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Avatar n tn Carb rich foods,such as whole grains,certain fruits,and some veggies contain fiber which can add bulk/density to your system, that can leave you feeling bloated and tired. Sometimes that added bulk from the carbs doesn't get broken down into energy. Carbs are healthy, but should be used in moderation by most us. Try eating smaller portions of carbs throughout the day, instead of all at once during one meal. You might also want to research online 'Carbohydrates and the Thirds Rule'.
Avatar m tn s and am now 59 and the bloating started up again! Tired of being a size 4 one day and an 8 another!
Avatar f tn Sounds like you are getting air in the stomach from the machine. It happens when the sphincter that should keep the stomach closed is weak, particularly in those who have reflux problems. It is also common in those with higher pressures. There are machines and settings for those with higher pressures to help out, particularly with exhalation relief. About the tiredness... Are you using a full face mask?
Avatar f tn Oh yes! Definately! When I was 5 weeks, I looked like I was 12 weeks. It was all bloating and constipation. Still look like Im 12 weeks but now I am 7. I still have bloating but not as bad. I am pretty petite so its was definately noticable.
Avatar f tn Is bloating a common feeling after eating, even a small meal? I'm going thru so many unknown feelings right now,I'm only 2 wks into tx. I think i had my first experience of either riba rage or brain fog; I dont know which or it was both. I woke feeling depressed and mad. Yelled at my husb. knowing darn well all was done that I asked. I felt like a feather; very light. Once I got off to work those feelings started to subside.
13089429 tn?1436041135 Boobs hurt and are almost ready for the next size up, crankiness, mood swings, some cramping, bloating, acne, very tired, increased urination and some food cravings. I'll be 6 weeks on monday.
Avatar m tn HI, I have been feeling bloating stomach for last one month, I took tablets nothing is working, Pl kindly suggest me to recover from this. Which is best treatment to get away form this disease which makes me much tired and blurry vision, fatigue, skin rashes.
Avatar f tn Then after those 2 weeks, I began to feel so tired and could not even climb the stairs in my house. I had the doctor order lab work and was shocked to see how low my labs are.I was on Synthroid 175 prior to switching to NT. I did read that Synthroid lingers in the blood for 2 weeks until total dissipation...I'm wondering if this is what caused the sudden decrease in labs and my extreme tiredness.
Avatar f tn I am not sure if this is related but I have a hard time falling asleep unless I am very tired, and always wake up after too little sleep feeling tired. The bloating is causing a lot of anxiety and very unhealthy, fluctuating eating habits as I never know what or how much to eat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am at a complete loss, and becoming very desperate.
Avatar n tn im 20 yrs old and ive been in and out of the city this month to get numerous tests done because i've been experiencing chronic stomach aches and bloating for atleast 3 year now. no matter if i drink a bottle of water or eat a bowl of cereal my stomach like swells up and it hurts. i got an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, some fluid screening thing, and an ultrasound to look for gall stones. the dr. said i have IBS and gastritis so i've been eating only things that agree with IBS and it doesn't help.
Avatar m tn Occasionally, I have a day where I go a lot, and some days not so much. BUt, my worst symptom is my daily bloating. The bloat gets so bad, it interferes with everything. I have tried many remedies, and they usually last a few weeks , then it returns. I have tried Probiotics, Anti-Anxiety (3 yrs), Activia, Fiber (both). I am 47 yo healthy and active. I eat well. I cannot figure triggers. Sexual relationships are futile because who wants to when bloated, and that is almost every day.
Avatar n tn I have had severe digestive problem for 3 years. I get extremely bloating everyday after eating and nothing helps. It feels like there is a lump in my intestines and the pain is horrible. I feel very full all the time and very tired. This all started after a vacation to the Dominican Republic where I got very sick with the same symptoms. They seemed to go away after a couple weeks when I had stopped eating for a couple of days.
