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Avatar f tn I recently took a dose of probiotic and experienced severe abdominal cramping, bloating and pain for over 6 hours and the next day I continued to have a burning pain in my back on the right side. Based on this reaction should I continue to take the probiotic's?
666921 tn?1254994218 I took Saccharomyces boulardii (aka S. boulardii). Kitty above describes it as a 'very beneficial yeast.' What the labels and the MDs don't tell you though is that like any yeast, in the wrong environment, the yeast can colonize your body, and set you up with a super sized yeast infection of your body/system. S.boulardii is relatively recent in the US but has been used in Europe for longer, and the medical literature is beginning to show reports of problems esp over there.
974371 tn?1424656729 Possibly. When I first started taking probiotics I produced enough gas to 'power Los Angeles,' or at least that was what it felt like. It subsided over a few days and since then I've been fine with them. I chalked it up to the good (the probiotics) were fighting the evil (whatever was in my system) and awaited the 'end of the war.' Having said that, understand one brand may not be the best choice for all individuals.
Avatar f tn Any tips on how to keep the gas under control? I eat pretty well.... I eat plenty of fiber and have probiotics, drink plenty of water... But even so my BMs are not perfectly regular.
329994 tn?1301666848 For the last 3 years, have had extreme bloating, not PMS bloating, but bloating and looking like I am 9 months pregnant. I eat very little and bloat immediately. I bloat no matter what type of food I eat, it doesn't matter. No one can find the answer. Last summer, I had an emergency appendectomy. While performing that operation, they noticed that my small intestine was blocked, so they took out a foot of my intestine.
Avatar n tn I been having bloating but in the upper part of my stomach, sometimes it's so bad I cant bend over and it puffs out and makes me look round. I had stomach issues on the past, colonoscopy, two endoscopies and nothing, My stomach stopped working after I have birth 6 years ago and and slow to wake up the end time I gave birth. This is making my crazy... what could it be?
Avatar f tn I have been reading a lot about probiotics, but I was hoping someone can give me input on taking them. I was told to take florastor. I have to admit I am bad about taking it, but I heard different info like liquid probiotics and what not. I also eat live culture yogurt. Will this help? Is there some good probiotic source I could be taking right now or should I just stick with florastor?
Avatar n tn I was only diagnosed with inflammation of my stomach and gastritis of the duodenum. I want to get rid of this chronic bloating and indigestion and sometimes pain on left side of chest. Has anyone taken probiotics and/or digestive enzymes and it make a difference? Ive read that just taking these two things might fully get rid of most of my symptoms instead of taking acid blockers once a day.
Avatar n tn Also have had burping even after drinking water- not a large amount of water.Has any one tried probiotics, to help with the excessive belching? This evening, I started belching after going to the ymca and it was so extreamly humid and hot, my belly started bloating excessively. I don't think I was swallowing air, but it was deffinately going in my abdomin.It made me feellike I couldn't breath tell I got the very large belches out.
Avatar m tn Hello hope you are doing well. I am happy to learn that you have responded to probiotics and are feeling fine.Probiotics are friendly bacteria, such as lactobacillus and bifidus which help prevent hemorrhoids. These help maintain a normal balance of the vaginal and anal flora and prevent infections that may cause hemorrhoids. Usually they are safe to use, although mild side effects such as gas and bloating may occur. High fiber diets, drinking lots of fluids and avoiding stress may help.
Avatar f tn cause the yeast or the probiotics - [I just know you are going to say 'probiotics' - but like to be for-warned] I have started 'doxy' again - on docs. advice. I am taking a probiotic - just a powdered one I bought at health shop.
974371 tn?1424656729 I've used both (I'm on daily probiotics and just recently was on antibiotics for pneumonia) and didn't really have many issues. The antibiotics gave me worse diarrhea but it clears up after time - nothing in regards to adverse effects being used together. In reality anything can have an adverse affect with any medication. Even just taking OTC pain meds. All things are given on a risk/benefits scale, and he seems to think this one will work best for you.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have this problem- I have bowl movement and then I have to lay down on bed, and massage all over my head for 10 minutes. When I take probiotics, this feeling gets worse. I do take olonzapine for sleep and have been on several anti-depressants before. This annoying thing began happening summer of 2009 and is not healing by itself. I do suffer from constipation time to time and sometimes it is chronic. I discussed this issue with my GP and she doesn't know what's going on.
Avatar n tn Not having frequent bowel movements may just mean you need more fiber. Frequent bloating could mean you could benefit from a digestive enzyme and/or probiotics. Or it could mean you're dealing with a global dysmotility issue, but the first things are waaaay more likely. So what to do? Add more fiber to your diet: at least 40g per day. Also drink more water. Try taking papaya extract supplementation with meals (or better yet, eating papaya with meals), particularly those with meat.
Avatar f tn I have had bloating and pressure in my stomach for over a year now. I have had KUB, x2 and CT all normal. Has gotten worse and it doesn't matter what I eat. I am a healthy eater, no meat, or fried/greasy foods and typically eat small meals all to no avail (loosing weight as well).Recently had a Gastroscopy and Dr. said I had alot of bile in the stomach and I tested positive for reflux. Dr. says it GERD and put me on Meds for this. I don't have any typical issues associated with GERD at all.
