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149675 tn?1416676733 I've been off treatment since July11th. I had to drop out at 24 wks due to anemia 8.2. I'm getting a 14 week follow-up blood panels back this week so I'm not sure if I'm still detectable. Yes. I do get the red and the tops of my ears warm. I get a flushed face with it as well. It must be the HepC virus at work. Most Docs ...even the specialists.
1272624 tn?1395437957 C is over in 15 minutes and you get pain medication if you need it. Your hormone levels will start to drop immediately and you will feel so much better. Keep us posted. I am praying for you tomorrow.
1711722 tn?1356491154 She went over my test results and said I am doing well on treatment. YAAY! She also said I had a 2 log drop on treatment with the first 2 drugs (Interferon & Ribavirin), and now, with the 3rd drug (VIC), the hope is that I will do even better in 4 more weeks. In this 4 weeks, my Viral Load went from: 10million 700thousand, to only 329thousand!! Thanks to my BFF (who recommended I take iron), my Hemoglobin (although it's low) has not had a major drop in 4 weeks!
184674 tn?1360864093 You know how there's people you come across sometimes who, with no words and no real interaction, just make your blood boil because they do something that is just...SO not right...or just shouldn't be allowed on their part! They should know better, and it's like they take pleasure in being disrespectful or defiant or whatever word it is that suits their unacceptable behavior.
Avatar m tn If you do experience some of the sx's, give it a few days to settle down and you should start feeling a bit more normal again. Keep in mind that there will be some drop in CBC numbers in the initial weeks and keep a close eye on the rate of drops so rescue meds can be administered soon enough to avoid having to reduce med dosages.
221025 tn?1332558946 So, the OB said even though the babies weren't growing anymore, that the hormone levels would not drop until the tissue was either passed or removed. (I had spotted blood, had a U/S, found out there were no HBs) I had a horrendous MC last Nov @ 14 weeks. To avoid that, I opted for the D&C. So, back to your question. The D&C is like a system reboot. It resets your cycle to zero. So, your new cycle has nothing to do with your LMP date.
Avatar n tn another head of the hosp asked which one of us was out of costume and I told him he was! It's Halloween! I was taking a message to someone in the auditorium filled w/ Medicare speakers and about 100 people...I said I was the 'message fairy'...I'm having a good ol time today!
Avatar m tn you know all they do is put in an IV line and then hook up a bag of blood right? It's not a big procedure or won't even know it's going on when it does if you don't look. At least it would be a WAY faster way to get the hgbs up initially rather than wait for Epo or Procrit. To me it's not GETTING the anemia that is the bad part it's the waiting to get to the doctor to get the script approved to have it come in to THEN waiting 2 - 6 weeks for it to work that killed me.
572651 tn?1531002957 And then later on to the infectious disease specialist for an update and report on the inflammatory tests and blood cultures they ran last week. After seeing the MS specialist last week who insisted I needed a cervical MRI, and then having the local neuro tell me he couldn't clinically justify it, I consulted with the chiro I used to work for to see if they could. I need to get in touch with them and see what their radiologist friend had to say.
Avatar n tn Lowest VL 1,300,000. Doctor went with LOWEST VL, making it toughest on me to achieve 2-log drop. Would have to be 13,000 by Week 12. My results came in Monday. My VL is 146,000. The male NP who called me wanted to take me off treatment. Being the Riba Rage Woman, I freaked. I called Mitzi, the other NP. I told her if she had gone with the HIGHEST VL, my results would be barely short of the 2-log drop. She agreed to give me the benefit of the doubt and allow treatment to continue ...
Avatar n tn I will be giving him his 1st shot (second round) tonight. My husbands alt/ast never did go to normal during tx. It would drop a little each time they tested during tx but never went to normal until he got rid of the iron. (10 draws in 10 weeks)His alt/ast hung around 235/192 higher sometimes and the lowest it ever got on tx was 139/162....those are some high numbers. The hepc doc treating him at that time didn't bother to check for hemochromotosis even though we requested it from day one.......
419309 tn?1326506891 We are seeking a second opinion in the coming weeks, but what's especially concerning now is that his blood AFP is starting to rise. Does anyone know how the standard tx relates to someone who's already had an HCC/liver resection?
Avatar n tn Hep C is transmitted by blood to blood contact. I have had Hep C for 30 years and been married for 20+ neither my husband or my daughter has the virus. With your husband you should not share razors, toothbrushes etc. There is some indication that the virus may be transmitted during 'rough' sex or anal sex where there is an opportunity for blood to blood contact.
