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Avatar m tn Hi, I've read that bleeding in between periods could be a sign of an STD? Do you know how pronounced this bleeding would be? Last night I got what appears to be my period--pretty normal heavy flow; however, I just ended my period two weeks ago! I am usually very regular on my cycle so this is a complete mystery to me. I had sex a week and a half ago, but it was protected. If it were an STD, would it cause bleeding this early on?
Avatar n tn Have you ever been tested for Chlamydia(sp)? I had bleeding and abdominal pain in between periods and tested positive for Chlamydia. Carrying this STD for a long period of time without being diagnosed or treated can cause infertility.
Avatar n tn 1) Many things cause prolonged menstrual periods; STDs usually do not. (Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause spotting between periods, and occasionally heavier bleeding--but simple prolongation of menstruation is not usually an STD symptom. If your wife is conccerned (not if YOU are concerned, only if she is), she should see her health care provider about it. 2) No STD causes the urine to change appearance in the way you describe. This doesn't sound abnormal.
Avatar m tn after just few days I started having thick and yellowish discharges, which is not very uncommon in my case as I usually have discharges between periods, but also abdominal pain, almost the same pain I have one day prior my period. I anyhow booked a visit which I had on the 17th of January.
Avatar m tn women do have heavier periods now and then. you don't have reason to suspect your partner has a std from you at this point. If she is concerned, she should follow up with her gyn.
Avatar f tn My periods suppose to start on the 12th but im already bleeding. Im scared beacsue i hope it's not the sign of pregnancy?? can you guys please help me out here???
Avatar n tn I'm 19 and I had my period towards the begining of the month now two weeks later I am bleeding again, it keeps switching between spotting and regular bleeding. When I was 16 I had a miscarrige and I haven't been pregnant again since I am blood type o neg and I am now with someone that is rh neg could this mean that I am finally pregnant again or could it just mean something is wrong with me?
Avatar f tn And now lately I've been bleeding between periods and after orgasm (not through sexual intercourse, just from stimulation over my clothes) so what do you think? Am I at risk of an std??? What could this be?
348459 tn?1236102078 Chlamydia may give you spotting and bleeding in between your periods but it won't keep you from bleeding if you are ovulating properly. If she missed her period it is most likely due to the fact she did not ovulate. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Am I too paranoid??</a>.
Avatar f tn STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia certainly can cause spotting or bleeding between periods. Presumably testing was done by your doctor; follow up with the office to learn the result and get treatment if positive. In the meantime, I would also recommend that your current sex partner get tested as well. (But no need for the partner from last August to do so.) Good luck.
Avatar n tn For the past 4 months I've had heavier than normal periods with a lot of sharp pain during them. Then, for the past two months I've had bleeding in between periods as well. The in between bleeding normally lasts about one day, but it is heavy enough that it turns the toilet red and I can see clots in it. This month I've already had it happen twice and my periods only been over for about two weeks. I'm not on any birth control and haven't been for a long time.
Avatar m tn On the other hand, there are MANY non-STD related problems that could be causing your GF's difficulties and which I am sure that her doctor is checking on. As far as STDs are concerned the findings of bleeding between periods, an inflamed cervix and pain on intercourse may be associated with, among other things, chlamydial infection. I would certainly consider testing for chlamydia based on the history you have provided.
508430 tn?1210821495 I am 16 years old n i had unprotected sex Saturday may 10 n i started my period last month around april 22 n i today may 14 i saw bright red blood spotting in my panties it has been off n on all day but not flowing just here n there n i wanted to know is this implantation bleeding i usual never have unregular periods but this today came 8 days earlier than last month so can someone please help me thanks
Avatar n tn Bleeding after periods, if it occurs just once or twice, and if the bleeding is very less during that time, is considered normal. Stress or any change in routine, might be the reason behind such an occurrence. An effective remedy for stress induced spotting, is to do yoga and meditation. Taking adequate rest and sleep might also help.
3248624 tn?1346992198 Now I'm 25 with four kids, its just cleaning your body out and the doctor will give you a pap smear to see if there is anything going on, he did that and the test came back normal for me and after the test, I still have those periods. My periods are 3-4 days heavy, then two days off and then 4 days regualr then two days spotting. It's been line this since I had my new baby.
