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Avatar f tn If it was the urine Ethyl Glucuronide or ETG test then this can test positive even several days after alcohol consumption. It can give false positive tests with exposure to hand sanitizers, after shave lotions, perfumes, medications, hygiene products, cosmetics, foods and other product. Breath alcohol test can give similar false positive result. Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus can cause false positive alcohol tests.
Avatar f tn alcohol tested,I was just dropped from the program for testing positive for alcohol for the third time I DO NOT DRINK!!! I am Diabetic. Could my diabetes be the problem?
Avatar f tn I have had two doctors run blood tests on me and both times they showed completely negative for alcohol. Does anyone know anything else that could cause a high score for alcohol in the urine test but negative (0)on my blood tests.
177465 tn?1288242063 She is very worried as to whether she could have gotten date rape drug and taken advantage of or if the positive blood test is a false result. She said that if she did get taken advantage of, it would have been around the time of ovulation and she is due for AF tomorrow. I know how childish all this probably sounds, but it's a true story and is very scary! Please post back if you have ever had a false positive on a blood test! Thanks so much!
Avatar m tn i recently had a false positive come up and had my hydrocodone taken away i have severe arthritis my rf is well above 700 and ive very recently survived a major stroke, i also have high bp,cholesteral and doc just told me my white blood cell count has raised dramaticly and he doesnt know why im 50 years old and i havnt done alcohol or drugs since 1991, i am in severe pain constantly since the stroke, and my doc refuses to retest please if anyone tell me why it came up positive id appreciate it
2088963 tn?1332693095 In an otherwise healthy individual a raised AP could be due to false positive test and the test should be repeated. If it is still high then other mentioned causes should be ruled out. Please discuss with your treating doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn html here's a site that explains how you can get a false positive for barbiturates. You'll have to go through this long list though. Best wishes finding your answers.
Avatar n tn Mate I had a positive elisa a couple of weeks back and just reeived my western blot result yesterday. It as negative. False positives do happen. Anything can cause them. Your risk is extremely low and probably zero so I am sure you will be negative.
Avatar f tn Loratab wont get rid of HCV in any amount . If it did i am sure many of us here would take the near death amount of that instead of going through months and months of treatment with the current Standard of Care. Just kidding but it wouldn't it be tempting. : ) You may have just tested positive for the Antibody but they did not follow through with a viral load test. Or they did the viral load test and it was undetectable.
Avatar f tn this leaves them antibody positive, RNA negative. The initial HCV screening tests have a considerable degree of false positive results; they’re a cost effective means of screening large groups of people, and rely heavily on follow up testing. Your AST result isn’t overly elevated; Quest Diagnostics lists a reference range (normal range) of 10-35 UL; and ALT enzyme is generally more specific to liver disease than AST.
535089 tn?1400677119 This document, leaked by a disillusioned company employee, lists more than 250 over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs that can cause false positives.
Avatar f tn Well, I just got back from my doctor's and he said all of my blood work is normal. He said drinking alcohol is causing gastritis and if I continue, it will only get worse. This is terrible for my social life but great news for my fickely gastro thingy magingies. :) Besides, nothing good ever comes from a night out drinking, and now my friends have a designated driver!
Avatar n tn That I quit xanax and alcohol cold turkey. Doctor said my blood pressure was sky high. He prescribed me librium. And I eventually got a prescription to Naltrexone. Never used it. I now would like to quit drinking at 36. I promised my Mother. I take 2 mg of xanax a day which helps. But I can drink a 5 liter box of wine in 2.5 days. No hangover. I'm fearful of rehab. I hear bad stories about lack of treatment and bad food. In short, I don't want to feel imprisoned.
363682 tn?1299492962 This may be a normal reaction of your body since hot and spicy meals as well as alcohol may cause dilation of blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the area which causes the flushing. However,it is best to have this assessed by your physician.Hormonal imbalance, an underlying allergic reaction,and certain medications may cause this. Have your cervical spine checked by your physician. A cervical spine headache may be a differential.
Avatar n tn A person can be symptom-free and they stumble upon the knowledge during routine blood tests for employment, insurance, blood donation etc. And, since duration of infectiion is not necessaril indicative of amount of liver damge, the biopsy is recommended. Once a person has hcv there is really no inactive time. Enzymes may be in the lower ranges and viral loads may fluctuate, but it's always there.
Avatar f tn I don't drink but my urine tests are positive for alcohol. Im also diabetic. Im about to be kicked off a suboxone program and I feel helpless.
Avatar n tn Intense exercise can temporarily raise ALT/SGOT and AST/SGOT (the latter especially), and also CPK (if that is high too, points to exercise as a cause) and possibly other ones (LDH) (I am not sure about this one). Having blood done while sore could raise the risk of a false positive. Waiting a sufficient time after the last exercise before the test could help.
Avatar m tn The reason for this is that the antibody test occasionally has false positive/false negative results. The RIBA test should be considered quite specific for HCV exposure. If the RIBA result is positive, this is generally followed up with a “HCV RNA by PCR” test, which confirms or denies the presence of active virus. The important thing to remember is that a positive antibody test doesn’t always mean that the patient is infected with HCV RNA, the active Hepatitis C virus.
Avatar n tn Actually, I just wanted to know if alcohol in my blood could have created a false negative. I'm not doing any more testing. The testing they do at NY Presbyterian is as follows: Combined test (non type specific). If any positive result, then they test specific If still a need, they use Western Blot They advised me that if I was positive to either HSV 1 or HSV 2, it would show up in the combined test and that there was no need for a type specific test.
Avatar m tn Well Biokits only provide positive or negative. If negative then all good. If positive then a false positive cannot be ruled out.
Avatar m tn Doctor has said before that Rapid Test have little problem with false positive. ELISA dont have such a problems. Better check with ELISA.
Avatar n tn Ask for a blood test, it is a lot more conclusive. Also, can we see pics of you running wearing a trash bag? LOL Only kidding......
Avatar m tn ), does that indicate there's a good chance that your Low Positive is really a False Positive for HSV-2? By the way, my HSV-1 is negative, so I know that doesn't help my chances of my Low Positive being a False Positive. A big part of my anxiety these days is that, if I'm actually Negative, my 2nd blood test wasn't even necessary! My first test was equivocal.
Avatar n tn Based on what I have read, this might either be a false positive test, or my infection may be from a long ago. To my knowledge, I have never been tested for STDs before, although I have regular physicals and life insurance medical tests, so they might be included. I also do not believe my wife has been tested for STDs, although she might have been during the pregnancies for our children. We have oral and vaginal sex for 14 years and we have both been entirely asymptomatic for STDs.
1549643 tn?1495762953 The combo test would make more of a false positive issue then a false negative just because the IgG results would combine HSV-1 and HSV-2 in the same boat. If one would be found you wouldn't know which of the two or if was both. There is no such test that is type specific for IgM for HSV-1 or HSV-2. There is only one true type specific test for HSV and that is IgG. I would say just do the HSV type specific herpeselect testing at the same time not at two different times.
Avatar m tn Welcome to MedHelp Lyme -- Good for you for plowing ahead to deal with Lyme -- and it's harder to do when those close to you either see it differently or don't understand the split in the medical community. Have you read Dr Burrascano's Lyme treatment guidelines? If not, you might take a glance through them -- they are helpful in getting the big picture of Lyme, as well as the details when there is an aspect you want to know more about.