood at United Blood services and received a letter stating the following results had shown up: HCV ANTIBODY (EIA) : REACTIVE HCV ANTIBODY (RIBA) : POSITIVE HCV NAT: NEGATIVE I had donated back in July of this year and everything was negative. Also, I had routine bloodwork done in January 07 and everything was normal including my liver.
Avatar m tn I also have muscle twitching all over my body all the time and also especially in my tattoo fingers. Also when I let my shoulders drop I feel pain in my chest and today I woke up with a stomache ache and diarreah. Oh, and also a toothache. Whats happening to me? Is this neuropathy? Am I dying? I'm 24 years old and a father of a 3 year old boy. I had blood tests done and everything came out ok. This Tuesday I have an EMG for my hands but it feels like I'm not going to make it until then.
8241872 tn?1409343587 Lol pretty much what happened to me literally
Avatar n tn hey all-i heard from someone and i dont know how true it is that u cant have a epidoral if u have a tattoo on ur lower back, which i do.
Avatar m tn im a little bit worried cause i just recently got tattoo..the artist used new needles..but the tube that he only boiled in pressure cooker for 30min..
Avatar f tn Did you have a risk of a blood to blood contact with Hepatitis c infected blood? Did you share IV drug needles with someone who has hep c? Did you get a tattoo in an unlicensed tattoo shop? Did you receive a blood transfusion prior to 1990? If you did not have a situation where hep c infected blood could have entered your blood stream you were not at risk. We here are not doctors we are a community of patients here for mutual support while dealing with living with hep c and treatment.
1118724 tn?1357014191 if you have 8 mil VL that would mean each drop contains roughly 400,000 virons. It's amazing the blood cells themselves can still exist with that many virons attached to them!! to give it perspective, a person with a VL of 10 mil would be walking around with 120,000,000,000 virons in their body. that's 120 trillion. the fact that some folks get down just fine while other don't should be cause to change the old school thinking, where VL was considered a predictor of outcome.
Avatar n tn I take shot #12 on Thursday 23rd and blood test the following Monday. If I have a two log drop or show undetectable I will continue, if not I stop as I would be a non-responder. It's up to doc if he says the other drugs are safe or not. My doc lets me take a little ibuprofen (most of us can't take this sort of stuff)but my liver is a lot better off than some. If you are confident in doc listen if not get a second opinion. My 2 cents.
Avatar n tn Is pernicious anemia caused by Hep C? And what exactly is it? My specialist nurse also told me that one drop of blood infected with hep c lives for 3 months, and therefore, can remain in ink pots at tatoo parlours, therefore spreading the disease to the unsuspecting public? My question is... Why hasn't there been a government ruling about disposing of ink after each tatoo? And why has Hep c not had much media coverage? I don't know if this applies to the US but it certainly does in the Uk!
Avatar f tn A couple weeks after I found out, they did blood work and my viral load was 13,890. That was when I was seeing a gastroenterologist. Now I am seeing a hepatologist who ordered more blood work because all the proper tests weren't done before, including genotype and liver enzymes. So anyways, I just called now about the results, and the nurse said my viral load was 77. I was like "Just 77?" and she said "Yes, 77.
1124887 tn?1313758491 Last night I was researching the vagal nerve trying to find the relationship between acid reflux, which I have, and the heart. I came across some interesting info in Wikipedia about the hr lowering in stressful situations causing fainting, which you didn't, but your hr did fall.
Avatar n tn I just needed someone to talk to about this. Thanks for listening. I am a 41 year old female. I either got this virus in 1987 from a blood transfusion or from a tattoo when I was 17.
Avatar n tn If I come back with stage 0, I will still probably go through tx. It's in my blood. Why would you wait and what is your Dr telling you? Sorry to hear about your dx.
727554 tn?1275758368 Makes sense to me! I could totally understand about getting a tattoo THEN loosing weight. I mean I plan on getting on my chest.. that wont really change.. I'm not having anymore kids so haha. and I wont be getting that till April.
Avatar f tn By the way what country, or city do you live in? I contracted from a tattoo 22 years ago. I have just finished treatment three months ago, and my viral load is currently negative, so just hoping it stays that way. I am feeling quite okay, and try to remain healthy, but still eat chocolate every day. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. So hoping to live to see my grandchildren.
Avatar f tn That's an almost two log drop. What week are you on now? It's great to see a response, and to watch the viruses drop away till they're undetectable. Very encouraging! Congratulations!!!
Avatar f tn Also, Drs do not even recommend 'protection' for monogamous couples, as hepc isn't transmitted that way. One exception is 'rough' sex, where there is tearing, etc, so blood to blood transfer. Only a super small percent of babies born to hepc Moms have the disease. Many women on here can tell you they had one or more children with no hepc to the kids, and their husbands don't.
Avatar f tn I would get a tattoo but he may change numbers or I may get an infection from the tattoo. Most endos cannot read films. Most neuros cannot either. They just don't do it. Don't worry about it - they read the report. Go see a neuro-optho and get a good exam. They won't do surgery unless you have the tests - but it sometimes feels like they wait until you are at the very end. You can see how I looked in my pics.
Avatar f tn It needs to be common knowledge that the blood supply was 'bad blood' especially from 1979-1982. Hep C, as you all know, is a very misunderstood parasite. That's nothing new. I'd focus on getting well. It's here. Many of us are or will be virus free if not now then soon and all with the help of those doctors. What they think is not as important as you using them to help you get free of Hep C. We roll with it.
Avatar n tn My blood counts came back quickly, however, at 1 month post, my Hgb was back in the normal range but not back up to my pre-tx level yet. I began feeling better and having more energy almost immediately. I ride bikes so I could judge my energy level just by how well I was riding and how my average speed was improving each week. Even my husband was surprised at how fast my energy was coming back. Be patient for a few weeks.
4896357 tn?1360674504 No one puts down people who admit to being gay or those with an HIV co-infection. (I am neither and suspect a tattoo) I would have had a much harder time getting through this without the help of everyone here. A special recognition to those who have cured and stay on here to help others. I will check in occasionally but I need to put this chapter of my life behind me for the most part. My Dr. does want to retest me in 9 months but I know that I'm cured.
Avatar f tn I tell people who arent't even in the high risk group as I wasn't - don't know how I got it. Just learned from a blood donation. But I have been symptomatic for 2 years just didn't know what was wrong with me. Still might not be sick from HEP C since the results aren't in yet but it sure makes since. Went from totally healthy person to extremely sick person almost overnite.
Avatar f tn It's just not communicable that way you need to have blood to blood exposure which is unlikely with a child. Just take a deep breath, take the PCR again and then take it from there. Not many of us know exactly when we got it or how that is not important really the important thing is that you DID find out you have it (if you do) so now you can cure it. Did the new doctor tell you a viral load?
Avatar n tn That said, it can take up to 6 months to show up in a blood test. Get tested now, get tested later too. Scary lesson, huh?
4705307 tn?1447973922 ____________________ It is true things can happen and medical staff might drop the ball on our labs or values can drop rapidly, However I am thinking the posts you refer to had to have values considerably lower than yours. You are on dual therapy, week 13 and these were your values last month at this time? I know a Heptimax takes a long time to process but I wonder why they didn't do your CBC locally. What stage of fibrosis are you?