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Avatar f tn I really appreciate the answer I received. Thank you But I don't think it was completely understood. I will rephrase this ...The number 9.9 falls into the normal range...but i am worried that it crept up in a year from 9.7 to 9.9. Is this a level to be concerned about and the fact that it went up in a year's time? Could the HCTZ (25mg/day) play a part in the increase? Why does my primary feel this is nothing to worry about? The phosphorus and magnesium were normal..
Avatar f tn The normal range for calcium is 8.5-10.2. You are well within that level. Our blood levels fluctuate depending on activity, diet, hormonal fluctuations.... The levels do not remain static at all times. If you continue to notice a trend going forward of the level creeping up, discuss your concerns with your doctor and ask if there is any measures that should be taken to prevent the level from exceeding the normal parameters. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn There is a very informative website. I have 2 blood test that show my calcium level is elevated so I started to research the causes. I found this site and it was very helpful. Dr. Norman is the Dr. who developed this site and he is a world renound expert on parathyroid diesease. I think you will be amazed with what you will learn on this site. Hope this helps....
Avatar n tn 10.7 Range 8.5-10.5 Calcium Ionized Whole Blood - 2.2 PTH test Phosphate, BLD, QN 3.4 -Range 2.1-4.5 mg/dl Creatine - 0.9 - 0.7-1.5 MG/DL Parathyroid Hormone Intact -16.93 - Range 15-65 pg/ml My drinking was roughly at 6-7 beers per night or 1 1/2 - 2 bottles of wine per night. I have since cut out alcohol completely and have another LFT panel scheduled for 2 weeks from now. I have also been scheduled for a CT scan of chest and abdomen.
Avatar n tn 10.7 Range 8.5-10.5 Calcium Ionized Whole Blood - 2.2 PTH test Phosphate, BLD, QN 3.4 -Range 2.1-4.5 mg/dl Creatine - 0.9 - 0.7-1.5 MG/DL Parathyroid Hormone Intact -16.93 - Range 15-65 pg/ml My drinking was roughly at 6-7 beers per night or 1 1/2 - 2 bottles of wine per night. I have since cut out alcohol completely and have another LFT panel scheduled for 2 weeks from now. I have also been scheduled for a CT scan of chest and abdomen.
Avatar f tn Or is mine too out of range, where I should be more concerned? I take calcitroil and calcium. Not sure if I should just increase the supplements (I fear damage to the kidneys), pursue more/other medical help or interrupt this reading as an average fluctuation and ignore it. I'm not sure what my parathryoid hormone level is (am waiting to be sent copies of labs). Had a parathyroidectomy/total thyroidectomy two years because of hyperparathyroidism and a multi-nodular, enlarged thyroid.
Avatar n tn I had a parathyroid adenoma a couple of years ago myself, so I was familiar with the problems of high calcium and requested some tests. They have come back and shown a calcium level of 10.; 10.2 and 10.6. However, his PTH was 10. Further tests have shown hypocitraturia (199 mg in 24 hr. urine test); 24 hr. urine volume of .97; PCR .6; and normal calcium level in urine. One stone was evaluated as 60% calcium oxalate monohydrate and 40% calsium oxalate dihydrate.
1068422 tn?1293687853 Hi... I have been miserable for quite some time. I just received my calcium level after a blood test. It is 10.3, is this high? So far my Endo does not think it is anything to worry about.
Avatar n tn A year and a half later, I'm down to 2000, and the lowest dose of calcitriol (0.25). My calcium level has remained stable at the low normal range. What does your surgeon say about your parathyroids? Are they still in, or how many did you lose? Do you have measurable parathyroid function? What is your PTH level? It may be too early to test that. Hang in there! It will improve.
Avatar f tn The doctor said that she thought that was unlikely and wanted to run routine blood work. Blood work came back as high calcium; she wanted a repeat. This time however she asked for a PTH as well. Both came back as high. I researched parathyroid disease on the internet, she sent me a letter saying we should wait and check in 6 months! I then called my family doctor who said to wait 2 months to recheck my bloodwork. What am I waiting for?? a slow death?
Avatar m tn my left leg calves BECAUSE they don’t have any strength. After showing him he said its due to lack of calcium. He did blood test. See below the results. And I had to go through ultra sound physiotherapy for 5 days. Haemoglobig : 11.6, Nutrophlis 51, Eosinphlis 02, Lymphocyte 45, Monocyte 02, ESR (westergren): 17, CReactive Protein:<6mg/I, Calcium CA++ 8.47.
Avatar f tn OK, for starters, If your blood calcium level is HIGH, it should be associated with a LOW parathyroid hormone level and if your doctors are saying low is normal because of some lab derived statistical formula, it isn't necessarily so! "Most" people within those so called ranges do not have significant issues, however some people will exhibit significant symptoms at sub-clinical levels around the lower or higher ranges. What are your PTH and Serum Ca values?
Avatar n tn 6 pg/ml (10-69) 2 years ago when I had routine blood work done, my calcium was within the normal range(don't remember the exact number, same lab), but 2-3 years before that, I remember my doctor telling me my calcium was slightly elevated(same lab). My calcium level seems to bounce around from slightly elevated to normal. So, my most recent calcium level dropped back into the normal range, but my intact PTH is low. I scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist in a month.
Avatar f tn 37 H (1.17-1.32) Calcium 10.2 PTH 17.7 Ionized Calcium 1.37 H Calcium 10.2 PTH 22.4 Ionized Calcium 1.37 H Calcium 9.9 PTH 25.4 Ionized Calcium 1.37 H Calcium 10.3 PTH 25.4 My doctor is at a loss. I am being told that the calcium level is not TOO high and we will just monitor it. Thyroid levels are stable. Vitamin D is low as usual. I take 50,000iu but when I go to 2000iu daily, levels fall within two weeks. Bone and joint pain. Negative sestamibi. Negative for FHH.
