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5314819 tn?1371277397 Had blood samples taken for fasting glucose level and Cholesterol
5314819 tn?1371277397 Fasting blood sample taken for cholesterol ect should get results in a week or so. Noted that the headachs dissapeared after not being on the Ace inhibitor. lets see if the stay away now Ive got som more.
Avatar n tn will stay on this 100mcg cytomel and 30mgs H/C until my next blood test in a month. Feeling pretty calm.Sleep pattern,excellent. energy ,feels like its increasing.
Avatar m tn glucose(non-fasting)=91 TC/HDL=2.
Avatar f tn You might want to consider a low cholesterol diet to help prevent your cholesterol from going higher. The American Heart Association has guidelines on their website for low cholesterol diets (along with a lot of other helpful information) and for lifestyle changes to lower your cholesterol. The slightly elevated glucose level really depends on how elevated it was.
Avatar n tn Could be lower, but not terribly high. What was your HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and what was your LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol)? These can be more important than total cholesterol. Also what were your Triglicerides? It would also be of interest what were these values before you treated.
5314819 tn?1371277397 Today I called in at a pharmacy and had some tests done Total Cholesterol 0 6.2 mmolo/L Blood Pressure 128/80 Fasting Blood Glucose 7.
Avatar n tn Thank you Dear OMC If your non-fasting serum cholesterol is entirely normal, then there would be no need to measure the fasting cholesterol. If you non-fasting cholesterol is not normal, then a fasting cholesterol panel (total cholesterol, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, triglycerides) should be measured. I hope you find this information useful. Information provided in the heart forum is for general purposes only. Only your physician can provide specific diagnoses and therapies.
Avatar f tn I recently had blood work done, these are the results for my cholesterol I do not understand them and the effect of each level: I am 53, female and very overweight, I have mild/ moderate aortic valve stenosis and other health issues, do these levels mean I am diabetic? do they effect my heart?
Avatar n tn In fasting for a Cholesterol test, what happens when blood sugar gets too low? Will 2 or 3 glucotablets ruin the test? My doctor insists on at least 3 hours fast before the blood test, if my glucose level is too low to drive safely it's a waste anyway. Does anyone have the answer? (I won't do an overnight fast, had problems at the lab last time with low blood sugar - my husband was driving - thank goodness).
Avatar n tn At the clinic where the blood is drawn they said he is the only doctor who requests a non-fasting cholesterol test. I thought maybe there is something new out there but I can't seem to find it. My cardiologist is mostly interested in the triglycerides so there's my dilemna.
Avatar n tn My first non fasting blood test registered a high of around 360. I was then given a fasting test which also registered in the same range. I was put on 10 mg Lipitor and was asked to return in about six weeks. I returned at seven weeks and was told I was to be tested for liver function. One week later I returned home to find a message on my machine saying that my cholesterol level was now 220 and I should immediately stop taking the medication. Does this sound correct to you?
Avatar f tn Because of this, most physicians recommend fasting for a period of at least 12 hours before a fasting cholesterol test. Alcohol can increase your triglyceride levels significantly, so abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours before a fasting cholesterol test.
Avatar n tn I assume your mother had her blood work done after overnight fasting and before she ingested food or liquids onther than water. If that is true and her: (in your words) "Glucose is 180." she could have diabetes. Her next step should be to see her doctor about both the high cholesterol and the elevated glucose levels.
Avatar m tn Also, 30 mins of exercise a day will have a drastic affect on their blood pressure. I would mostly be concerned about the high blood sugar.
Avatar f tn scoob0255 -- how long before the blood test was the burger? Cholesterol and triglyceride testing is supposed to be fasting blood work, meaning that you shouldn't eat anything (not even coffee) within 8 hours of the test. If you weren't fasting when you had the blood work, you should ask your doctor to repeat it.
Avatar n tn it is my first time i checked myself for cholesterol 168 and my blood sugar cam out as high as 262, is it a sign of any diabet symptom? what you sugest me doing?
Avatar n tn Although my doctor clearly knows and points out that these are not fasting numbers, he appears to think that the relationship between non-fasting and fasting levels is predictable, and that valid conclusions can be drawn. This would be true if there is a regular and predictable correlation between non-fasting and fasting levels, but I wonder if this is in fact the case. What is the relationshp between fasting and non-fasting levels? How predictable is this correlation?
Avatar n tn If my glucose was causing a problem with it my tryglycerides would be higher. They range from 50-72. I have started 1 glass of red wine per night. Does fasting blood sugar increase with age. I have read that it only goes 1 to 2 mg/dl per decade. Is it possible for a fasting blood sugar to elevate from anxiety in the doctors office. My blood pressure can. It has gone from 140/70 to 110/58 in just five minutes at the clinic. I hate the doctors office.