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Avatar n tn Hi there, While or Merina it is common to have periods which can become irregular, heavy bleeding and spotting between periods. These are more common during the first 3 top 6 months. After a particular period of time your body adjusts and periods become lighter.3 weeks is a too long time to have continuous bleeding. Too much of blood loss can result in weakness,dizziness,syncope and shock.Nausea,sore breasts, mood changes are also few of the side effects seen while on Merina.
Avatar f tn I have almost completely stopped having periods. However, now in between 'my periods' I have random spotting/blood clots. Sometimes with sudden cramping.. Bad cramps and then a little bleeding after or the next morning. Anyone else have this problem?
Avatar m tn So in order to manage my issues, I've been getting ultrasounds every 6 months (or sooner if the bleeding gets out of control) and using the mirena to curb the bleeding. I've been using the mirena for several years and it's been the only thing that controlled my bleeding. I still get a period every month but it's a lot less and doesn't cause the kind of problems that it did before. I'm unfortunately not one of the lucky ones that doesn't get any period with mirena.
Avatar n tn I had the Paragard a couple of years ago. It made me have two week long periods and I spotted in between. I eventually had it removed. I went for a year or so with no birth control. This past October, I decided to try the Mirena. I have spotted a brown FOUL smelling bloody discharge ever since. It is so embarrassing. I smell it and hate it but the kicker is, the other night, my little boy laid his head on my lap, then raised up suddently, saying, "Mommy, did you fart?? What's that smell?
Avatar n tn had a pap, which is good since its been 5 years since my last one, and talked about getting an IUD again; had Mirena perviously and took it out...happy to get it again as I never had periods with it the last time; just have to wait till I get my period again to have it inserted. Told me I'll get results back within a week. I called my husband after my appointment and he said he was afraid I was pregnant (we don't use contraception) and then he gave me a panic attack!
Avatar f tn I had mirena put in 7 weeks ago today. I'm still bleeding. I did stop for 4 but now is about the time i would get a period and believe me I got it. I went to the doctor today who told me to take provera 10 mg. and that will stop the period or at least make it lighter, depends on the flow. But my question is when do I take it. I'm going on vacation next weekend and I don't know should I take it now and the periods stop or take it next week b/c the periods start back. Anyone know ?
223520 tn?1221443883 I did have spotting/bleeding for about three months afterward, and then occassional spotting between periods. I removed it after eight months, though, due to weight gain and acne. It wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hello I am 18 and I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and have recently had the coil inserted three weeks ago ever since my bleeding has been constant and stupidly heavy. However, I have realized that this is a mistake. The reason being because me and my partner really want a baby. How long before you can fall pregnant after the removal? Will it make my PCOS worse?
734635 tn?1231817643 see if maybe s/he can clear up some thing for you. i haven't had any issues like that with my mirena. aside from the bleeding but i knew that was going to happen for 6-12 months. but for it to simply "get lost" like that...insane. i wonder if your doc knows he screwed up something and is just trying to cover his a$$ by saying it was just simply "rejected".
190838 tn?1226617207 I've had Mirena since Sept 21st and my bleeding hasn't stopped yet, but i've noticed it is kinda trying to stop (alot of brown discharge) and I do sometimes have bad cramping, but so far I guess it's ok still waiting to see if the bleeding is going to stop. I'm the type who cant have birth control cause it makes me extremely irritable, suicidal thoughts, depression, etc. but I took a chance on having Mirena put in. Ive got to say that was EXTREMELY painful!!!
Avatar n tn A large number of of women that I have spoken to on this subject have experienced heavier bleeding and severve cramping before and during their periods which if this is already a problem for you could make it worse ... luckily this wasnt an issue for me. Usually you do have some cramping after insertion for a couple of days but this settles quickly, if it doesnt I strongly suggest that you have it removed straight away. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Unsure if am pregnant since I did not get a period for most of time on mirena and prior to Mirena i was bleeding for almost 4 months straight. This is probably my hormones, but I am trying to get an idea if I should get excited about the possibility or just figure it is hormones.
743826 tn?1377895789 My periods come about every 10 - 14 days, and when I'm not bleeding heavily, I have light (annoying) bleeding in between periods. As of lately, I am now noticing a horribly foul odor that I've NEVER had before. I'm at the point of wanting to have this removed, yet feel like the money I invested will be a complete waste. The whole point of getting Mirena was so I could be sexually active with my boyfriend however since I'm bleeding all of the time, it's been a major mood killer.
Avatar n tn i had mine inserted in july 09 and didn't stop bleeding the whole first month, but at soon as my regular period came a month later..i haven't bled since, i have had cramps and maybe a spot or two....does that seem normal to anyone?
Avatar f tn I have horrible periods and endrometrosis disease. I got the mirena inserted 6months ago and my periods are the same. So the dr inserted the nuvaring. So currently I have both. My question is ....did anybody have both mirena and nuvaring and how do you do with it. And did it stop your period?
Avatar f tn I have been having period like pains for about 2 weeks now on and off. Also I had af a week before Mirena removal, was the bleeding I had after just because of the removal ? Must confess I wish I never had it fitted, I bled on and off for the whole 8 months it was in.
