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Avatar m tn t know if your level is low or high. Ranges for most blood tests vary lab to lab and have to be posted with results. Have you had calcium and PTH levels tested? Those, along with vitamin D, would be the ones that would indicate parathyroid issues. The only relationship the parathyroids have with the thyroid, is the location in the body. You have 4 parathyroids located directly, behind the thyroid, but their function is entirely different.
1321662 tn?1410036958 Blood values look good. ALT is slightly elevated which is not unusual with hepc. Viral load is low. Hope your biopsy shows good results. If so, you may want to consider waiting on the Protease Inhibitors expected to be released sometime next year and will be part of the standard of care.
973741 tn?1342342773 Many of us are deficient in D for other reasons as well. Vitamin K is also necessary to make sure calcium gets to the bones (Vitamin K can affect blood clotting). My doctor says that most women should take around 1000 - 1200 mg/day of calcium, but it should be taken in divided doses because the body can only absorb up to 600 mg at one time.
2046116 tn?1330102721 Yes my blood work is fine. Haemoglobin is good, blood count is good, white blood cells good and blood pressure is normal. No cancer. I am not anaemic. There is no problem showing, but there is obviously one. I can tell you when one is going to start. I get immense pressure in my head, eyes and gums, then out of no where bleed. After bleeding, due to so much blood loss, I get a headache and really dizzy. They have no explanation. can you think of anything?
Avatar f tn Hopefully at that age her bones are still somewhat soft, watch for swelling as well if he/she licks at the air when you touch or pet her on or near the area. That's signs of pain. I know a squirrel is different from a puppy but I once had a squirrel I watched fall from a two story building he landed flat on his stomach I thought for sure he was dead but I rushed over to him noticed after a minute he was breathing so I took him home and he was fine the next day just in shock mostly.
Avatar n tn When your levels of ferritin are low, this is a sign that your iron levels are low but in your case your not critical on iron ( critical iron level is 60-80 ). If the ferritin level is low, there is a risk for lack of iron, which could lead to anemia. I recommend you take iron supplements and a iron rich diet. The excess of iron is excreted in the stools but too much iron is not good. A healthy person will be able to take 75mg a day without any problem.
Avatar f tn On the other hand some embryos might look poorly in the third day but they can develop very well by the fifth day. That is the reason for which blastocyst transfer appeared. Another issue is the embryo’s hatching. Before the implantation can start the embryos has to get out of its shell and afterwards make contact with the uterus cells. It is believed that implantation failure can be caused by the fact that the embryo is not able to hatch from its shell.
535882 tn?1396576685 So, our chances of it being too high are slimmer than most, because most of us have or are dealing with severe vitamin D deficiency. So, we know how critical this is, because many of us have come very close to dying because of severe vitamin D deficiency. And, we're more likely than others to be paying attention to that all important maintenance dose, because no one wants to become severely deficient ever again. Don't forget your magnesium.
Avatar f tn Without knowing anything about your medical history or what medications you are on, I would not want to suggest any particular supplement or dosage. Everyone is different and what works for me may not be best for you. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn Years ago I worked on the NDA for calcium channel blockers. The drug company studies suggested that a universe of people with idiopathic hypertension could control this with vitamin D3 and calcium supplements without other drugs. That does not mean that everyone with high blood pressure can lower it with these supplements. There is a genetic componant. In one test study 15-18 percent of the test subjects could significantly lower blood pressure with calcium and D3.
1943833 tn?1349276589 Even if your puppy was healthy I would not recommend it but considering their is renal disease, a veterinary approved diet is what is necessary. R/D is a balanced diet, even for a growing puppy. In fact their is a food made from Hill's called K/D that is specifically designed for renal disease. A study was done years ago out of Colorado state university that showed even puppies fed k/d; a protein restricted diet, received all the necessary nutrition for a healthy life.
Avatar m tn Jude medical and feeling good ,my question is what medicines i should take for further care?and prevention of episode? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Dialated Heart medicines prescriptions</a>.
Avatar f tn For the past year and a half my blood work has indicated slightly high calcium and low D, slightly anemic, slightly high sugar. now they vary in combination. I have been identified with reduced kidney function and this week high Parathyroid. I have extreme body spasms on the left side of neck, stomach area, back, hands and feet, and legs, bad memory, fatigue, depression,heart trouble ( 1 blockage) and just diagnosed with asleep apnea.I have had asthma all my life.
Avatar f tn The normal range for calcium is 8.5-10.2. You are well within that level. Our blood levels fluctuate depending on activity, diet, hormonal fluctuations.... The levels do not remain static at all times. If you continue to notice a trend going forward of the level creeping up, discuss your concerns with your doctor and ask if there is any measures that should be taken to prevent the level from exceeding the normal parameters. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn High blood calcium levels indicate that you are not absorbing calcium as well as you should. The vit. D3 should help, but potassium and magnesium are also needed to absorb calcium.
Avatar n tn OK, just received results of blood test & says high calcium (10.8). Well.......All winter I've been very well, no colds, no brochitis even when the rest of the family was ill. I believe Vit D3 helped keep me well. Been taking about 5000 iu per day. Think that could be causing trouble with the calcium?
Avatar f tn First off, what is your dosage? The most common recommendation for Armour is to split the dose and take half in the morning and half in the early evening. The reason for this is that Armour has a lot of T3 in it. And T3 is used up in a matter of HOURS. It peaks in the blood about 4 hours after taking it and then starts weaning down. So by taking it in the morning and again in the early afternoon, you more even out the amount of T3 in your blood stream.
Avatar n tn High Calcium levels can be due to hyperparathyroidism. Check out You might have a parathyroid tumor that's producing too much PTH which is causing your blood calcium levels to go high. 11.3 is pretty high and it's never normal. Please check out the website..
Avatar n tn What could it mean if I have too much calcium in my blood? I guess it is just slightly more than regular, but my doc is monitoring it. Also, do small goiters usually go away with Synthroid?
Avatar f tn You are definately cold because you're not producing enough of the thyroid hormone. Did you Dr tell you why he/she didn't give you any meds? If you were really hyper before it's possible that your Dr felt there was still enough thyroid hormone left in your body but that's not always the case. If you're taking that much calcium your parathyroids were probably bruised or removed during the surgery.
1093351 tn?1317810854 s who are building bone can have calcium levels up to 10.2 on more than one occasion. Generally, this is not true for adults over 30. There is no reason to wait any more than 1 week for repeat lab tests, and there is no reason to get a urine calcium level on the vast majority of patients--its a test with no value. Finally, remember that getting scans is NOT part of the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism. Ever.
Avatar m tn Thanks mer971 , i'm aware of its importance but need specific advice on this specific product. I now realize that soybean is rich with calcium and i'm ready high with calcium so is this right drug for me or would excess cacluim be removed from the body automatically with no harm ?