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Avatar n tn 4 would mean your incoherent.......... so I highly doubt anyone would be able to function at .44 blood alcohol level. About how much you would need to consume, I believe it varys. If I'm correct, I think .44 blood alcohol level is standard, people may have higher tolerances and might take more to get there, but I believe .44 or any level would be standard, although I really don't know. Someone here should know. Good luck, and keep your head up.
Avatar f tn 29 oz) If you have 2 of that size within that hour your blood alcohol level will go up. If you have two in less than half an hour you will no doubt be over the legal driving limit. Women metabolise alcohol faster than men, and smaller bodies do so faster as well. So No, the Graves is not the issue. The amount and time of the drinking is the issue. I know from having been in the US the glass for wine is in Australia we have a law that it must be only 275ml or less.
Avatar n tn TreeHugger - Just went through the cold turkey without any DT's. Been drinking/drugging for 30 years. Email me @ ***@**** if you wanna chat.
Avatar m tn I don't think there is a medical diagnosis for "alcoholism". They can check blood alcohol level, and they can check the organs to see if they've sustained damage from things like alcohol. For instance, a blood test would indicate whether your liver is working correctly ( at least at that moment in time. ). I would suggest reading the medical charts carefully to see what they actually diagnosed.
Avatar f tn 40 g/d in women) and advanced grades of fibrosis in patients with hepatitis C,46 47 but the effect of mild or moderate alcohol use has been less clear. In a recent study assessing the effects of a range of alcohol intake levels on fibrosis in HCV-infected patients, Monto et al reported no association between light (0 to 20 g/d) or moderate (20.1 to 50 g/d) alcohol use and mean fibrotic score.48 Heavy alcohol use (>50 g/d) was associated with a significant increase in mean fibrotic score.
Avatar n tn The side-effects of these meds doesn't sound too appealing to me and I could deal with my old level of anxiety just fine, so if I could just get back to the lesser level of anixety I'd be fine. I just feel so bad though, I used to be very in control of my head. I don't even have anxiety towards a thing most of the time (I do periodically but I can control it), I have anxiety of like anxiety itself, and possibly having a heart problem.
Avatar f tn Carbamazepine lowers the concentration of lamotrigine in the blood. Valproate doubles the plasma level of lamotrigine, and the level of valproate is decreased by about 25% in people taking lamotrigine. Phenobarbital and primidone lower the plasma level of lamotrigine by about 40%. Oral contraceptives can lower the plasma level of lamotrigine by as much as 50%. Interactions with other prescription and over-the-counter drugs are not known at this time. 17.
Avatar m tn Studies have shown that during the ascending phase of blood alcohol level, heart rate stimulation occurs. The mechanism is not well understood. Theories are either liver enzyme disruption or oxygen sat levels coming back up. ANother theorie is that as alcohol is cleaned up by the liver, it can break down into certain harmful compounds. SO I take this to mean that we should never let our BAC levels start to go down,, no no no, just kidding!
Avatar n tn On these occasions I speak of (maybe 4 times in 2 years), all alcohol effects seem exaggerated. This happened last night while Christmas Caroling with some friends. I had 3 small glasses of egg nog, we sang for about 30 minutes, I remember getting our photos taken before we went back inside but nothing after that. My wife said I was acting really drunk, she got me home and into bed and I don't recall any of this. On other occasions a single drink has affected my like 6-8.
Avatar n tn However, I have a high tolerance to the effects of alcohol so I am not drinking to get drunk. I know that I drink far too much and that if a did not drink I would not have the problem but I consider drinking a lifestyle choice not a dietry one. I have a good general diet and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. I also take ranitidine for a hiatus hernia but there have been periods when I stopped taking this so I do not believe it is a side effect.
Avatar m tn If it was because I faild to take my meds, I'm not sure but I did have a few doctors that didn't know what they were doing. I saw one in North Carolina that didn't even take a blood level test. I had a doctor in the VA; yes I'm a veteran during the Viet Nom area who didn't see me for over a year. - I spent $14000.00 using my credit cards and I'm still suffer from that. With this disorder you tend to drink and I've been drinking more than the average bear long before my bipolar happened.
Avatar n tn There are a number of studies that recommend avoid any acetaminophen with any level liver damage, and if you have HCV, you have 'some' level of damage. Narcotics and alcohol are are bad mix. You forget to do things, like breath! You're really putting an unnecessary strain on your liver. And if, God forbid, you have to go on a transplant list, one of the first issues addressed is what your drinking and drug use are. Things to ponder............
Avatar n tn Note that most antihistamines cause reduced level of alertness and even overt sedation and these effects are enhanced by alcohol. You can take a newer antihistamine, such as levocetirizine, that does not enter the brain or even cetrizine. Do not even consider benadryl or diphenhydramine preparations as they depress your central nervous system reflexes.
Avatar m tn It's possibly the most disturbing symptom for me 7) Increased mean corpuscular volume A sign of alcohol damage is raised MCV (bigger red blood cells) in the blood. Whilst mine have always been towards the high end of normal, this value is now OVER the nornal range Other possible causes of this have been excluded So the question is , how significant is this value in the absence of any other blood parameter of alcohol abuse ( I have normal liver function tests, including gammaGT)?
