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Avatar f tn My cholesterol is now great (143 LDL and 73 HDL) and kidney function is also good. The only problem I had with my blood test (done on 12/5/2013) was that my calcium has crept up from 9.7 ti 9.9 from December 2012 to December 2013. They did not tell me about the calcium - I always ask about it since calcium was part of what was clogging my artery. They said the calcium level (9.9) was no problem. My Vitamin D was 29.5 and she did say to increase my supplement to raise to level.
706184 tn?1229032538 Calcium level via blood draw was completed at South Shore Hospital - Outpatient Lab. Judy RN from Dr. Gawande's Office called and reported that my Calcium level was 10.1 and that I was now able to discontinue Calcium medicine.
942621 tn?1245398010 E.R.- Blood in Colon, severe right flank pain.
Avatar f tn Sister recovering from thyroid surgery has had issues with low calcium. How can I monitor/test at home? Are devices available for home testing?
1217293 tn?1467354344 Estradiol 226 and progesterone .3, monitor high so probably peak tomorrow and ovulate Mon or Tues.
526965 tn?1212625021 I am 41 and May 13th I had a placental abruption at 25 weeks. My baby girl died on May 17th. (I have had 2 miscarriages prior) The umbilical cord only had one artery and one vein. She was born with a cleft palate and heart problems. Her heart ended up giving up. According to the Dr., her lower artery that goes out to the organs was to small along with her valve on that artery did not close so the blood pumped both ways. The hole that was supposed to close did not close either.
193137 tn?1367880063 Took my blood pressure at home and it was a lot higher than in the doctor's office. I had to use my right arm though because the monitor wouldn't work on my left arm. I apparently do not have enough of a bicep for it find my pulse. I wonder if it's as accurate when done on the right arm.
Avatar f tn I got a stent put in. Probably a problem from the high blood calcium, treatment, and blood pressure all mixed together. Getting ablation, too.
Avatar n tn New blood pressure monitor. +2 pitting edema in bil. LLE.
Avatar m tn Queried dr re constipation who responded that probably Calcium tablets causing it (1200mg daily) and therefore to stop taking but continue taking Vitamin D3 (2000iu daily). Took BP and weight. Further blood test done to monitor Vitamin D and a few other things. Happy with my progress and said to keep doing what i am doing.
Avatar m tn The disease has been inactive (or so we believe) since the late 90s. She has just been informed that her blood calcium is high. Could this be caused by the inactive sarcoidosis?
2001654 tn?1360459072 Found out i have a thyroid problem. and low calcium. Doctor prescribed Levothyroxine . then ordered another blood work.
579848 tn?1225828547 blood pressure still elevated; need more data so purchase blood pressure monitor.
Avatar m tn lifesource blood pressure monitor night vision goggles for kids 3 wheeler buggy
280005 tn?1304154742 Asked to Start Calcium.....Osopan Asked to go for Blood test ,etc..
Avatar n tn monitor pressure and back pain
393419 tn?1228447393 TT on 8/4/08 i've been going round and round with what I should do. i go tomorrow for blood work for TSH and my calcium levels. I take my synthroid (.175) at 6:00am and my 1st dose of calcium at 10:00am (I take it 4 x's a day) when should I get my blood work done to get the most accurate results. the lab is open from 7am to 4pm. thanks!!
2046116 tn?1330102721 Yes my blood work is fine. Haemoglobin is good, blood count is good, white blood cells good and blood pressure is normal. No cancer. I am not anaemic. There is no problem showing, but there is obviously one. I can tell you when one is going to start. I get immense pressure in my head, eyes and gums, then out of no where bleed. After bleeding, due to so much blood loss, I get a headache and really dizzy. They have no explanation. can you think of anything?
Avatar m tn Yes, a blood test every few days just to monitor her calcium levels would be ideal in this situation. I don't understand your first question... A human body has mechanisms that regulate the amount of calcium circulating in our blood, keeping the number more or less stable. One of biphosphonate's chemical properties is that it neutralizes calcium at a rate the mechanisms cannot keep up with, leading to a temporary drop in calcium below the level the body wants it to be.
Avatar f tn Finally got a new blood pressure monitor. Hubby will pick it up Tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Yeah my blood pressure goes up when I'm nervous / anxious. Get a home monitor or manual blood pressure reader for home and take it when you are calm. If it is normal, like I'm sure it is, then you know it is simply due to stress. Omega3,6,and9 oil blend by UDO is a good thing to help with blood pressure. Omega 3 fish capsules. Having a teaspoon or two of olive oil or a day. Milk / Calcium Valerian helps to lower blood pressure to, especially stress related.