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Avatar f tn Get your blood sugar and thyroid hormones levels evaluated. You can take some vit B12 for some days and see if the symptoms are gone or not. In case the symptoms persist then get it evaluated from a doctor. The rash can be due to liver disorder or pityriasis rosea. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and itching. Topical and oral steroids are needed. Water, sweat, and soap may cause irritation and should be avoided in the disease.
Avatar n tn Often, terrible muscle cramps or seizures then result until the person either is able to take in some carbohydrates or the person's own liver finally dumps some emergency stored sugars into their system to help bring up the glucose levels. You did not say whether your sister had been drinking alcohol, but alcohol inhibits the liver's ability to release stored emergency sugars, and hypoglycemia is a real danger if a person drinks a lot of alcohol.
Avatar n tn I have cirrhosis. I haven't had a drink of alcohol in more than a year. My blood alcohol concentration was positive when I was being interviewed for a liver transplant. I've looked everywhere trying to find out why this happened. I'm anonymous. I'm not lying. This is very frustrating. I'm writing down everything I eat and drink and having my toxicity levels checked periodically. Do you have any ideas? I'm 46 year old female, I take Lactulose, Rifixin, Lasix and spiralactone.
Avatar n tn I don't know to much about blood alcohol levels, however, I do remember hearing that anything over .4 would mean your incoherent.......... so I highly doubt anyone would be able to function at .44 blood alcohol level. About how much you would need to consume, I believe it varys. If I'm correct, I think .44 blood alcohol level is standard, people may have higher tolerances and might take more to get there, but I believe .44 or any level would be standard, although I really don't know.
Avatar n tn ALT is an enzymes found in the liver and other tissues, it released to bloodstream due to injury or disease affecting the liver. Abnormal high levels in the blood indicates liver disease or damage. You need to see a hepatologist right away.
Avatar n tn You could be oozing with total testosterone and still be deficient if you also have high levels of binding globulin. Normal levels of bioavailable testosterone are 2.00 to 8.60 nmol/L. That's it. Everything else is irrelevant.
Avatar m tn I got an ultrasound today, nothing hasn't been decided yet with my doctor but he told me last time i saw him that the enzymes levels are a bit higher than normal.
Avatar f tn Just because it is within this wide range of 'normal', does not mean it is normal for you or me. We are all genetically different, and too many doctors treat people as lab values and not as people. When doctor's like the one on this forum refer to adrenal insufficiency, they're talking about adrenal failure which is Addison's Disease. Adrenal fatigue is not the same, but I think if not properly treated could advance to this. Another thing, I went to the doctor's website.
Avatar n tn The meds also make you feel that way, you may be due for a blood test to check all your levels. But a certain amount of this is normal. Eating is good, so I say whatever you can get down. Prior to tx I was put on a low animal protein diet due to enceptholophy, on tx I crave meat like crazy. My ammonia levels are now normal although I'm eating more meat. It just must be something my body needs right now.
2088963 tn?1332693095 what does it mean when my levels of ast were 101 and what my levels of alt were 99?what do i need to expect?
Avatar f tn What is the effect on blood levels with almost total thyroid removal while taking no medication for it? Can it raise the blood levels due to the fact that it can not metabolize like a person with a normal thyroid?
Avatar n tn Weight lifting and running are two types of exercise that can increase blood levels of CPK because there is mild damage caused to muscle tissue involved in the building of new muscle tissue. However, your doctor can perform (well he could have anyway) that indicates WHICH CPK levels are high; whether it is skeletal, brain or cardiac. This should have been done once the original levels were found to be high to rule out cardiac damage.
Avatar n tn If you take insulin for the alcohol it will just lower your blood sugar since alcohol doesn't need insulin for it to be digested. Alcohol malso has the further effect of lowering blood sugar without the extra insulin, so alcohol should only be taken while eating. i no longer drink unless my wife and i go to a restaurant and then i only have 1 or 2 beers and do this only once or twice a month. i find i can keep better care of my diabetes without alcohol.
Avatar n tn Could anyone please assist me with research / fact of opinion as to whether binge drinkers (i.e. a healthy 30 year old male normal build) could be experiencing alcohol blackouts when consuming alcohol regularly (weekends) 2-3 times per week usually drinking in excess of 15 standard drinks. Could the same person experience a blackout shortly before recording a blood alcohol reading (accurate calibrated breathalyser) of 0.15. Would elevated Bilirubin levels have any effect upon this???
967168 tn?1477588089 still no info on why this recommendation on my cardiac cath and no alcohol; however I did find this - Limit alcohol intake.
