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Avatar m tn I have watched what I eat over the last several months and this seems to be the trigger. Someone suggested I have my Gall Bladder checked that it may be part of the problem. Is that a possibility? I have had both a Colonoscopy and an endoscopy. The results of each were mild Colitis in the lower 4" of the colon and a "relaxed" LES. I take Aciphex (20MG) for mild reflux and Cozal for the Colitis.
Avatar n tn what something my husband can eat to help him go to the bathroom after gall bladder surgery?
Avatar m tn 1 Could these be gall bladder symptoms? 2 Do you ever see chest pain as a gall bla sympt? 3 If stools are pale is this a gall baldder sympt? 4 Where is my bile going if it is not coming into the intestine? 5 With no gall bladder does the bile just dump throughout the day? 6 I also have SVT will this complicate my surgery? 7 Can gall bladder problems like this cause me to not get the nutrients from foods I need?
Avatar m tn see a dr asap, it could just be indigestion but it could also be your gall bladder.
Avatar n tn What can I do to relieve uncomfortable stomach bloating since my gall bladder removal 2 years ago?
Avatar n tn Do you think its a gall bladder problem? Or maybe it's the meds I'm taking.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I also experience bloating but it's hard to pinpoint exactly what brings it on. A hida scan showed my gall bladder was less than 10% functioning and an endoscopy found a hiatal hernia. For now because I have no pain, nausea, etc. (ultrasound found no gall stones) the Dr. has me trying the generic for Prilosec yet I have NO heartburn. So far the medicine is causing a little bit of involuntary burping.
Avatar n tn Why am I still having severe diarrhea (burning and containing dark green/black mucus) 6 months after gall bladder removal. The gall bladder was functioning at only 1%. I also am dizzy most of the time. I am 57 years old, female. I take Hyzaar 100/25 and 20 mg Nadolol for familiar tremor.
Avatar n tn 1 cm in gall bladder neck and that the gall bladder was distended. The dianosis came after a trip to the emergency room for extreme abdominal pain. I have been having problems but did not know what they were caused from, ie; bloating, stomach pain, back pain, diarrhea, nausea, gas, and gurgling sounds coming from my stomach that would wake me up. The doctor has recommended gall bladder removal.
Avatar n tn I have been having severe stomache pains. I have bloating up high (gall bladder area), but also then I get stabbing pains on the lower left & sometimes lower right. I can barely eat, have been mostly drinking slimfast for several weeks now. Spent 2 days & nights vomiting earlier in the week. I finally went to a stomach doctor, he thinks maybe gall bladder. Had a HIDA scan, won't have results till Monday, but am still having pain.
Avatar m tn I didn't want to go in because from what I've read they seem to be gung-ho about yanking the gall bladder. I have a friend with one that they yanked and she always has to travel with supplemental stuff when she eats and wishes she had her gall bladder back. And on the blood thing... Is that unrelated, like a tweaky vein in the stomach or maybe an ulcer eating into one of the veins? I'm giving it 6 months and then going in to get an upper GI.
Avatar n tn I had gall bladder remover 7 months ago. No problems until about a month ago & now severe gas & bloating. Is this common so long after surgery?
Avatar n tn I had a surgery (cholecystectomy) for gall bladder polyp, and had gall bladder removed. I want to know how risky is to my life. And is it curable? Also is it a cancer, if not, is there any chance that i might be effectec with cancer in later stage of my life? Plz provide me this info.
Avatar m tn All of this is a result of the gallbladder removal. Is there such a thing as a gall bladder transplant? I can't live like this...I would definitely have it done. I know this may sound drastic to you (but not to me) in my shoes for one day and tell me how drastic it really is.
Avatar n tn Although many complaints have been attributed to problems with the gall bladder, the most common presentation of gall bladder problems is pain under the right ribs associated with eating. The pain increases in a step-wise fashion over 45-60 min and then gradually subsides. Some people wikk have severe pain associated with jaundice and fever, an indication of common bile duct stones. Finally, there is a subset of individuals who will present with pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn From my understanding CCK is used during a HIDA scan to check for proper gall bladder contraction. If your gall bladder has not been checked for proper contraction it may be something to explore. I have been told that they can use milk (or someother fatty dairy product) during your HIDA scan to mimic the action of the CCK to check for proper g/b contraction. Discuss w/ your doctor. I had a HIDA w/ CCK two yrs ago and everything checked out ok.
