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Avatar n tn Like potatoes, then beef, then chicken, cauliflower etc etc It' s as though I was/am still getting allergic to all these foods. I strongly suspect an ulcer or severe gastritis ( I already had some gastritis which was asymptomatic, but had been revealed on endoscope a couple years back) I am down to rice and oatmeal and some beans. Most other foods make me intense feel queasy and like throwing up - until it passes which takes about 3 hrs.
Avatar n tn I have also been diagnosed with IBS. However I start bloating about 10-20 minutes after eating. Sometimes the bloating is so severe it causes me to have shortness of breath. Currently I am taking Prilosec to see if the dyspnea will go away. The doctor has done a bacterial overgrowth test that was negative. I am scheduled for a Gastric Emptying study next week. Is there other things that can be causing the bloating.
Avatar n tn I been having bloating but in the upper part of my stomach, sometimes it's so bad I cant bend over and it puffs out and makes me look round. I had stomach issues on the past, colonoscopy, two endoscopies and nothing, My stomach stopped working after I have birth 6 years ago and and slow to wake up the end time I gave birth. This is making my crazy... what could it be?
Avatar f tn Is bloating a common feeling after eating, even a small meal? I'm going thru so many unknown feelings right now,I'm only 2 wks into tx. I think i had my first experience of either riba rage or brain fog; I dont know which or it was both. I woke feeling depressed and mad. Yelled at my husb. knowing darn well all was done that I asked. I felt like a feather; very light. Once I got off to work those feelings started to subside.
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone , My dad has an ulcer in his stomach , but none of the common symptoms are there (vomiting,bloating, nausea , indigestion,loss of appetite and the rest of them . another weird thing , only after midnight he starts feeling the pain in his stomach . P.s he smokes , drinks and he is over fifty .
Avatar n tn 7G3WI've been suffering from an ulcer on the inside of my vagina wall for about 8 mos. now.
Avatar n tn I have had severe abdominal bloating since April and look 8 months pregnant. I was worried about a stomch ulcer, cancer etc. I am ALWAYS uncomfortable and in dull daily pain that never goes away. My stomch and liver area hurt. What could be going on?
Avatar m tn hi Doctor i have been having this stomach bloating and cramps for over a year now, and i suspect i could have a disease or condition which has not been diagnosed by doctors. the problem started over a year ago during one night where i suffered from watery black diahrrea along with excruiating stomach cramps. this diarrhea and stomach cramps lasted for around 3 days, i was even woken up by the extreme pain in the middle of the night and i had to drive myself to the A & E.
429700 tn?1308011423 It goes into spasms and will not let the liver and pancreas fluid flow like they should which in turn cause bloating and pain. They did surgery to cut that muscle. No more bloating and within two week weight back to normal. Corrected the problem, but now I wonder if this could be related to MS. Another muscle problem?? Just a thought for you.
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone , My dad has an ulcer in his stomach , but none of the common symptoms are there (vomiting,bloating, nausea , indigestion,loss of appetite and the rest of them . another weird thing , only after midnight he starts feeling the pain in his stomach . P.s he smokes , drinks and he is over fifty .
Avatar f tn I have a nauseated/bloating/pressure directly below my sternum. It's not painful. However, sometimes I feel as though I can't swallow or anything. I had a Upper GI in 2005 that showed nothing. Although, I'm convinced that something is wrong. Could I have grown an ulcer or hiatal hernia? Smells and everything make me nauseated more than I can describe. I even was wondering if it could be some sort of bacteria. My total blood count did show a rise in white blood cells.
Avatar f tn Hello. I just had a pneumonia almost 2 months ago and i had ulcer last November but already been cured by pantoprazole domperidone. Now i feel like my ulcer reoccured again coz im having heartburn,stomach pain and bloating and nauseous. My question is can i take pantoprazole again even though i just had pneumonia and still having shortness of breath and chest pain? Pls help coz i dont know what really is the cause of my difficulty in breathing is it from having pneumonia or my ulcer.
Avatar m tn I have had chronic stomach issues - constipation, bloating, pain in pelvic area. In addition, I burp excessively (just in the last month). When I am finally able to use the restroom, my stool is extremely hard and causes rectal bleeding. Any ideas appreciated. Sorry to be graphic.
Avatar m tn bloating after eating (sometimes), upset stomach (often, especially after coffee), stomach pain pretty much right between the breastbone and navel, heartburn (frequently but not always), lack of appetite (sometimes), and belching (frequently). Sometimes the pain is relieved by eating, sometimes it's made worse. Over the past 3-4 months I've had two episodes of burping acid back into my mouth but I don't know if that's related or not.
