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Avatar f tn I see you are in your 1st trimester. BP tends to drop during the first trimester so that could definitely be the cause.
Avatar n tn gd day sir my name is francisca i also have the same problem as annie mine is that any time am on the blood gushes out to nuch that i use 2-3 tampoons a day and the odor of the blood is just badddd i need your help
Avatar f tn I noticed a single 6dpo pure (not mixed with discharge) drop of blood (about the Arial font size 20 of the letter o in MS word.. cant think of a better way of explaining the size sorry.) on my panty after running in the gym for 3 miles. After or before that I did not notice any blood. Is this an implantation blood or just something because of the run? Please let me know as Im confused.
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
Avatar m tn My question is, if it was cancer would the weight continue to drop??? I had that that 2 weeks where i lost alot of weight. but in the past 4 weeks i have gained a stone.
Avatar n tn More important, it got you to where you are now. Since my weight dropped to 152, they've suggested I drop my riba from 1200 as well. No way, Hose. Walk, Most docs test at week 12, but there's no reason (other than insurance maybe) you shouldn't be able to get your viral load at week 4 like Omyst. (I had mine tested weekly for the first 12 weeks.) As far as your husband's specialist not talking to you, consider shopping around for another specialist while you're waiting for that appointment.
Avatar m tn 7M copies, and age 53 with biopsy results of stage 3 at the outset of treatment and had a 2 log drop at 12 wks. Because my blood type is O Pos, I knew my chances of getting a liver (if I needed one) would likely involve a 5 yr wait, possibly longer than I would have. I didn't think I could wait on tx. I want to thank all the great people on this forum who helped me so much.
Avatar m tn -), every Tuesday im going to tygerberg hospital for blood till my levels drop down to 0, I don't feel like im pregnant any more my hormones are gone even my breast are normal now, i think its working, i want to fall pregnant again must i wait for how long???
Avatar n tn I'm also told that they only test for viral load at 12 weeks TX? Does it automatically drop below 500,000 at 12 weeks? Or if it doesn't drop below 500,000, is the TX not working??? This is sooo hard to understand when these raging headaches set in! Hope everyone is well....WHERE ARE YOU, DALLASSTAR????
Avatar n tn I went to an endocrynologist with all sorts of thyroid blood workup and all the blood tests came back normal and the endocrynologist checked me out and said i had no thyroid related problems. So, I am back to square A, where I started, continual over tearing. Righ tnow, I am using Tobradex ointment every night before sleeping and just started Patanol twice a day. These are left over medications from my previous visits to various opthalmologists.
Avatar n tn As Galen mentioned, it's extremely unusual to do a biopsy 3 months into treatment, I'm sure you meant Viral Load. I wish I could jog... I'm 26 yo, Genotype 1b, 14 weeks into tx, former track&field runner. I played with my friend's dog yesterday and after awhile (under 3 mins) I thought I'd collapse:) I couldn't get enough air to breathe because of low Hemoglobin and this is what you should expect. Truly, your jog will be a walk.
90502 tn?1196367605 Funny thing was that I must have had women's intuition because on August 11 visit to my GP I asked to have blood drawn for ALT/AST and VL. Well, they screwed up and gave me ALT/AST and the fact I am Hep C positive, duh! Question: Now they are using 14,400,000 from May/June, am I screwed on 12 week if I'm not down to 144,000? Thank you ...
Avatar n tn I am 36 yrs old and weigh 300. I take meds for diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, 2 for depression/anxiety. I also suffer from 3 herniated disc in my back and neuropathy in my legs and feet from the herniated disc. My question is how can I possibly loose weight and exercise with the deck totally stacked against me? Three of the drugs I take have the side effect of "significant weight gain" (Paxil, Remeron, Avandia).
Avatar n tn That is fantastic news! Stay the course and kick some more serious HCV Virus butt.
163305 tn?1333672171 I used the little square bandages to cover each injection site, first to absorb and blood resulting from the injection, and also to know where each injection was so I could pick a spot either on the opposite side or at a minimum as far from other recent injection sites as comfortably possible so serums were dispersed.
Avatar n tn Here is a well deserved, <font size="8" color="#990066">Congratulations</font> On your great PCR Results...
Avatar n tn [quote]Speaking of fog, your posts since finishing treatment have been increasingly clear and to the point. You must be feeling a lot better.[/Quote] <span style="font-size:20pt;color:#ff00ff;">Thank-You..!!!! I am feeling better. My cognative thought prosses is starting to return, again it is just starting. I hope that the pace picks up and before the end of summer I will be able to go back to collage and finish getting my nursing degree.
Avatar f tn Told that usually in 8-12 hours contractions would start, and did. Baby was 8 pounds. I wouldn't worry, unless babies weight or your blood pressure is high. SO annoying passing that 40 weeks mark and just want it out already!
Avatar m tn <font color="red">CONGRATULATIONS!!!! </font>What <font color="#330099">great news</font> for you, and for all of us doing treatment now. <font color="#330099">SVR</font> is really possible. I'll take my final shot, shot #48, tomorrow, Thursday, June 8. I glad your doing so well. Enjoy your hep free life!!!
Avatar m tn FONT SIZE AAA « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next » Liver Blood Tests IndexGlossary Liver Blood Tests (cont.) In this Article Introduction to liver blood test What are the aminotransferases? Normally, where are the aminotransferases? What are normal levels of AST and ALT? What do elevated AST and ALT mean? What liver diseases cause abnormal aminotransferase levels? What medications cause abnormal aminotransferase levels? What are less common causes of abnormal aminotransferase levels?
Avatar n tn I would also like to mention something about my daughter, she was tested and didn't have hep c Thank God, but they had a blood drive at school while I was on Tx last year she was honest and told them I was on Tx so she couldn't give blood.
Avatar f tn <font size="2" color="#3399cc">Welcome To TX Several of the SX for the first few shots, like the chills and some of the others should abide over the next couple of weeks. I think you will find that different time periods during TX will bring about different types SX...At lease thats the way is was for me. Now remember that each person reacts differently to TX so your SX could be totally different then mine..........
Avatar n tn Oh man I wish I was as cool as Tator and knew how to do the cool red font because you totally deserve a HUGE CONGRATS ON THE GREAT REPORT! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! But I don't know how to do it so now that even though the words are small the thought coming to you is HUGE! WOO HOO! I have my test tomorrow for 12 weeks...needless to say I'm a basket case (although I've already had a three log drop I need my CLEAR please!
Avatar n tn thank you thomas iknow what audipex is it really helped for 3 days last time i was withdrawing .i am or was planning on using it for the first 3 days .i dont like these types of medications .