Avatar f tn I got my Liver and Kidney Panel Blood Test done as I am not sleeping well as night and had a little sweling under my eyes(on my face) on waking up in the morning and drink a couple of pegs of Alcohol every day. My SGPT(ALT) level was 55 instead of a normal 41. My doctor told me to lay off alcohol and sleep well at night. Any suggestions on how to reduce the SGPT(ALT) level. Any help would be appreciated.
521646 tn?1212067669 You friend really does need to stop drinking alcohol as the elevated ALTs and GGT indicate alcohol damage. Along with the damage HepC is causing, he really is placing keep his Liver at risk. High GGT is not good. High ALTs also indicate damage is occuring. LabTest Online explation of GGT and what it is a marker for. From
Avatar m tn Hi all, I am a 36 year old male in good health & feeling well. I have been drinking quite heavily since I was around 18. I have quit for periods of months on several occasions. This June I decided to quit again. I had a liver function test & everything came back as normal except my Bilirubin which was 26 umol/l (normal 0-23 umol/l) I quit drinking & had another blood test a month later & it was still 26 umol/l. I was told that this should probably go down on my next blood test.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I am a 36 year old male in good health & feeling well. I have been drinking quite heavily since I was around 18. I have quit for periods of months on several occasions. This June I decided to quit again. I had a liver function test & everything came back as normal except my Bilirubin which was 26 umol/l (normal 0-23 umol/l) I quit drinking & had another blood test a month later & it was still 26 umol/l. I was told that this should probably go down on my next blood test.
Avatar n tn If one was to be stopped for an offence relating to drinking and driving is there the possibility that higher than normal alcohol readings in the blood may be given due to the adverse affect MTX can have on the blood. IE what would be considered below legal alcohol limits under normal circumstances could be increased by the presence of MTX in the blood due to the abnormally high ratio of alcohol to blood cell count and platelets.
1564087 tn?1308951118 sense then i've had thyroid and hormonal levels checked and all are normal!!!!!! they are trying to put me back on birth-control pills but i've been on them for over 2 years and didnt help at all. plus i'm at more of a risk with bloodclots cause of my heart valves. i'm thinking about getting my ovaries removed at this point... it's so bad i've even lost jobs. i really don't know what it could be... please any ideals would really help! i know this is alot... i'm only 24 years old.
Avatar m tn after following a diet in three months my enzyme gradually decreases and in the fourth blood test they become normal and the doctor said perfect. however, i cannot digest many of the foods (mainly vegetables) and see a lot of undigested food in my stool. i started to think that my liver is not working properly although enzymes are normal. can this be the case?
691935 tn?1421030690 ALT and AST levels mean nothing. I had normal ast and alt up to 2000 and next blood work was done in 2003 and they were 50 to 60 and low vl. I was also dx with hepc and cirrhosis. My ast and alt still hover between 55 and 65. As for diet, I was a vegetarian for 19 years (I ate beets but didn't juice them).
Avatar m tn Unexpected loss of weight and over-sensitivity to alcohol were reason to visit a doctor. Blood tests were normal except tryptase level of 24 ng/ml. This result could possibly indicate mastocytosis. Since then yearly check of liver and bone-marrow functions in the blood. Only problem (?) is tryptase level gradually rising to 34ng/ml in 4 years. Weight has stabilized. I dont drink alcohol any more. General health condition is ok, so there is no reason for unpleasant diagnostics.
Avatar m tn if my levels are good, should my libido be as well? And should I start worrying about something else instead.. If I had learned that there was only 0,000001% chance for me to permanently loose my libido when taking this, I would of course NEVER have touched it! Is this a renown great pharmaseutical scam that everyone should know about?..
Avatar n tn I have really cut back on the alcohol recently (have abstained completely for past 2 wks) and yesterday I had another blood test done and my levels are now 44 SGOT & 88 SGPT. I can't understand why my SGPT has risen. As I understand it if alcohol is the cause of elevated enzyme levels then SGOT would typically be higher than SGPT by a ration of 2:1. So if it's not alcohol then why the rise? I also get gout and recently started allopurinol 200mg daily - could this be the cause?
Avatar m tn Normal range on Quest diagnostics is 9 - 60. If you drink a lot of alcohol quitting may improve your ALT. If it is due to something else - hepatitis c or b, for example, you may need to take medication. Regardless, you should see a doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist, who can order blood tests to determine what is causing your enzyme elevation. ALT is a liver enzyme and when it is elevated it reflects the fact that liver cells are dying at a higher than normal rate.
Avatar f tn Use of many other prescription and non-prescription drugs, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), lipid-lowering drugs, antibiotics, histamine receptor blockers (used to treat excess stomach acid production), antifungal agents, antidepressants, and hormones such as testosterone, can increase GGT levels. Smoking can also increase GGT. Gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) levels may be used to determine the cause of an elevated alkaline phosphatase (ALP).