Avatar n tn More than likely, this has something to do with your blood sugar level. Alcohol lowers your blood sugar level, especially if you drink quite a bit. Just make sure you eat something- fruit is probably a good idea- and see if it helps.
Avatar m tn uk/individuals/health-information/directory/a/alcohol-effects-of Alcohol dilates blood vessels and brings more blood to smaller vessels. If tingling is caused by circulation problems alcohol might help temporarily (before it goes into destruct mode). Alcohol slows nerve signals. Tingling can come from too much repeated firing of nerve signals. When those signals are temporarily inhibited by alcohol the tingling might stop (but chronic alcohol use can cause permanent numbness.
172336 tn?1202258241 I have seen lots of folk whos immediate response, prompted by a well-meaning but misguided family Doc or relative, to a diagnosis of HCV is to dump all the alcohol in their house, to no longer take communion or drink at Christmas or whatever overreaction) to be made to feel guilty or to delay important treatment just because they drink occasional alcohol.
Avatar f tn Sure, its BETTER if you aren't drinking and I certainly advise my patients not to drink more than 7 standard drinks per week (in fact, alcohol consumption at that level or lower is a prerequisite for funding therapy in Aus), but there is little evidence to suggest low level social alcohol consumption of this sort impairs your response to treatment in any measurable way or accelerates your liver disease (assuming you don't have an alcohol PROBLEM or alcohol related liver disease to start with.
Avatar f tn Well, I just got back from my doctor's and he said all of my blood work is normal. He said drinking alcohol is causing gastritis and if I continue, it will only get worse. This is terrible for my social life but great news for my fickely gastro thingy magingies. :) Besides, nothing good ever comes from a night out drinking, and now my friends have a designated driver!
Avatar f tn You happen to be in complete denial about the effects of alcohol on you. Here is what a friend of mine posted to a pubic forum. Is this how you want to leave your wife and children - thinking about you? "In the spring of '99 i quit my foul tempered, sedentary, alcoholic, 4 packs a day husband. In Feb. 2001 he died, poor guy, of complications of emphysema and diabetes.
363682 tn?1299492962 This may be a normal reaction of your body since hot and spicy meals as well as alcohol may cause dilation of blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the area which causes the flushing. However,it is best to have this assessed by your physician.Hormonal imbalance, an underlying allergic reaction,and certain medications may cause this. Have your cervical spine checked by your physician. A cervical spine headache may be a differential.
Avatar f tn "But I do take issue that this discussion group mostly represents those who have had side effects on the more severe side" hi Jim, this place IS a life line to me,,,BUT I was 'trying' to point out that we do not have enough posts from people when things are going good. They are important also. That's part of the reason so may people fear treatment,I believe.Thats why I wanted to make sure i posted that my start was fine, 'for the ones waiting to tx.
Avatar n tn A person can be symptom-free and they stumble upon the knowledge during routine blood tests for employment, insurance, blood donation etc. And, since duration of infectiion is not necessaril indicative of amount of liver damge, the biopsy is recommended. Once a person has hcv there is really no inactive time. Enzymes may be in the lower ranges and viral loads may fluctuate, but it's always there.
Avatar n tn it's a fact that this is a lot less hard on the system while youre treating, then alcohol is, at least my doc told me this...and I've heard and read the same. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn other than Valium, (Valium is the only Benzodiazepine in which there are no tranquilizers) your body can still withdrawal even if you dropped your dose slowly because Benzodiazepines have tranquilizers (excluding Valium) and do not level in the blood stream giving your brain the conclusion it is not receiving the GAMMA 5 drug it will be looking for.
Avatar n tn Hi... I first want to say how happy I am to have found this site! It's been the very best source for me in the last week than I could have hoped for. Regarding the drinking vs. meds. I stopped my daily glass (or two) of wine cold turkey 1 yr ago Feb. I began getting ill due to the fact I was also taking Lortab and Oxy everyday for chronic joint/back pain. I thought I was "smart" enough to cut out the alcohol so I would be "kind" to my liver. Have a 13 yr old daughter.
Avatar n tn I also get flu like aches, and the pain is so bad I literally have to go to bed within an hour of consuming alcohol. My doctor sent me for blood tests (B12 and folic acid) but they were normal. My cancer hospital says it could be nerve damage from the chemo, but have never heard of this otherwise, and my extensive blood tests there are normal too. It's driving me mad, I'm not a frequent drinker but having the choice taken away is very annoying!
Avatar n tn As a nurse and an EMT (emergency med technician), I have seen the terrible effects alcohol has on people when taking Wellbutrin. I remember one ambulance clln in particular where a young woman who was taking Wellbutrin drank alcohol one night and ended up having a seizure, stopped breathing , and her heart stopped beating. We had to perform CPR on her right in front of her two young children. They cried and we pounded on her chest to bring life back into her.
Avatar n tn That I quit xanax and alcohol cold turkey. Doctor said my blood pressure was sky high. He prescribed me librium. And I eventually got a prescription to Naltrexone. Never used it. I now would like to quit drinking at 36. I promised my Mother. I take 2 mg of xanax a day which helps. But I can drink a 5 liter box of wine in 2.5 days. No hangover. I'm fearful of rehab. I hear bad stories about lack of treatment and bad food. In short, I don't want to feel imprisoned.