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Avatar f tn i have read somewhere that alcohol makes HIV blood that true sir???? and for the last time sir can u tell me if im infected with HIV from this incident..??? really sorry to waste your time sir......
Avatar n tn My sister drinks at least 1 Litre of vodka a day and has done for at least 5 years, what would the damage be?
Avatar n tn I don't know to much about blood alcohol levels, however, I do remember hearing that anything over .4 would mean your incoherent.......... so I highly doubt anyone would be able to function at .44 blood alcohol level. About how much you would need to consume, I believe it varys. If I'm correct, I think .44 blood alcohol level is standard, people may have higher tolerances and might take more to get there, but I believe .44 or any level would be standard, although I really don't know.
Avatar f tn then to an endocrinologist for high blood sugar. All three doctors changed his medications. He has high blood pressure, high sugar. I say he's drinking a liter a day because I put a mark on the bottle at home. He may have another bottle at work as he works in an office with only 2 people, and the other guy is usually on the road. I just wanted to know is one liter a lot for an alcholic? he drinks it within a few hours..
Avatar f tn I was reading online about it and it says that it is possible to get drunk faster that way, but it could lead to alcohol poisoning and death, because the alcohol gets absorbed directly into the blood stream (rather than being filtered by the liver, like it happens when ingested orally). However, I would like to tell them that there are other risks of doing this, but I can't find anything else online, Please let me know what other problems can occur.
Avatar f tn Can you tell me if I can have an occasional drink if I am taking this medication, or does drinking any alcohol cause a problem? Once in a while I like to have a vodka & tonic.
Avatar m tn I don't think there is a medical diagnosis for "alcoholism". They can check blood alcohol level, and they can check the organs to see if they've sustained damage from things like alcohol. For instance, a blood test would indicate whether your liver is working correctly ( at least at that moment in time. ). I would suggest reading the medical charts carefully to see what they actually diagnosed.
Avatar f tn The problem with alcohol intolerance is that the side effects can get worse than just low blood pressure or low temperature. They can become life threatening. I wish you well.
967467 tn?1247513175 Put it this way my friend i drank a 350ml bottle of vodka everyday for 6 months at university, i had been an alcohol for years but this was my first phase because i was a suicidal mess. I had internal bleeding in the toilet 'ones and twos' lots and lots of blood really not very good. I was being sick all the time... coughing blood. I was blacking out constantly for hours and my vision kept disapearing from time to time. I developed partial amnesia as well.
Avatar n tn I have Hep C - 1b - Grade 1, Stage 1-waiting for better drugs-could not complete treatment. Anyway, I was doing a search for the alcohol threads to remind myself why social drinking is not acceptable and could not find them. I am not nor have ever been an alcoholic or heavy drinker, but I so miss certain socials and good wine with good food! In San Antonio, Texas there are so many festivals!
Avatar f tn As a good friend of mine just reminded me - hepatitis means inflammation of the liver so THAT you could have and most likely do. However - I think your doctor is leaning towards viral hepatitis in the fact that you don't have a very large drinking history and say you "only" drink beer. Alcohol is alcohol and whichever hep it might be you have to cut that out unless you find out you don't have any liver problems.
Avatar n tn I do generally get a slight headache the following day if I consume excessive alcohol, however that's only when I consume 1 type of alcohol. Could this headache be related to the large quantity of alcohol and mixing beer and whiskey?
Avatar m tn I looked at my mouth and face in the morning, and did not see any visible blood. If there was blood in the bowl with vodka in it, or blood on/in the glass of water I drank, would I be at risk? Would I be at risk if toilet water/vomit got into my eye or mouth? How likely does bleeding from the throat/stomach occur from throwing up a few times.
Avatar f tn I drink every other day (vodka) have been for the last 6 months. I've always had heartburn and am constantly eating tums or taking Prilosec. This past week I've been vomiting everyday after drinking and have been vomiting acid. Last night was the worst. I woke up st 4am violently vomiting acid my throat and nose still hurts today. I did vomit what looked like blood, it also burned very basket when it came up.. also went through my nose. I took zofran an anti nausea pill to calm it down.
Avatar n tn It certainly sounds like you could have an allergy to something in the vodka. Alcohol, itself, usually isn't the problem. More than likely, it is one of the additives used in the manufacturing process.
Avatar f tn Had two migranes in the last month and am relating them to alcohol. I was finding I was getting tension headaches (right hand side right at the eye brow) when I drank a diluted 3% mix of premium vodka so I stopped drinking that. Hydration has become a very important factor and am trying to drink at least 2 litres a day. I had success with beer (VB 5%) but now that is causing the headaches. I am getting the headaches after two drinks (lots of hydration in between) in the space of 4 hours.
