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Avatar n tn What is the underlying cause for the CHF? I assume it was ischemia (lack of blood flow) to heart cells, and that could be new blockages or partial blockages at the time of first event and has increased the blockage, arrhythmia, etc. Or there could be restenosis of the stent implants.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Lipitor (20mg) and my wife has been taking Simvastatin. Prior to being put on medication, my cholesterol had been running about 205 for a long time and my wife's had been around 160. What is the difference betwen the two? My medication is considerably higher than mine? Can you explain why? My blood sugar was running abot 137 so my Doctor also put me on Actoplus as well. My Lipitor is about $100 and my wife's Simvastatin is about $6 (same quantity of tables-30).
Avatar n tn Sounds to me like you don't need blood pressure medication. I was put on it one time during a stressful time in my life. I resolved that and now I dont take anything. Have you tried not taking it and seeing what your BP does? Might be the wrong medication for you.
976897 tn?1379167602 What worries me though is, could his lower than average cholesterol simply be due to a speeded up metabolism? If he is put on medication will this increase.
Avatar m tn However, raw eggs actually help fight cholesterol because raw egg yolks contain the best quality lecithin of any food, and lecithin helps liquefy cholesterol and keep it moving. Remember, cholesterol by itself isn't dangerous, it's only when it oxidizes that it is. I don't think the latest research backs up such a strict restriction on egg consumption.
Avatar f tn Doctors in hospitals assume emergency situations and try to stabilize the patient. For long-term treatment, you need a diagnosis. She's on blood pressure medication and meds for cholesterol, but docs often just pile this stuff on. Only way to know if she needs it or if there are safer alternatives is to see a specialist. With a definite diagnosis, you can research different modalities of treatment.
Avatar n tn Cholesterol reducing product contains plant sterols which they claim block up to 40% the absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream. This has never been studied or proven so until then it is just conjecture.
225237 tn?1333138999 I do take a low dose of lisinopril which keeps my bp regulated, Metformin Er for the pre-diabetic which is under control and I have not taken anything for the cholesterol (it scares me to death) My cholesterol was total 227; tri 163; hdl 38; ldl 161 and vldl 33. My problem is I don't think my cholesterol is that bad and she didn't give me a chance to get it down with exercise before prescribing me medication!
Avatar f tn s for blood work a few times over the last couple of years for cholesterol with very high numbers, which medication never made better and results would be Gout. Recently, on the urgency of his mother and myself, we begged him to request blood work for Thyroid after determining all his other symptoms pointed that direction. Results, Triglycerides=2000, Cholesterol=640, THS=300 (yes this correct).
Avatar m tn I just got back my blood work results. total cholesterl was 209...hdl 37..ldl 145 ..Doctor wants to put me on medication...Shouldn't I first try to adjust my eating habits and exercise more??
Avatar f tn My cholesterol was high so they put me on medication which I need to get checked every six months for liver involvement (because of the medication). My cholesterol is now great (143 LDL and 73 HDL) and kidney function is also good. The only problem I had with my blood test (done on 12/5/2013) was that my calcium has crept up from 9.7 ti 9.9 from December 2012 to December 2013.
Avatar n tn If the LDL does not come down with diet, she may need to take a cholesterol medication to help get it down. Sometimes it takes only a little bit of cholesterol medication and not a normal recommended dose.
Avatar m tn Usually diet and exercise is the best first place to start, but with an LDL this high I would probably recommend starting a cholesterol lowering medication as well, such as a statin (e.g. atorvastatin, simvastatin). All medications have potential side effects, but the statins are relatively well tolerated by most people and your doctor should be watching for any dangerous side effects (which are rare).
362971 tn?1201987034 Now that I am 14 months post tx and SVR my cholesterol has gone up from 110 to 200 which means my liver is functioning better and making more cholesterol. If my Liver is now functioning better could that be why when I have to take an occasional pain killer it takes almost twice as much to feel it or get relief now then when I was pre tx. Anyone else who has experienced this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn As for the weakness in the legs, if your husband is on any cholesterol medication or blood pressure medicine, I would suggest you notify the doctor right away as this can be a serious side effect of both types of medications. I was on a cholesterol medication and had I had to stop taking me, because of the side effects. If left unchecked it could lead to serious complications.
Avatar f tn We believe it was due to smoking, stress, and high blood pressure. She does not normally have high blood pressure, but when you get stressed or mad, it can surge. It is also possible a little bit of plaque that was stuck on an artery busted off and clogged an artery to her brain. Smoking constricts blood vessels as well. They also found that my mom had a narrow artery leading to her brain. Check with your nurses and doctors and get as much information as you can.
Avatar f tn My cholesterol was 180 and I was given medication to reduce further. The next dr visit the chol is114, other lipid levels trig, HDL and LDL are all favorable as well. I am beginning to wonder if the risk is greater than the believed benefits from the medication, and if I can improve with a better heart healthy has never been tried nor did the doctor suggest?!
899491 tn?1243773627 if its acking try tums also this helps leg cramps or charlie horses..if its a electrolyte imbalance then you need a blood test asap!!!!!!!! Gatorade's ok but for this you need more of potassium magnesm and salt to make it get a blood test to determine this cause..
Avatar f tn Since they have left the decision up to him, it would be nice to now exactly when medication is warranted. Do you think that he should take cholesterol medication at this time? Or should he just keep an eye on it? We want to make the right decision.
Avatar m tn She put me on Xanax, wants me to take Effexor and said she had never seen a patient have such a reaction to thyroid medication. She thinks it is anxiety/depression (as I do have several things going on, but was FINE when I saw her on 5/13 for my physical. I am taking the Xanax (.25 x a day), but not the Effexor. Is the TSH drop down to 2.72 "normal" and should I see an endrocronologist? Should any other blood work have been done?
Avatar m tn t get it down, he should be taking blood pressure lowering medication prescribe by his licensed physician. His fasting blood sugar is in the range that the doctor should have diagnosed your friend with diabetes mellitus. You did not give the level of LDL (lousy cholesterol) and triglycerides, but for the total cholesterol here in the United States, 240 and above is considered high. Therefore, your friend's level is high.
Avatar m tn My husband has just gotten a copy of some lab work he had done via his job. His LDL Cholesterol Calc was 125 it said it's high it says that the normal is 0-99. I was wondering is this his good cholesterol or his bad? Should he see his family doctor for this?