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Avatar f tn Last night I had cramps in my lower stomach, bloating, and lower backaches. Could I be pregnant or it's just a late period?
Avatar f tn But doubtful you are pregnant--- you may be bloating due to a period coming.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you are having PMS symptoms right now so your period is probably just a little late this month. Absolutely nothing to worry about!
Avatar f tn I am always 21 days regular. Though my last period was 2 days late. I just hate not having my period on time. Can someone please tell me what's happening? BTW I don't experience any other pregnancy/ovulation symptoms like bloating, tender breasts, cramps, etc...
Avatar f tn I am 31-29 days late from my last period which would of been around the 8th or 10th of July. i am 23, i had sexual intercourse a week before this date. i was ment to start my period on the 8th of July but it came early... the 2nd of july it started. It wasn't blood, it was heavy brown discharge with tissue..i had to wear a panty liner. i start my period every after 21 to 23 days. i have had cramps, bloating and abdominal pain, it wasn't a major pain though.
Avatar n tn HELP!!! I am a college student who is late (8 days to b exact). MY last period was Feb. 7. and very normal. I have taken 2 HPT and they were both negative, I just got blood work done because they said that that would let me know for sure if I was since I still havent gotten my period. I have been having normal pre-menstrual feelings like I do every months (i.e. upset stomach, bloating, tired, irritability, cramps). I have also been having these kind of sharp twitches in my right side.
Avatar f tn I read online about other women with this problem, who were up to a month late for their period. I'm younger than normal, and I know it was wrong and that I shouldn't have done anything to put me in the situation. But how much of a risk am I at for being pregnant? Could my period just be delayed by the cipro?
Avatar f tn another thing is i think i ovulated late, because i had the flu may 21st for a week. do y'all think i ovulated late and my period is gonna be late or is discharge like that normal? i really really don't think i'm pregannt because i had no intercoruse. i'm also having normal pms symptoms for me like bloating, body aches, cramps, chocolate cravings, and mood swings. another thing is that my areolas are puffier and my nipples are larger.
Avatar f tn I have some crumps in my lower abdominal, a little bit tender breasr and nipples( I had this symptoms before my period most of the time) I feel bloating and kind of tired. I have discharges but when I search it's for both before period and early pregnancy symptoms. I took 2 home pregnancy test 1 week ago and i twas negative. I never been 20 day slate. ANd I am not sure I am pregnant because we are not trying to have baby yet.
Avatar f tn Incidentally, the only way to know when you ovulate is by tracking your body temperature. Period apps tend to assume everyone ovulates on day 14, and that is often not true.
Avatar f tn I've learned my lesson, I just read that veins could be a sign of pregnancy, thanks for the advice, I think the reason I'm late for my period is that I'm really stressed. I hope that's why at least.
Avatar f tn You can read my other posts to see my history. Im now almost 2 weeks late. No symptoms really. Bloating and some naseua, no vomiting. What the heck is going on??????
Avatar f tn I have taken an HPT every day since my missed period and they are all negative. I do have some bloating but no other symptoms, no discharge, no spotting. What is going on? How long should I wait to test again? When do you think I should see my MD, should I wait at least two weeks after this missed period? Today I am 4 days late. I have taken those early result preg tests everything is negative. Is this normal after a chemical pregnancy in December?
Avatar n tn my periods are regular and my cycle is app. 30 - 32 days long. today i'm 11 days late on my period with 3 negative hpt last one done yesterday. my husband and i are not trying to conceive and we use the withdrawal method. I have severe bloating, on and off cramping like my period is coming, sleepy all the time and i have heartburn. What are the chances that i am pregnant?
Avatar f tn My period is 11 days late, my period is never late, always on time, and I get cramps before hand. So far I've gotten nothing the only things I have gotten is this brown discharge, with no itching or burning, slight spotting, major bloating, indigestion, constipation, nausea with no vomitting, back aches, and headaches. I've taken two home pregnancy tests, both came up negative. Can someone give me advice, tips, or tell me if there is a possibility of pregnancy? I really need some guidance.