Avatar n tn Sure enough, they didn't finish it last night...thanks hubby...THEN I take them to school, drop them off and low and behold...I have a flat tire. I'm already 20 mins. late to work at that point. It's had a slow leak for weeks. My hubby kept saying he was going to take it in (I could do it, but he wants to help). If anyone was watching me at that point in time, they would of thought I was a lunatic. I mean I was yelling, hollering at the car, cussing my husband out...
Avatar n tn I've been okay- maybe a little moody. Then again, when hormone levels drop from 7000+ to 290 in four weeks...who wouldn't be? I hope you start feeling better soon. Take it easy & get lots of rest this weekend.
394687 tn?1290924440 ) Party?! Is it a costume party? (I'll have to find that KBG-looking suit... but the badge won't be ready until July 29th -- hubby's planned tx start date. I hope he won't have any significant sx to list -- I hope he's not the prizewinner on that one! -- but if he becomes eligible for the contest, I'll post in!) Since Fuzzy's bringing the party favors, I'll bring some food... yogurt sound good? I'll bring the flavor variety packs.
Avatar f tn August 21, 2011 9:08 p.m. EDT Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- The 42-year rule of Moammar Gadhafi appeared on the verge of collapse early Monday, with rebel supporters packing the same Tripoli square where regime loyalists had congregated for months.
Avatar n tn THEN in Jan of '03 I was told I have mod/severe cirrhosis...just based on ultrasound , symptoms and blood work... I have not had a DROP of wine since...but now it looks like severe cirrhosis... I have had to fight tooth and nail for help every step of the way, and am still fighting.. one problem after another has prevented me from starting treatment...thought I was going to start on the 22nd, but my asthma is kicked up with a continuing bought of bronchitis....
796506 tn?1370191905 I was told that my follicles have already filled up with fluid (which the doc said could very well be the progesterone building up getting ready to secrete for pregnancy! YAY!) I go for a blood test on 10/1 and then another blood test on the 6th along with an ultrasound. She told me to drink lots of water and then eat salty foods like chinese (although I am still not sure why) I start my progesterone supplements tomorrow 3 times a day and we will see how things look on the first!
Avatar f tn ) All being well I will get some pics to post!
Avatar f tn thanks Ann feeling a bit better today tho i jsut had a major drop in my blood sugar and it really made me feel crappy. I am currently on insulin and i took it this am and it dropped it immediately which is not usually the case i think my meter may have been wrong... when i took my insulin. anyway i am going to send u a message so i wont write too much here..
1283286 tn?1312915566 Including my garden which adds to the depression here. I have to go back to my doctor in 3 days to get additional blood drawn due to a first time rise in my blood sugar in order to run a few additional tests. I do not have an appointment to see him. What I do have is another scrip waiting for me. I feel like my mind is in turmoil here concerning this. On one hand, I need the meds. On the other, I am GD sick of this rollercoaster.
299260 tn?1304219705 ) Come on O!!! :) Oh, and Sean and I have compromised on Addy's middle name. Since I ALWAYS pick the first and middle names of both our kids, and he really gets no say-so b/c my heart is set on it, but of course I make sure he loves them too ;) , he really really wants to spell her middle name "Noel" . He's like " Babe, just give me that... Please!" ;) So we are going with Adalynn Noel.
Avatar n tn I ended up needing a blood transfusion... and not because I lost alot of blood... Our blood cells will break down under situations of extreme stress... yet doctors still continue to tell me that Thalassemia Minor should have no symptoms.... I am always tired god help me if I should run.. I get so out of breath so easily. I get heart palpatations off and on out of the blue, My hands and feet (mostly feet) are always cold!! I used to get bad headaches but not as much anymore...
1187071 tn?1279373298 I have to get my blood tested once a week to see how thin my blood is. She said it will take atleast 6 months for the blood clot to go away. Has anyone had a blood clot in the leg and how long does the pain last? Or if you know someone who has had to deal with it. I am back to work but it is really hard to stand on my leg but I deal with it. I really hate all this added pain to my body, I am on the patch but it don't seem to help much. Heat does help at night.
Avatar f tn Oh I agree this post is soo much better. Now I don't have to go do something for 5min and wait for it to load. hello ad_06 your more than welcome to join us! The more the also ups our chances for a BFP!
Avatar n tn I got my blood test results back and they were neg! They are sending me back for another blood test though. My boobs are killing me and I have felt nauseous a lot. So am i pregnant or not! So crazy. I haven't had a period since Sept. 10th and I am only 29!