Avatar f tn ) and it feels soooooo uncomfortable. I drink a ton of water, I take probiotics and drink apple cider vinegar, eat fiber, I take miralax almost every other day to combat constipation, and I try to eat small meals instead of big ones. None of it helps. I even limit my gluten intake and I'm already lactose intolerant so I don't eat dairy. It's just so bad! I'm going to ask my dr what to do when I go there next week. If you figure out the solution let me know! Good luck!
Avatar m tn Occasionally, I have a day where I go a lot, and some days not so much. BUt, my worst symptom is my daily bloating. The bloat gets so bad, it interferes with everything. I have tried many remedies, and they usually last a few weeks , then it returns. I have tried Probiotics, Anti-Anxiety (3 yrs), Activia, Fiber (both). I am 47 yo healthy and active. I eat well. I cannot figure triggers. Sexual relationships are futile because who wants to when bloated, and that is almost every day.
Avatar f tn Yes both oral contraceptives and antibiotics can cause abdominal bloating. Take probiotics and see. If the bloating is due to antibiotics, it will settle down. If not, change your OCP and see. If still you do not benefit, then other causes will need to be looked at.
Avatar f tn It bothered me the entire time I took it. I gradually had bloating, distention of the stomach and tingling, numbness and a 'cold' sensation started later on. This hasn't gone away and has only improved about 30% since taking probiotics and eating a lot of fermented foods and coconut yogurt with live cultures. The Kevita probiotic drinks help the most. I have a 'lazy colon' and it's usually challenging to get the urge to have a bowel movement but now it's even worse!
Avatar n tn I tried taking digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride, but it doesn't seem to do the trick. What can I do to get rid of this bloating? Since I'm new here, II do hope you'd be able to answer my question because I've been having a hard time with all this bloating. Thank you so much!
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from extreme bloating for the pas two or three weeks. i feel like i need to burp really bad but i can not find anyway to release the air in my stomach. i am a 20 year old male and have had a notoriously poor diet my whole life. I also Drink around 10 cokes daily. Since my bloating has started I have quit drinking cokes and drastically changed my diet.I have also been taking large amounts of simeticone in the form of Gas-X and phazyme.
Avatar n tn No, but it could be letting bacteria through that would have been destroyed by the acid. If you're worried about this try taking probiotics. Bloating is usually caused when food lingers in your stomach undigested for too long. Given the pain, the bloating, and the likely possibility of heartburn, I'd be wondering about a few things: H. Pylori infection, gastroparesis, gastritis (which could be caused by both H. Pylori and gastroparesis).
Avatar n tn I had diarrhea for around 2 to 3 days. For the next couple of days until now, all my meals were accompanied with bloating, alot of burping and flatulence, and the thing I'm worried most is constipation. I would have only 1 BM everyday, and it would take time and abit of straining to pass them out. The stool is also thinner in diameter and alot lesser in load than the load I've eaten.
Avatar n tn i have done quite a bit of research, and i think what a lot of us are suffering from is something called Functional Abdominal Bloating. it is sort of like IBS without any of the other IBS symptoms; just the bloating and distention. i recommend you check it out and see if it fits your symptoms. the literature seems to recognize three reasons for these functional problems: dysmotility, visceral hypersensitivity, and some kind of disconnect between the brain and the gut.
Avatar n tn Hi. I'm a 31 yr old woman suffering from chronic bloating. It started about 6 yrs ago, I noticed that after eating my stomach would bulge out, making me look pregnant. I had a gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and xray of the small intestine, all normal. My doctor said I have IBS and must be stressed at work or at home. We tried medication such as Motilium, Zelnorm, and anti-depressants, but nothing really worked.
173975 tn?1216261375 Another new SX. Bloating between the 'girls' and bellybutton. Not below, but above. Looks like a wrap-around-about-to-burst ballooon. It's not painful or too uncomfortable but it sure looks awful! Anyone else get this inflated appearance in that region while on TX? Wyntre Oh, G1A, 32 weeks of 72 week TX.
429700 tn?1308011423 It goes into spasms and will not let the liver and pancreas fluid flow like they should which in turn cause bloating and pain. They did surgery to cut that muscle. No more bloating and within two week weight back to normal. Corrected the problem, but now I wonder if this could be related to MS. Another muscle problem?? Just a thought for you.
605458 tn?1265086851 Well eat yogurt with probiotics tonight, continue with same meds because if I don't I get the opposite - constipation
Avatar m tn org forum mentioned that it might be the main cause because someone there told me she took probiotics pills and it helped his immune system to fight the acne way more effectively. While I dont know if taking probiotics might help my acne problem but I think it's always worth a try AS LONG AS it doesnt give me any nasty side effects. so lets be straight to the point, is there any side effect from consuming probiotics pills?
Avatar f tn So ever since I was teenager I've always bloated after I ate but after I got married almost four years ago it started to get worse and I realized it wasn't normal. My symptoms have always been bloating after meals and constantly burping. The last couple of years they have worsened to my stomach constantly being bloated and hard as a rock. The burping has always been an issue. I wake up in the morning and I look normal but as the day goes on I get bloated and it gets harder.