Avatar n tn The HIDA scan itself was painless, but the CCK that they give you to contract the gall bladder made me have a gall bladder attack! The attack only lasted about 10 minutes. When I told my surgeon, she told me it is very common for someone with a "poor functioning gall bladder" to have an attack when the CCk is given during the HIDA scan. Because the CCk contracts the gall bladder, so basically your body thinks the cck is like a greasy cheeseburger.
Avatar f tn I've read where Lyme patients go into surgery and discover their gall bladder is diseased. The endoscopy I have next Friday will be for gallbladder and pancreas this time. Is it possible they'll find it diseased or something? I'm just so frustrated because the pain is that intense!
Avatar m tn I am 2 months post gall bladder removal with 1.2cm size stones removed. I have been having 5 or 6 episodes over the last 2 weeks of acute pain below the sternum. It feels like a balloon inflating and just before it will burst (over the course of 5 minutes) the pain decreases to a managable level. I just had a EGD that was normal, all labs and EKG are normal. No fevers, or pain anywhere else, just these attacks of intense pain, usually during the night. Please help!
Avatar n tn She has been having nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, gas, bloating for the past several months. She had a gall bladder function test - works 0%. Alot of acid in the stomach. Tried to do a stomach emptying study, but could not keep the food down for it to happen. Now trying to treat her with Reglan. Thinks she has gastroparesis. Do her gall bladder need to come out? If her stomach starts moving the food, will the gall bladder begin working again?
Avatar f tn I’m mostly trying to understand what the discomfort is that I’m feeling and if it is in fact my gall bladder. My understanding was that a healthy gall bladder empties itself after eating. Since mine empties so slowly, I assumed that the fullness of it might be causing some of the discomfort (although I often feel the discomfort long after eating.) I think my confusion is in the mechanics of the liver and gallbladder.
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Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 40 year old male that has had my gall bladder removed 1 week ago today via laproscopy. Initially recovery went ok, and by the 4th day i was feeling well enough to do things outside. I kept to a mild soft diet of toast, scrambled eggs, yogurt, crackers, and the cottage cheese primarily. 2 days ago, my symptoms started to worsen. I had been on hydrocodone for the pain right after the surgery, but weaned myself off that a couple of days ago.
Avatar f tn Gall bladder removal can cause fatty food intolerance and bloating. Besides which the other causes for bloating are Irritable bowel syndrome, cystitis, pelvic infections and ovarian pathologies. Now, you follow some good lifestyle measures for the bloating to decrease. Eat food rich in plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy and fatty food, avoid smoking and eliminate alcohol. Do not consume caffeinated beverages. Practice good relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.
Avatar n tn I had my gall bladder roemoved in Dec. 08. Been having abdominal pain since. Bloating, occassional stabing pain, also can radiate to my back. Feels like I am being squeezed around my mid section constantly. Starts out OK in the morning but gets worse as the day goes on. Sitting at my desk can increase the pain. I've had all tests and everything comes back negative. I have reviewed past question on this site and there seems to be many other people who have had the same symptoms that I am having.
Avatar n tn Hi my husband who is 26, is waiting for keyhole surgery in his gall bladder. Every day he wakes up in alot of pain he keeps being sick with this pain. I wanted to know if their was any strong pain relif he could take while he is waiting for his operation.
Avatar n tn My gall bladder was in very bad condition, tests revealed that I may have had typhoid or similar as it was completed covered in gallstones and the gall bladder itself was mutated (like a gall bladder within a gallbladder).It also showed that my liver was fine as was my pancreas. In the last 5 years, I had noticed intolerance to rich or fatty foods and specifically alcohol. Before removal I would often be violently ill on 1-2 glasses of wine or beer. This sometimes lasted all day.