Avatar n tn I am a 42yr happily married mother of 4 and after my last child had my tubes clipped.All my life I have suffered with irregular periods, servere cramps and heavy bleeding which the gyn told me would settle after I had a couple of babies ... it never did. In the last 24 months my periods have slowed somewhat to a 4 day bleed although still irregular. Lately I have been bleeding every 2 weeks, spotting in between.
Avatar f tn She's not sexually active for a start, so chances are almost impossible of her contracting cervical cancer, and she's not showing ANY signs of it either. She doesn't have bleeding after sex, or while urinating or between periods. Those symptoms don't mean you have cancer either - could be an infection, STD, UTI or rough sex. Anyway, none of that even implies to the poster or anything they said.
Avatar n tn is that normal? I dont' remember if I examed vagina before so I can't compare. I just hope it's not any STD. previous partener has no symptoms and claims no STD, I am currently not sexaully active. On top of this my period was late in Sep ( started Sep 4) and was not ended completly, when using toilet paper to clean after peeing, very very light pink can be seen on paper, this 'bleeding' continued about 5-7 days after the period 7 days. period dates were Aug 1st, Sep 4th, not yet.
Avatar n tn I have always had menstral complications and over the past 3-4 years have experienced spot bleeding in between periods (I have not been on the pill since Mar 2004). But over the past 2-3 months, I have been experiencing bleeding during intercourse (bright red) about 50% of the time that my boyfriend and I have sex. It is only during intercourse and the bleeding stops after sex. This often happens within a week before my period or a week after.
422891 tn?1315183520 If you read the STD facts about chlamydia, sometimes it'll cause bleeding between periods, or it'll mess up your cycle a bit. I had it from my ex, didn't know about it for a year..(as he thought it was MORE important for him to be treated than for him to let me get treated also..), and I ended up skipping a period. I thought I was pregnant, that's why i got tested. I had chlamydia. It sucked.
Avatar n tn In october '07, my girlfriend was experiencing bleeding after sex and between her periods. I was experiencing pain after ejaculating, but I didn't associate it with anything... She went to her gyno and was told we had chlamydia and HPV. We were treated for chlamydia, she was told to check back in a year. I was not tested at this time, but in feb '08 i was feeling weird so i went to the my GP to get checked. neg for chlamydia.
Avatar n tn and this sort of bleeding between periods (often induced by intercourse) is an occasional sign of STDs such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. On the other hand, this is a very non-specific sign which has many other alternate explanations including changes due to changing contraceptive pills. In your case however, I repeat, there is no risk for STD from your single condom-protected exposure. Thus there is also no reason for STD testing related to this exposure either.
Avatar n tn anyways i had sex once more with this person before leaving, condom broke, and now three months on im getting same symptoms pain in lower tummy like bad period slight spotting in between periods and feel just really low.. I really dont want to go back to the doctors as they will tell me im fine and nothing is wrong.. how can I have all the symptoms but test results show im fine and dandy??? HELP!!!
Avatar n tn (with/without noticing sores) 2)can mutual masterbation cause hiv/std- example me fingering her- worst scenario-bleeding finger or she having sores 3)can unprotected oral sex cause hiv/std- both me giving and receiving 4) can protected oral(with condom) sex 100% prevent getting hiv/std 5) with condom,if exposed area of shaft and balls is exposed to saliva or virginal fluid risky 6) Can protected virginal sex(with condom) prevent me 100% from getting hiv/std 7) how does the hiv or std virus enter
Avatar m tn Upon receipt of the results, my wife and i resumed unprotected sex, and this morning she woke up with some remnants of blood in her underwear (very little) but some. I read that ghonorrea can cause bleeding in between periods, so now I am back to being very concerned. How rational is it to think that I passed an STD to my wife and the first test was a false negative because of "potentially" urinating too soon before the test?
Avatar n tn There are other factors. Women that have IUDs on occasion, have bleeding in between mentrual periods. What ever the reason, it needs to be checked out. My motto is it could be something or it could be nothing and it needs to be checked by a DR.
Avatar n tn It did not come with any pain or discomfort. This is exactly half way between when her periods normally are and she said this has never happened before. The first day was fairly heavy but by the next day it was very light. A week an a half later there is no obvious bleeding, but during intercourse I notice a little bit of blood on my hands, etc. Some background on her. She is 29 and Caucasian.