739300 tn?1232466924 The next day I had a normal stool at first then about an hour later in the morning I had dark diarrhea with coffee bean looking things that disintegrated into blood. Since then I started taking asacol again. No pain but I have some blood mixed with formed stool. Very urgent to go to the bathroom and have developed palpitations for no reasons.
Avatar m tn I am of the opinion that 4 x 90ml of alcohol in a week is not excessive (as long as you don't exceed this much / often). However, you should know that alcohol can suppress blood sugar. But your blood sugar is still too high. Suggest you talk to your doctor about adjusting meds to get better control. You may also want to look into lower carb eating, and regular exercise, if you don't already, which will also help your control.
Avatar n tn A nurse came, this happened in a foreign country so I didn't get all of what she said, but I understood that I had been diagnosed with acute alcohol intoxication (alcohol poisoning), that I spent the night in a vodka-induced coma and that I could've died. I think she said my blood alcohol content was 500 or .50. They kept me under observation all afternoon, tested my urine, and I had to call my parents to pick me up. After that, I had the most awful hangover for a week.
Avatar f tn I drank once or twice a week socially up until about 3 months ago. I went out one night, had around 5 vodka and cokes. Went home and couldn't sleep. Around 3 hours after my last drink, I was wide awake with stomach pains, diarrhoea, nausea and my whole body was shaking uncontrollalbly. Right before it happens my hands and feet and then my whole body go extremely cold.
Avatar n tn A couple of years ago I went to my GP with this issue. The blood tests and urinary tests were all normal, so he discarded it, and couldn't give me an explanation. Now, having heard that this could be due to obstruction and not a normal phenomenon I'm a little concerned. Should I be seeing a urologist?
Avatar m tn In the last 2-3 years my drinking has really picked up - about 12 oz of 80 proof Vodka/day. Due to some limited aching in my liver area and the areas where I think my kidneys are, I quit drinking completely - almost 4 weeks ago - haven't had a drop. My question is: should I get checked for anything - liver activity, etc. And if I do get checked, and I've done some damage, what can be done? And the reason for both questions is: If nothing can be done, then why get checked?
Avatar n tn thanks for the comment. I have tried just drinking beer, just wine, just vodka, etc... I have not tried "real ale." It seems that any type of alcohol after about 2 drinks will irritate my stomach. I am beginning to believe that I have gastritis which is unable to heal because I continue to consume alcohol. I am currently abstaining from alcohol for a month to 6 wks. to see if that gives my stomach lining a chance to heal. Any other ideas are much appreciated!
592044 tn?1218993592 I am a 25 year old female and have always drank socially, (maybe two of three drinks in an outing once a week). Lately, even half a drink, be it wine, vodka, beer, any type of alcohol makes me very ill. Shortly after having a drink, I will have a severe upset stomach, often times resulting in nausea and having to use the restroom immediately. I will also on occassion, occassion have numbness and tingling in the hands.
Avatar n tn does alchohol really affect diabetics? I've found the best thing for us diabetic to drink is vodka, and belive me, I am turning into a conisour on the stuff. But is drinking period, safe for a diabetic? I drink alot, and I mean alot... so I am just wondering, what damage may I be doing to myself, other than my liver? Side Questions: Cane Sugar; I assume I already know the answear to this, but is cane sugar differnt than "NORMAL" sugar, found in products?
Avatar n tn My question is, that the one constant thing that I do when I go up to my business every weekend is that I drink beer. I have also tried not drinking beer and only drinking vodka cranberry to see if it was the beer that was causing the severe reaction I get. My allergist said "it's not my cat (that I have up there only), it's not a gluten allergy, it's not food, he said it's metal.
Avatar n tn (I'm susceptible to severe headaches even w/o any sort of alcohol.) Is this an allergy or is my body just intolerant to alcohol consumption? (I guess it doesn't really matter which it is, I need to stay away from the nasty stuff altogether I'm thinking...but I am curious.
Avatar n tn He definately has not had any alcohol at all.he is always with my mom,and no alcohol in the house,he and my mom stayed with me for the week last week and definately didn't have anything here at my house.I just can't believe it myself how good he is doing,but I do feel like i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.Just seem to good to be true that he hasn't had any withdrawls.
Avatar m tn This may be a blood sugar issue and you may well be one of those people that can never drink alcohol. Let us know ok?
283903 tn?1190654384 I currently drink daily (only in the evenings) about 3-10 ounces of alcohol (vodka and soda). I want to stop once and for all and want to do it without going through through any detox (inpatient or out) program as I cannot afford to loose the time from work or away from my family. I am embarrassed that I let this get so out of hand and find that alcohol is starting to rule my life. I want to know if it is possible for me to do this without medical intervention.