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Avatar n tn High Calcium levels can be due to hyperparathyroidism. Check out You might have a parathyroid tumor that's producing too much PTH which is causing your blood calcium levels to go high. 11.3 is pretty high and it's never normal. Please check out the website..
Avatar m tn i am sure i will know what is going with me when the results come in on monday or tuesday regarding my phosphrus, complete calcium, and magnesium levels.
Avatar m tn What are the exact levels of her thyroid hormones? High thyroid hormone levels will cause the no appetite, diarrhea and other symptoms. Please post her levels and be sure to include the reference ranges as ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from her own report. Is she supplementing calcium?
Avatar n tn Come to find out, they took too much and now I have hypothyroidism where my body does not make enough calcium so I have to take calcium pills to balance my levels. About 6 months ago I started developing pain in the side of my neck. At first I thought it was a toothache because my lower back jaw and my ear hurt as well. I can barely touch the side of my neck and if feels like I have a sore throat when I swallow. This goes on for about a week and them the symptoms disappear.
Avatar f tn Should I get retested in 6 weeks. I thought I read somewhere that calcium stay in th e blood an could change thyroid levels regardless of when you take it. Also, anyone try Maca or l-tyrosine?
Avatar f tn My calcium levels are high in both blood test results for the last month and I am wondering if anyone has experienced this as a result of treating Lyme? My previous blood test was 5+ years ago so I don't have a good idea how long it might have been creeping up. I am hoping maybe it's a temporary elevation from who knows what to do with my Lyme treatment... if not then I have to pursue the parathyroid surgery route and I'm just so not up to adding that to the pile right now. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Thanks for your interest, but have not been tested for glucose or calcium levels, will get tested for thyroid hormones 3 months after operation. Could low levels of glucose or calcium be making feel sick and tire out easily? Thanks again estrelinha.
Avatar m tn Even when the person is taking optimum calcium but the Vitamin D levels are low, the calcium goes to waste through urine. Hence, where there is low levels of Vitamin D there is always a threat of low calcium levels, and in extreme cases it may lead to a bone disease. It would be a good idea to check the calcium levels, If your Vitamin D levels are very low, just to be sure. And the same can be corrected over time with combination of calcium plus vit D supplements as prescribed by the doctor.
Avatar f tn The calcium in the bones is sacrificed to maintain adequate blood levels so even if the bones are already osteoporotic, your blood calcium levels may be normal. Regards.
2046116 tn?1330102721 The problem is is the tests have all come back negative and my nose is not dry. I've had a lot of people ask about that, but it isn't. I'm getting my blood tested again tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Calcium and PTH doe it together if you are experiencing bone related issues and getting hypercalcemia symptoms like increased thirst, heart palpitations, irritable etc. Calcium alone is not useful as in the blood calcium level is almost same all time as body uses PTH hormones to leach calcium from bones in case of deficiency.
Avatar f tn but I have been using natural progesterone cream since I found out I was PG supposedly to prevent mc. hope my hormones are high when I get my blood work done tomorrow. I was told to come tomorrow and next day to get labs done to see if my hormones increased. I think you should tell them your concern about your hormones...
Avatar f tn The surgeon was only able to save the top left parathyroid glad because the rest were covered in cancer. My calcium went down really low after surgery and had to have two IV calcium drips. I was in hospital for 1 week and have been taking calcium and alfacalcidol ever since. My calcium has been as good as 2.3 (2 weeks ago) and consultant thought it was sorted then another blood test showed it had dropped again to 1.79.
1093351 tn?1317810854 As long as you understand that patients can have primary hyperparathyroidism with normal calcium levels or normal PTH levels, you will be able to make the diagnosis in almost every case. Remember, it is almost never normal to have high calcium levels, and this should typically be worked up with the presumption that a parathyroid tumor is present. Also remember that calcium AND PTH levels in normal patients are very constant from week to week, measure to measure...
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago I went in for routine blood(CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic panel, Urinalysis) testing as part of a physical. Calcium came back slightly elevated, it was 10.7 mg/dl (8.3 - 10.5) Doctor had me come in a week later to test calcium again along with PTH The results were: Calcium: 10.1 mg/dl (8.3 - 10.
Avatar n tn How does Vitamin D help to metabolize thyroid hormones? In my experience, Vitamin D supplements have lowered the FT4 and FT3 levels in my blood. My theory is that the Vitamin D somehow activates the calcium in my intestines, and that the intestinal calcium lowers the FT4 and FT3 levels.
Avatar m tn Amiodarone has quite a few side effects that may include calcium channel interference...this means, if your blood calcium levels are elevated, or your parathyroid (PTH) hormones are artificially stimulated by it, it can cause your cardiac sphincter (the upper valve between your stomach and esophagus) to not close properly (it "senses" acid levels improperly) and to let irritating gastric acids to splash upwards (reflux).
Avatar n tn First, even though I have this monoclonal protein would it still be possible for the parathyroid to be causing the high calcium levels? Second, If it was the monoclonal protein or myeloma causing the high calcium levels wouldn't the PTH level be very low?
Avatar n tn I have had some GI issues that my gastro doc believes was caused by diverticulosis, and have disappeared with change of diet and addressing the constipation that I was experiencing with daily ( 2x) Of meta mucil and 1x of myralox. I have no other blood levels that are out of norm, my vitamin d is 37, and I have been taking 2000iu for years. My prostate is healthy, my colonoscopy is current 15 months ago.
Avatar f tn Hmmmmm.....what about your Potassium,Calcium and Magnesium levels, were these checked as well? If all other causes of this tachycardia are ruled out, it could be IST (inappropriate sinus tach). You say that the Dr isn't sure what the underlying problem is, so what is his/her plan to determine the cause?
Avatar f tn The normal range for calcium is 8.5-10.2. You are well within that level. Our blood levels fluctuate depending on activity, diet, hormonal fluctuations.... The levels do not remain static at all times. If you continue to notice a trend going forward of the level creeping up, discuss your concerns with your doctor and ask if there is any measures that should be taken to prevent the level from exceeding the normal parameters. I hope this helps.
1706766 tn?1307748182 hi i have hypothyroidism and im on medication ive been on my meds for almost a month now and i feel the same as i didnt before the meds! my thyroid levels are 12.565...
427784 tn?1224969522 Yesterday at my doctors appointment to review recent thyroid hormones blood levels my vertigo was so bad I was terrified, my BP shot up to 160/103. I know this has been a real stress on my system. Can Primary hyperparathyroidism cause dizzyness and erratic blood pressure?
Avatar m tn 5 cm mass on L parotid gland and a 3cm on my left thyroid and now because my blood calcium is high I need a special scan to look for a parathyroid adeoma I am told they are very small glands on the back of the thyroid where calcium is controlled,
451191 tn?1264432890 Well, my surgeon said that my parathyroids were not damaged during surgery, but they must be in a state of being stunned due to the removal of the thyroid. He suggested taking calcium with Vitamin D and that has helped, but it keeps coming back. I'm not sure if because I took the Calcium an hour after the Cytomel that it's counteracting and I'm not getting the Calcium in my blood. Good grief.