Avatar n tn This calcium level is likely normal for a young adult (20's). The vitamin D should be treated to normalize. Not sure why the PTH is low - would consider retesting to exclude specimen handling problem. Also not sure why B6 would be high - this is not related to thryoid/parathyroid typically. If symptoms persist, would start with internal medicine consultation and go from there.
1504101 tn?1299158864 You really need to see the test report and compare your level with the range. If that test lab uses the same range as mine for calcium, then your very low, as in below the range -off the chart.
Avatar n tn the parathyroid regulates blood calcium levels. If your blood calcium is high, then the parathyroid (PTH) should compensate by going down and be in the low normal range. If it's not compensating and high (even high normal) then it should be further investigated with a sestamibi scan. My blood calcium is always in the 10.2-10.8 range, not scary high, but I am on a low calcium diet, so it is abnormal. And my PTH was only 38 the last it was checked and my doctor still wanted to investigate.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just an update. I had my calcium blood work Fri. and my serum Calcium came back at 8.8 yea!! This is after I got to reduce my dose of Calcium from 3,000mg to 2,000mg. It was 8.9 on the 3,000 and 8.8 on the 2,000. I am happy I was able to reduce intake by 1/3 and maintain level. This IS good news, right? I have been worried sick about my para's, endo said they were failing, well, then I would have seen a much larger decrease in my Calcium #, wouldn't I?
Avatar n tn However, about every 3rd time I've had bloodwork, my calcium has been back in the normal range. I got sent to an endocrinologist and she did blood work for PTH but it was normal. But, my calcium tested normal that day, too. Anyone know anything about this? I feel tired and lousy a lot, so am trying to figure out if I need to be a little more pushy at the Dr's office. Also, one more question. I had a cervical spine neck MRI done recently for an unrelated neck problem.
216703 tn?1277682777 PTH is the most important regulator of the body's calcium and phosphorus levels. Release of PTH is controlled by the level of calcium in the blood. Low blood calcium levels cause increased PTH to be released, while high blood calcium levels inhibit PTH release.You mention you have symptoms based off his site. What symptoms? might want to take a look at the court document and compare : -
Avatar f tn I get heart palpitations, have to eat every two hours, am more sensitive to caffeine, can't sleep at night but am more tired during the day, etc. One thing I can't get off my mind is my high calcium level, which is 10.4. I know it's not that high but I know high calcium is NEVER normal. My vitamin D is also on the lower side and I'm afraid taking supplements will make my calcium even higher. I have had my parathyroid tested and it's normal, which has me more worried.
393419 tn?1228450993 For a few months after, I would wake up at night with tingling hands. My TSH level remained in the normal range throughout. For whatever reason, a lot of people on the board have experienced the tingling hands after thyroid surgery, so it MIGHT be related to the surgery, not the calcium.
Avatar m tn I recently had a routine blood test and my calcium level was 10.5 with 10.2 being the highest point of normal. I looked back at the last 18 mos. of tests and found that my calcium levels were 9.7, 9.8, 10.0, 9.9, 10.5 then retested at 10.0 with a PTH of 27. My GP sent me a note that all was normal and that was that. I have MANY of the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism and am really suffering right now. Am I completely off-base?
455126 tn?1212435798 Calcium 2.73 Hi (Range 2.10 - 2.55) Phosphate 0.83 Normal (Range 0.80 - 1.45 PTH 0.3 Lo (Range 1.3 - 6.8) Help - what does this mean? My Endo said to lower my calcium to 500mg twice a day (1/4 the previous dose) and rocaltrol 0.5mcg to once per day (1/2 the previous dose). Thanks!
333672 tn?1273796389 I advised that I was previously deficient but was able to bring up my level to the low end of the normal range, after taking 3000iu of D3 per day for 6 months. Dr. Kantor suggested I see an endocrinologist, however I'm not sure this is necessary in my case. For now I plan to continue with my supplement regimen and be tested in another 6 months.
Avatar f tn another test Vitamin 1,25(OH)2 D3 and the result 103 pmol/l with the normal range 43-148 Is my Vitamin D blood level too low? Do i have to tak calcium if i'm vitamin d3 deficiency? My calcium level 2.21 the normal range is 2.10-2.60 My doctor has Prescribed for me 45,000 IU of vitamin d3 once a week for 8 weeks, 2 weeks Remain. Is this enough for my case? I feel a verey little Improvement but still have the pain and Muscles weakness.
Avatar n tn Thank you for the responses. Test indicated blood calcium level in the normal range. I had been taking calcium and magnesium supplements w/ Vit.D. I take only one medication - fosamax, 70 mg. weekly for osteoporosis and am in otherwise good health. At the moment I am off Ca/Mg supplements and free of any noticeable arrythmia. I suppose I could resume the supplement and see if the arrythmia recurs??
Avatar f tn I was on a statin for a few months, and a blood indicated I had a high enzyme level (AST) indicating there may be some liver damage. I stopped taking the medication as my cholesterol has always been under 200....usually around 150 and the doctor was wanting the level below 100...seems there is new evidence that lower than 100 is beneficial. For me, I don't believe the risk of liver damage vs. cholesterol below 100 is appropriate for me!
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 30. Blood tests showed no evelated blood calcium nor high PTH, all normal. They did show Vitamin D deficiency for which i'm taking 2000 iu daily. However, 24 hour urine tests showed: PHOSPHORUS- U 24h 1319 mg/24h PHOSPHORUS- U SAMPLE 63 mg/dl CALCIUM- URINE 24h 590 mg/24h CALCIUM- U SAMPLE 28.1 mg/dl With normal PTH levels, could this still be a hyperthyroidism issue?