Avatar f tn In the last year I suddenly developed - severe case of Asthma ( off work for 10 weeks) terrible painful bowel symptoms, gas, abdominal bloating, reflux and belching. The pain at times was so severe I was doubled over. Thankfully through my work I heard about gluten intolerance and the severe and disabling symptoms. 21 July 08 - I decided to adjust my diet and just see. The next day I felt so much better and the day after I felt like a new person!!
Avatar f tn Ulcers can be tender if you have other symptoms as belching, bloating maybe some nausea... possible it is an ulcer. I would suggest some xrays to rule things out, its never fun to guess whats wrong causes you stress and anxiety that your body doesnt need at this state.
Avatar m tn 1) Has anyone tried the herbal extract, Iberogast, for treatment for Functional (Non-ulcer) dyspepsia? Any comments, pro or con, would be greatly appreciated? 2) Has anyone with dyspepsia ever experienced long term (greater than a couple of months) right upper quadrant (RUQ) pain (front and back) that was not related to any gallbladder problems? I'm trying to figure out if dyspepsia can cause RUQ pain. Thanks!
Avatar m tn 1) Undigested food in stool 2) Soft Stool 3) White nut like stuff in my stool with a yoke like texture. 4) Bloating, passing wind soon after eating, burping more often 5) Appetite loss. 6) Malaise 2 days after a work out 7)Dry Patchy Skin, Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes (possible eczema) 8)Hair Falling 9) Crack in the middle of the tongue 10) Left toe is numb. 11) Extreme tiredness getting worse.
Avatar n tn I have melanosis in coli in my large intestine due to Colon Cleanz (I took for bloating) for too long. No ulcer or hernia visible. Could this be a symptom of ovarian cancer?
Avatar m tn The nights are being terrific for me now. All tests, including endoscopy are normal and no ulcer. I have been told that I am medically fit. one doctor has prescribed the following medicine (but not effetive). Cintrapride 1 mg 1-0-1 Librax 0-0-1 Please let me know the suitable medine.
Avatar f tn It really sounds like its gallstones which is nothing to panic about but you should get in to see your doctor. The only other things I could think of are an ulcer or crohns disease (highly doubtful). Im a paramedic so I know what im talking about BUT im not a doctor nor should you take my words as an actual diagnosis because not even the most experienced doctor can make an accurate diagnosis without examining you.
Avatar m tn Since having my second 3 years ago I have had bloating, pain and now upper GI problems, I have had every test going and am due to have a gastroscopy in 2 weeks my GP now wants me to have a blood test for elimation of ovarian cancer... This has scarred me to death! Can anyone suggest why??
Avatar f tn The few possible causes of your symptoms are peptic ulcer disease, Type III sphincter of Oddi dysfunction , irritable bowel syndrome, choledocholithiasis and microlithiasis, pancreatobiliary neoplasia, and musculoskeletal pain. You may need additional tests like ERCP, Endoscopy. Did you get liver function tests, serum amylase and lipase done? See a gastroenterologist and discuss above mentioned possibilities.
Avatar n tn for the last couple years it seems, I've been suffering from a bloating stomach. not much else just that. i have some constipation at times but i have bowel movement once a day. i just bloat up hugely all the time. i seems like 2 things are going on. first is gas and lots of it. it seems to be never ending and nothing for it really works. it has made me miserable.
Avatar f tn Male 42 w/Abdominal bloating & pressure but no pain...just uncomfortable lower abdominal bloat at the moment but it seems to move around my abdomen day to day. I had 1 or 2 days where I felt fine but it's back. Started over a week ago with pressure in my right side low back...more noticeable when driving my car with my back up against seat. Back pressure remained but seemed to move around to my side and then right side of abdomen. A day later almost ulcer-like sensation in center abdomen.
Avatar m tn Chronic hunger pangs and my stomach always feels bloated and is sore to the touch. My fiance thinks I have an ulcer. What do all of you think? It's now my fourth day up at 3 a.m. because I can't sleep. I could really use some advice.
Avatar m tn You can consider a variety of other causes for bloating, including a variety of upper GI conditions like an ulcer or inflammation of the upper GI tract. Celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome can also be considered. Evaluation can start with an upper GI series or an upper endoscopy. If warranted, imaging of the abdomen can be done with an ultrasound or CT scan to look at the gallbladder or liver.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping someone here may have a suggestion, before I'm forced to spend a fortune on a meager income to figure this out. My husband and I both have been having a problem with excessive flatus and painful bloating for a couple of months now. First it was gas, then stomach pain and now bloating. Extremely bad and painful for me. I feel like I have a rock or something hard sitting right under my sternum in my stomach.
Avatar f tn Another possibility can be peptic ulcer disease. For the same, I’ll suggest an endoscopy of the upper GI tract. If both the investigations are normal, then I don’t think there’s much to be worried about. I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind Regards.