Avatar m tn i had a normal period in june like clock work no symptoms from above.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago the day after I started my period I began bloating. Within 2 days I had gained 10 lbs. and went from wearing a size 3 to not even being able to get a size 12 on. I have been to my gyn. He did a pelvic ultra sound. Which showed my uterus was inlarged, but sayed this wouldn't cause this much bloating. He sent me to a internist. Who tested my colon and did blood work, she said that was all fine. She sent me to a gastr. Dr. He sent me to get a gall bladder ultra sound.
Avatar f tn my pants feel tight, more in the evening. what on earth! i dont remember this bloating with my son. im trying to be so good i dont want to gain much weight. will this bloating slow down or end?? oh my it has to stop haha. anyway i go tomarrow for my 3rd blood test and then we will schedule my appt and an ultrasound. also i have pain (not bad) that keeps coming and going on my right side. streching already? normal? im a coo coo right now about every little discomfort. thanks ladies.
Avatar n tn I only weigh 124 and am 5'5. But I have love handles and swollen feet. The main problem is the bloating above my waist, where the esophagus and stomach meet? I am also taking Gas-X daily, but the bloating is still there. I've been under extreme stress for the past couple of years due to my husband's disability, but things are calming down, so now I'm concentratiing on me. Does this sound like a cortisol problem due to the stress? Some days, I look like I'm 4 months pregnant.
Avatar f tn I read somewhere (sorry I don't have the reference) that when taking opiates, you build up extra waste in your intestines and it causing bloating. I don't know how true it is. Stomach bloating is also a common symptom with constipation which we all know is common when using pain meds. If you are seeing actual instestinal distention (stomach is swollen and hard) get yourself to the dr. immediately.
Avatar f tn He does have very bad pain in the morning untill he goes to the bathroom so what tests can be done. I am so tired of doctors telling him it's IBS . After reading some comments that I read I think he may have a lot of air in his stomach but not sure.
Avatar f tn I have constant stomach "pain"...mild...with or without food and I always feel bloated. Lot of gas lately and low iron....VERY TIRED and feel run down....had a colonoscopy and it looks "ok"...what could it be?
Avatar n tn I have had a dull achy headache, nausea, and excessive bloating. I have also been excessively tired and worn out. I have not had any change in my diet and cannot pinpoint what makes it worse. It is becoming hard to function throughout the day. I can never get enough sleep and I don't enjoy life at this point. There is absolutely no chance of pregnancy, so I can rule that out. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I'm posting this question for my mother. She is 62yo, 5'4", 125lbs and has been experiencing abdominal bloating >10yrs, most often after meals. She has controlled GERD with medication and a hiatal hernia. She has occasional diarrhea but nothing noteworthy. She has had upper and lower GI series, EGD, colonoscopy, abdominal U/S, and recently labwork for Celiac Disease. Everything has returned unremarkable or negative.
967733 tn?1247526944 Hi Welcome to the forum! Common causes like overeating, lack of exercise, diabetes, hypothyroidism have to be ruled out in your case. Hence you must look for other causes. One is water retention due to low serum protein. This along with anemia can cause unexplained weight gain. Adrenal gland problems are the other cause. Cushing’s syndrome should be looked for. The kidney function too should be assessed. Certain medications like antidepressants cause weight gain.
Avatar f tn I have abdominal pain after eating too . I'm also almost always tired and feel nauseous alot with the pain or bloating or fullness. I have had a few tests and they don't think it's my liver or my gallbladder or stones. I've had an ultrasound, blood work and an Upper GI and they stil haven't found anything...Can anyone give me any ideas what it could be?
Avatar f tn Ultrasound showed small simple cyst. No biggy, no worries. Symptoms persisted and got worse, especially the bloating (I look 4,5 months preggers all the time). After a shift at my hospital, I headed to the E.R. due to the pain but mostly because I was tired of being uncomfortable all the time. U/S showed a complex cyst in the same spot but bigger. This was a week ago. Bloating all the time now. At first it was up and down but now it is sticking around.
Avatar f tn that made me start going...I also kept apple juice 2 bc I was so tired of water...The bloating I take rolaids/tums the assorted flavor bc the plain nasty...