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Avatar f tn You didn't really say what quitting smoking did to your anxiety level or what other maladies you might have now or in the past (such as diabetes, gall stones, etc...) that could put two and two together. Just a WAG here, but perhaps quitting smoking made you anxious and created a cause and affect situation. Smoking does play a role in how your body functions and its affect on blood vessels, even psychological addiction.
Avatar m tn The last straw for me was going to a party of 30 people and I was the only smoker. I quit smoking less than 24 hours later. Quitting smoking will be the best thing you ever did. I hope to read this 1 year from now and know the quitting was best thing I could have ever done for myself as an adult. Good luck !!
903476 tn?1242240637 Funny, but I was thinking along the same lines with the weight gain and starting to smoke again, but, I really cannot go through quitting smoking again, no way! We are done, Linda, Done! We've known each other coming up on 4yrs and we Finally are smoke free and never going back. I began cutting my calories a few days ago and walking as much as I can. Nothing to wear since nothing fits so I walk after dark, lol...
Avatar n tn I have never heard anything about constipation being a side effect of quitting??? Further more, I have never, ever heard that smoking helps keep someone regular! I'm taking a backseat to this one. Anyone out there know anything about this?
Avatar n tn I didn't exercise as much as I was, It was winter and with the quitting smoking, I became a little depressed. Again, still taking my 200 mg of Seroquel my life was spinning out of control. I was feeling very sad, since I quit smoking, my digestive system has gone haywire and there isn't a doctor that can figure out why. Everytime I eat, I bloat, I have extreme constipation, my body is bloated and I just keep gaining more and more weight.
Avatar n tn It can increase the amount of air you take in, and thus increasing the amount of gas that builds up in this area. After cessation of smoking bloating is due to weight gain .After quitting smoking there is no intake of nicotine and as we all know nicotine is a substance that stimulates energy expenditure and mitigates feelings of hunger. So the bloating can be explained by excessive fat intake and intake of air while eating.
Avatar f tn Maybe some of your weight gain is water retention. Its really common in early pregnancy to bloat. Try watching your sodium intake and drink plenty of water. To help curb those smoking cravings I chewed a lot of gum and kept carrots and celery around to much on.
11294269 tn?1422406507 (Ideally, this is a habit you should break before getting pregnant. If you're still smoking and having trouble quitting, ask your caregiver for a referral to a smoking-cessation program.) Consider practicing yoga or a similar discipline to learn relaxation and good breathing techniques. Some people who are prone to hyperventilating tend to swallow more air when they're excited or anxious.
Avatar f tn I also want to add Bravo for quitting smoking! My mom is going on 10 yrs in remission from lung cancer. She was a long time smoker, had been quit several years when the cancer showed up. I've never smoked except the years of 2nd hand growing up in a house with smokers...So I try not to say what I would do, etc when I haven't "walked a mile".. My mom would tell you "Great job! And don't ever start smoking again.".
Avatar m tn I was able to quit quite easily cold turkey as after my first heart attack I found myself in a cold room getting heart stents inserted and was in the hospital for several days about twenty years ago. I'd center on quitting smoking then sort out the rest of your problems. Do keep us informed.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago the cough came back sporadically and I started having strange pains between shoulder blades severe stomach bloating and just all over feel weird, I started obsessing about dying every little symptom I had I obsessed about dying cried to My girlfriend that I was dying who would take care of my kids?! Can the pills cause thus obsession and anxiety ? Can the midsection bloating be caused by the pills? Has anyone experienced this or am I alone?
Avatar f tn After taking Chantix for 2 months I quit smoking, but found myself so tired and gaining weight. I know after quitting smoking weight gain is normal but... after further investigation i'd become hypothyroid . I'm now on thyroid medicine but still no weight loss and ive been exercising my brain off... no weight loss. Now.... I would never recommend Chantix to anyone.
154765 tn?1237251544 The weather is like what you have. I know hwere is the fall. SUZI do you think Ill develop another collspe lung?
Avatar n tn Hi. Actually, when I found out I was pregnant for my son, I was three months and I too was smoking. My doctor also told me not to quit smoking because it would be worse on the baby. I said cutting down slowly and eventually quitting is ok, but quitting "cold turkey" could'would send the baby into withdrawels, same as quitting coffee, sodas etc. But who knows, maybe only a doctor's opinion????