Avatar n tn I thought that breastfeeding was supposed to supress your cycle, but since I have the Mirena I got a period about a week ago. It was much heavier than my periods used to be, and today is day number 7 and the spotting is starting to get lighter. If i'm going to have heavy long periods like this, then I'm thinking about having it removed. Also I was informed that you could have light spotting in between your periods. That means spotting everyday and having to wear a liner everyday.
Avatar n tn I did not have periods with Mirena at all. I started bleeding on the last Thursday of Feb. it lasted a couple days and then stopped. I went a few more days and it started again. Always bright red and never enough to fill a pad. Long story short if you are experiencing any change in symptoms you need to get checked by a physician. I took two home pregnancy tests when it came up positive I went to the hospital because I freaked. Well I'm pregnant.
Avatar n tn I am a 39 year old mother of two teenaged daughters. I had my original Mirena inserted in July, 2002 due to extreme bleeding for many months. I would bleed for about 24 days out of every month and felt horrible. As I was only 32 years old at the time, my GYN did not want to perform a hysterectomy and suggested the Mirena. I bled for a couple of months after insertion, but shortly thereafter I had no bleeding and have had no period ever since. This is the side effect that is fantastic!
Avatar f tn BUT just as a few of you ladies have shared, when I brought up the Mirena, my doctor just kind of disregarded it and said she doesn't think that's what caused it, although I assured her I did not have these symptoms between the ages of 10-19 before the Mirena. I told her I want to take it out just in case it does have something to do with all of these symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hello, First of all it can be due to metrorrhagia which causes uterine bleeding at irregular intervals, particularly between the expected menstrual periods. Metrorrhagia can occur due to dysfunction uterine bleeding, hormonal imbalance, polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, infections of the cervix, vagina or endometrium, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian insufficiency, ovarian cysts or benign lesions of the female reproductive system.
Avatar n tn I've never had heavy or painful periods. As I've gotten older they have decreased to the point where I have maybe 1-2 days of light spotting (I'm now 36), no pain, no bloating, no headaches and no mood changes. Having said that I do have chronic abdominal pain all the time. Incapacitating pain which requires me to take heavy painkillers just to get out of bed each day. We've ruled out all stomach related or allergy related issues. Now my Dr's are saying I have endometriosis.
Avatar f tn 5 yrs ago (tried unsuccessfully for 10yrs finally gave up and signed up for special needs fostering W/adoption possibility and found out she was pregnant a few weeks later!) the Mirena has worked fine for all that time though her periods have been irregular and she's had a lot of discomfort and other issues relating to the IUD but no pregnancy scares!
Avatar n tn THE SMELL DID GO ONCE REMOVED BUT without it had continuous bleeding problems, so the gynae and I decided to have an ablation plus re-insert the Mirena. Hesitantly, I did have the Mirena put back to help stop the bleeding BUT guess who else came back?! Yep,..el stinko. I am going back to the gyane, I want it out. It makes me feel undesirable and paranoid. As for my bleeding problems....?!
Avatar n tn Before I was on BC for 12 years. I chose the Mirena because I was tired of taking a pill, heavy periods, headaches and moodiness. When I first had the IUD inserted I experienced night sweats and hot flash's for the first month and a half then they subsided I figured this was due to ridding my body of the high dose hormone from the BC. About 6 months into it I started getting those symptoms again I am 42 and to young to start menopause I have not had a period the whole time I have had the IUD.
Avatar n tn I am a 17 year old girl who chose to use Mirena because i have lupis antibodies and a hormone pill was not working properly with my body. I received Mirena about a week ago and acutally stopped bleeding, but had very painful cramps. I began bleeding very heavily yesterday and it has not stopped and i still have the cramps... when you went to the hospital did they do anything? because i am very close to going myself...
Avatar f tn I am 6 months post Mirena removal as of today. I have had periods that seemed regular: 5 days, 5 days, 4 days, 2 days, 3 days, 3 days, 3 days (until they began to get shorter and shorter). I suspected pregnancy on the 4th month of a 2 day period and tested twice with both being negative results. I have had fatigue, morning sickness, back pain and severe pain and intense cramps both during my periods and between. I have also had bloating and firmness in my stomach and abdomen.
Avatar n tn I am 45 and thought I had had enough of my periods..pain..heavy heavy bleeding, so after discussing with my dr, she suggested the mirena IUD. I looked into that and after much research, got nervous about it, read HORROR stories about it and didn't get one. Then Dr suggested DEPO, I read some, but just decided there is good and bad with everything. I can't take the pill and was hoping to stop my period all together while I sail into menopause. So, I did it.
Avatar f tn 23 Children: None Weight: 220lb Periods/Cramping: Irregular (monthly, but different times every time) and regular to heavy/Minimal, if any Previously Tried BC/Age/Negative Side Effects- Pill/22/Brown Discharge, sometimes mixed with blood ALL month, lack of sex drive, anxiety. Ring/22/Uncomfortable and it fell out a LOT (sometimes not even during sex), awkward during sex, not on it long enough to find out anything else.