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Avatar f tn I really appreciate the answer I received. Thank you But I don't think it was completely understood. I will rephrase this ...The number 9.9 falls into the normal range...but i am worried that it crept up in a year from 9.7 to 9.9. Is this a level to be concerned about and the fact that it went up in a year's time? Could the HCTZ (25mg/day) play a part in the increase? Why does my primary feel this is nothing to worry about? The phosphorus and magnesium were normal..
Avatar f tn My cholesterol is now great (143 LDL and 73 HDL) and kidney function is also good. The only problem I had with my blood test (done on 12/5/2013) was that my calcium has crept up from 9.7 ti 9.9 from December 2012 to December 2013. They did not tell me about the calcium - I always ask about it since calcium was part of what was clogging my artery. They said the calcium level (9.9) was no problem. My Vitamin D was 29.5 and she did say to increase my supplement to raise to level.
Avatar n tn What does it mean to have a calcium level of 10.6? I was told that it was high and should stop all calcium supplements.
Avatar m tn m a 22 years old male and had problems with urinating too much, recently had a blood test and everything is fine (thyroid, liver enzyme, albumin, red cells, white cells, etc ...) but my calcium level is : 103 mg/L (range is 86 to 100) Do you think I should ask my doctor to check my PTH? I've also seen on the internet it also could be advanced cancer causing elevated calcium ...
1699175 tn?1320125691 I am guessing you had a blood test and your calcum was high? What was it? Did they tell you your phosphorus level? Are you on any medications? Did you doctor order any follow up tests?
Avatar f tn There is a very informative website. I have 2 blood test that show my calcium level is elevated so I started to research the causes. I found this site and it was very helpful. Dr. Norman is the Dr. who developed this site and he is a world renound expert on parathyroid diesease. I think you will be amazed with what you will learn on this site. Hope this helps....
Avatar f tn org/tests-procedures/hemoglobin-test/about/pac-20385075 You would be more near the low end of normal. Your calcium level is just slightly elevated with the range normally being 8.6 to 10.3. Your doctor may elect to run a parathyroid hormone laboratory panel. I will tell you that with your slight elevation, they may tell you that they aren't concerned and watch and see as parathyroidism ranges of calcium are usually 20 to 70.
Avatar f tn A recent blood test showed I have high levels of calcium in my blood, what problem would that might indicate?
Avatar n tn why would one have a high calcium level in a blood test? Mine was 11.2. My doctor sent a note to stop taking calcium supplements - I never take any calcium supplements and I hate milk. Should I follow up on this or is it just something that happens from time to time? thank you.
Avatar f tn My doctor said my calcium was high so they did a retest on the calcium and a PTH test. I was told they were both normal. Calcium was 10.2 and PTH was 135. Are these indeed normal? I have pain in my uper arms 24/7 I have fibromylagia, tenderness in neck ,under chin ,chest, upper arms ,shoulders ,calves ,lower back pain . Back of neck is numb and I get hot spots on my head,skin looks red. I'm 138lbs and 66 yrs old. My brain is somewhat foogy.
721523 tn?1331581802 she did the usual blood work and called to tell me that my calcium level was high and that I needed twomore blood tests. I went to the hospital to have them done. i called the office today, they said that the results should be in later today. Noone ever called to give them to me and the doc is not in clinic until Monday. I think that it is the 5K iu of D that my MS doc told me to take.
Avatar m tn If you have recently had a blood test done that has showed a hi calcium level, then it would be wise to get another blood sample checked to make sure that it is correct. There are a number of reasons for hi calcium in the blood. Your doctor should be able to advise you further.
Avatar n tn s Thyroiditis - genetic defects in the receptor site for vitamin D * Parathyroid conditions (parathyroid - glands in front of the thyroid). PTH (parathyroid hormone) regulates calcium in the blood.
Avatar n tn Calcium came back slightly elevated, it was 10.7 mg/dl (8.3 - 10.5) Doctor had me come in a week later to test calcium again along with PTH The results were: Calcium: 10.1 mg/dl (8.3 - 10.5) Intact PTH: 6 pg/ml (10-69) 2 years ago when I had routine blood work done, my calcium was within the normal range(don't remember the exact number, same lab), but 2-3 years before that, I remember my doctor telling me my calcium was slightly elevated(same lab).
Avatar m tn my left leg calves BECAUSE they don’t have any strength. After showing him he said its due to lack of calcium. He did blood test. See below the results. And I had to go through ultra sound physiotherapy for 5 days. Haemoglobig : 11.6, Nutrophlis 51, Eosinphlis 02, Lymphocyte 45, Monocyte 02, ESR (westergren): 17, CReactive Protein:<6mg/I, Calcium CA++ 8.47.
Avatar n tn s lots of things that can cause elevated blood calcium levels...if the PTH (parathyroid hormone level) and the calcium level are both elevated, it's usually caused by primary hyperparathyroidism...(This is usually caused by a tumor on a parathyroid gland) All the four parathyroid glands do are regulate the blood calcium levels...When the blood calcium is high, the PTH should be low or near normal...
Avatar n tn Did they do a blood calcium test or a urine calcium test? Calcium in the blood is all well and good as it shows you have calcium, BUT if you have a high level of calcium in the urine that means your Vit D is not doing its job, and is sending it bye-bye. Yes, see an endocrinologist. Too many doctors have too little knowledge in this field. I am having severe low calcium (rather than high) and low Vit D issues (even after taking supplements) so I know where your concerns come from!
Avatar f tn I just found out that I have high level of calcium in my blood. What does this mean? What causes it?
Avatar m tn but ive looked up hypercalcemia and I found a correction formula from the Cleveland Clinic and it takes into account your albumin levels and your calcium level and then spits out a more accurate number for your blood calcium level.
Avatar n tn I also have a GERD and take a stomach pill and eat a lot of tums. I have been running a high serum calcium level for several years now. I have had the following reading on serum calcium from 2007 to 2009. 10.5, 12.9, 10.9, 10.7, 11.0, 11.4, 10.6. I have had one PTH level done about a week ago and it was 46. I just had an ionized calcium level done and it was 5.7. I had a parathyroid ultrasound done last week and it did not show any parathyroid problems.
Avatar f tn A high calcium level is never normal and should be looked into and tested further. Ionized calcium test, PTH test, etc. Google parathyroid disorders and read up on it.
Avatar m tn The calcium test is to prevent too high calcium level in blood, right?
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