11769574 tn?1420997069 It is not unusual to have a late cycle as most women do from time to time. My own period is late this month due to all that was going on around the holidays. I would wait to see if it shows up. If you skip an entire month, then give your doctor a call to see what is going on.
1527966 tn?1301370683 My last period was on the 21st of Feb, it was late by 4 days ((8 years of period at 28 days)) the last time it was missed i was pregnant and after I had my son it went back to normal after giving birth. Now the 29th of March and it was due on the 20th, on the 23rd I took a test and got negative, 6 days later it still hasnt arrived. My cervix is high and cervical mucus is pretty wet and sticky.
Avatar f tn Im now ten days late for my period. Seven days ago, I did Mastrubate with a hair brush handle ( it was clean and everything) but about ten minutes afterward I got really light headed, nauseous, shaky, I got the chills, and a really intense pain down there. It went away after a half an hour or so, and the pain completely disappeared after a day, but I'm now concerned that maybe I did something that stopped my period?
Avatar n tn I have been really stressed this month and my period is late (I'm on Day 29). I've had some very slight brown spotting on the toilet tissue but nothing more. I had all the usual PMS symptoms such as irritability, sore breasts, bloating and cramps but no bleeding. I was so worried last night that I gently put a cotton tip (sorry to be graphic) inside and there was brown/red blood on the end of it but nothing is coming down.
Avatar n tn HELP!!! I am a college student who is late (8 days to b exact). MY last period was Feb. 7-13. and very normal. I still had sex with my boyfriend those days of my period. After that we had sex on the 24-27 on the 25 I took the day after pill because he thought he slipped up since sometimes we use the pull out method and others we use condoms.
Avatar f tn I should have gotten my period around May 24th. I am 17 days late and never been this late before. When i was just one week late i went to take a pee test at the doctor and it was negative. I am peeing alot, lower back pains and weird feeling in my adominal area. My husband and I have been trying for 3 yrs. to concieve, so you get why I am anxious and hoping. After I eat I feel a little nausious but no vomitting. What should I do? What is going on?
Avatar f tn hi, im 17 years old and im currently 3 days late. I'm not usually late at all, i have the usual signs such as slight bloating, breast enlargement and tenderness, slightly moody, cramps etc, but i have no menstual flow. i am sexually active but we always use a condom, i am currently at the end of high school and studying for my final exams, could that be the cause? i'm hoping someone out there has been through omething similar.
Avatar n tn I am consistenly 27 days everytime and I am never late. The only other time I have been late is the pregnancy of my first son. My husband and I had sex on the day of my ovulation which was on November 30th. My period was supposed to be here on the 11th of December and I am still waiting. There are some symptoms like breast tenderness, increased fatigue, and a bloating stomach. My belly in abnormally large actually. I am not constipated. I took two pregnancy tests and they came back negative.
Avatar n tn So my period is a good 14 days late and I'm not panicking because sometimes I get a late period , but my boobs have been KILLING me which to me isn't normal I have bad nausea that I threw up . ( I drank a little bit of alcohol but it was hours and hours and hours and hours until I threw up I drank at 4 and I threw up at 1-2 am . ) I've been eating a lot bloating a lot and idk I'm not trying to panick but I'm not sure of what to think .
Avatar m tn anyway before all this i had and continued to have pain on my lower right abdomen which radiated over my hip and in my groin and strangly in my knee, also pain on my lower right side of my back, i was also late by 13 days on my period. due on 1st of month arrived on 14th symptoms started first few days of april. all symptoms dissapeared by the middle of may just woke up one day and stomach had gone took a week for weight to get back to normal with no diet just went like it came.
Avatar n tn I went off birth control in July, and missed my period for July, but then I got my period every month around the same time from then on. A few days late here and there, but only one or two. It is now December and I havent gotten my period from November yet. I am 14 days late, give or take a few days depending if I ovulated at the right time and if everything is on schedule, even if not, im still quite a few days late.
Avatar n tn He has been taken several types of medicationsl, and nothing seems to work. He will do fine up till the late afternoon then that is when all of the bloating, and discomfort sits in. I have no suggestions yet on what to do, we are desperatley seeking help as well, this has really had to change his quality of life and living. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.