Avatar n tn I have felt a strange constant bloatedness for months now, and an uncomfortable sort of numbness in my abdomen. I attributed it to weight gain after quitting smoking several months ago. So it's air in my uterus that's been causing this feeling? I don't know how it got there - I have not had intercourse in a long time, so its not as a result of sex. I have a guess that because I suffer from flatulence that that somehow that could be an issue, but I don't know. Is this common? Is it treatable?
211563 tn?1189998110 Nothing like feeling miserable, quitting smoking AND having bowel issues. I am wondering if my abdominal swelling might be from the benefibre? Have you had any bloating in your gut since using it?
Avatar m tn Johnnie, Im sorry to say it, but it definitely is possible for your girlfriend to develop emphysema before age 30, especially given her extensive smoking history. Im only 25 years old, and have been smoking since I was 12, and this last year I was also diagnosed with emphysema and COPD after I was hospitalized for a collapsed lung.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been quite worried recently about some strange events relating to my heart. I am 24, 6'0", 220 lbs. no history of premature heart disease. Allow me to provide a timeline: 2 months ago: Tried friend's cocaine for 2nd time in life, was kept awake all night long with erratic and heavy heartbeat, possibly anxiety but didn't feel that way. Terrified me and vowed to never touch that evil stuff ever again 1 month ago: Smoked marijuanna joint with two friends.
1316053 tn?1279513097 Hi everyone, I have tried to quit smoking twice, once cold turkey (for 4 years), was VERY moody at first, and over the 4 years put on 20kg's. The second time, I took CHAMPIX, and honestly, they worked (while I was taking them), didn't have any withdrawals, didn't even think about them. I stopped for approx. 2 month's, they say the first 3 month's are the hardest.
Avatar f tn i just want to know if it is possible i am pregnant, or am i beginning my period cycle for the first time? and does quitting smoking have any affect on my period if i'm on birth control.
Avatar f tn it can be GERD, u do not have to have heart burn to have it and not eating will only make it worse as ur body will produce acids to break down the food and when there is no food to break down u will notice the pains more. Also if u r bloating as I am surmising from ur gas pains description, then it can be also affecting ur vagus nerve,....and yes it is wise to rule out ne heart issues so do look to family medical history to help understand what this may be....
Avatar m tn I but I could'nt, I couldn't even speak at times.. I thought quitting smoking would help, I smoked 50 cigarettes a day by the age of 22 so I quit smoking (still a non-smoker) but it didn't help even one bit. I tried some breathing method called buteyko which just made it worse because it made me think of my breathing which made it worse.. At that point I was sure it's anxiety. But then, few months later, I started having the WORST heartburns and crazy gas and bloating..
Avatar n tn Too long a struggle.....wish I knew then what I knew now about smoking...what a long long road to's still a challenge. Would also like to agree w/ earlier comment about cost...big pharma making lots off this stuff...happy to keep you addicted!!
Avatar n tn Please let me know if you have any remedies or diagnosis.
390388 tn?1279639813 Have still been having episodes of back pain, stomach pains/bloating and muscle aches threw out my body, lightheadedness, high BP, heart palpitations groin and ovary pains intermediately. Also have had pain for years right in between my my rib cage down the center of my stomach. Guessing that is my fatty liver. Anyhow.............. The appointment was just to get my meds refilled for my yearly bld work and visit though.
213398 tn?1202674074 Smoking cigarettes constricts the blood vessels, including the heart arteries. Constricted heart arteries cause angina. It's really that simple. I'm sure you have been warned by your health care providers that smoking is the single worst thing you can do to yourself.
Avatar n tn I have bloating at times just below my sternum (I will look like a pregnant woman). My skin has become spotty on my face and I have strange calcified bumps on my forehead mostly. This is going to sound outragous but I have had to have lots of dental work since this began, but right now I need 20 root canals! I am weak, have no appetite and my memory is terrible and my joints ache more at times than at others.
1872071 tn?1320291132 Anyone have similar symptoms? Also, what was your colonoscopy experience like? I am currently working on quitting smoking. If you are a smoker or used to be then what was your colonoscopy like? Will my Dr give me a checkup before the procedure? Thanks to anyone who answers. Just trying to understand what's happening to me and to have some support.
Avatar f tn It has gotten to the point of quitting my jobs and never leaving my trash cans side even though I never actually throw up (weird). After some research and learning about family history of gallbladder removals I had a HIDA scan done which showed 65%. Another doctor convinced me to have another 2 months later and it showed 41%. Ultrasound showed no stones. Has anyone had any experience with gallbladder problems causing nausea as the main symptom? I'm desperate to have my life back!