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Avatar f tn I'm 21 and have been experiencing bleeding and mild cramping between periods. It lasts for days at a time, is a dark rusty red in colour with occasional small blood clots, and is not consistent with a certain time in my cycle (e.g. sometimes occurs days before ovulation, sometimes after). It is heavier than the light, brown spotting I have experienced between periods in the past, but not as heavy as a period.
Avatar f tn I pass small clots every cycle towards the ends of my periods; I assume is from the fibroid. I will be having a myomectomy next month to have the fibroid taken out and still preserve fertility.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I'm 27 years old, I've never had kids or have been pregnant or on birth control. I've started randomly bleeding between periods about 1.5 years ago. At first it started as just a strand of blood in my otherwise normal discharge, then I started having blood tinged discharge after exercise and after orgasm (no penetration). Since about year ago, it's gotten progressively worse to wear I'm bleeding in between every period. I've had SO many tests done and they've all come back negative.
Avatar f tn i am a 21 yr old girl and have been bleeding between periods and it is only getting worse, also there has been clotting as well. i have been to the doctor and have had my pill changed three times. i am starting to get very worried now! can anyone help?
Avatar n tn Hello, As you are 42 years of age and having these symptoms,so the chances of premenopause are more.The normal age range for the occurrence of menopause is somewhere between the age of 45 and 55. Symptoms of premenopause are irritability and mood swings,hot flashes,night sweating,irregular periods,decreased blood loss during periods,dry vagina,breast heaviness and tenderness and joint and muscle pain.
Avatar n tn Actually i have this same problem and I am woried about whast it could be. I pass as many as 3 to 4 small clots evry time I pee through my entire period. I also have heavy periods. I was going to ask this same question but since you already did I don't need to. I just wanted to let you know I have this same preoblem.
Avatar f tn Apparently huge clots can be passed due to heavy bleeding, something about the uterus producing an anti clotting factor so the menstrual blood can flow out of the body easily but with heavy bleeding this anti clotting factor gets all used up before the period ends and there you have clots forming. But if you normally have light periods than you should see your doctor, it still may just be your body adjusting to the new hormones in the pill.
Avatar n tn She said I would have normal bleeding with that and not to worry. Two days later I started having large blood clots with no cramping. I went in yesterday and she did an u/s and we saw that everything was still intact and looked good-although she said she could see many more blood clots around my uterus.
Avatar f tn Hello, First of all it can be due to metrorrhagia which causes uterine bleeding at irregular intervals, particularly between the expected menstrual periods. Metrorrhagia can occur due to dysfunction uterine bleeding, hormonal imbalance, polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, infections of the cervix, vagina or endometrium, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian insufficiency, ovarian cysts or benign lesions of the female reproductive system.
Avatar f tn I have always had very heavy menstrual cycles with medium sized blood clots. This month I have been bleeding more than I normally do and it has lasted about 2 weeks now. Today as I was leaving work I stepped up to get onto my van when I felt a very large blood clot come out and I began to bleed very heavily that I had to remove my skirt and place it between my legs just to soak up all the blood. I was very scared. I began to feel very weak and dizzy as I was driving home.
Avatar f tn They said that it would either rupture (which I had in high school and it was terribly painful) or it would just go away (like one did during my pregnancy). But on Friday I started bleeding, and I'm bleeding a lot of clots. Did it burst without any pain? I had sex the night before (which I was scared to do because of the cyst), and the next day the bleeding started. I'm wondering if I should go to the er or what? I have an OBGYN appt on June 3rd.
Avatar n tn since then,I have had increasingly painful periods as well as frequent heavy spotting between periods and random passing of blood clots, is this normal? I knew to expect this in the first couple of months after I delivered, but not for this long.
Avatar f tn I didn't have a period in nov and I started in dec and I have been bleeding for two weeks and it is heavy where it feels like it is just pouring out of me plus I have had dark blood clots I stopped for two days and I started back up again and it is still real bad and with the dark blood clots now I feeling like I can throw up and like right under my boobs between them I feel like there is pressure there and feel sick to my stomach what should I do
Avatar n tn My periods are very painful, long bleeding times, with only 1-3 weeks break between periods. I am sure the surgery created scarring or I have grown endomitriosis. My point. If you all don't make major changes here or really push your doctors to REACT to your symptoms then you may end up like me. Averyms you have got to try to get healthy with your weight. The primary reason we have all these issues is due to estrogen, we have too damn much of it.
Avatar n tn I'm 19 and I had my period towards the begining of the month now two weeks later I am bleeding again, it keeps switching between spotting and regular bleeding. When I was 16 I had a miscarrige and I haven't been pregnant again since I am blood type o neg and I am now with someone that is rh neg could this mean that I am finally pregnant again or could it just mean something is wrong with me?
Avatar m tn When they remove the catheter from your leg, they put an angioseal in there to seal the artery and prevent bleeding. You usually feel a lump, where the incision was made. This slowly dissolves over a period of 90 days. It is very rare to form a blood clot because of the inhibitors you are taking, such as plavix. They usually test your blood to see your clotting factor and if necessary other clotting inhibitors are used, but most people only need aspirin/Plavix(clopidogrel).
Avatar n tn Hi I have been trying to get pregnant, and the past 2 days I have had very light bleeding with no passed clots/tissue and very minimal cramps. This is very much unlike my other periods. I tested with first response this morning and negative. My aereolas are dark and my bbs are very sore. Could I be pregnant? Have you ever heard of this?
Avatar n tn For the past 4 months I've had heavier than normal periods with a lot of sharp pain during them. Then, for the past two months I've had bleeding in between periods as well. The in between bleeding normally lasts about one day, but it is heavy enough that it turns the toilet red and I can see clots in it. This month I've already had it happen twice and my periods only been over for about two weeks. I'm not on any birth control and haven't been for a long time.
Avatar n tn im very young and i dont know the difference between spotting and my period i used to get it just at random and now for two months i have got it on the 5th and my periods used to last 7 days and now they only last 3, they are still heavy and a dark red but i dont know if they are now spotting or if my body is just changing , please help me figure out what it is and find out if im pregnent or not....
Avatar f tn To add: was nauseated/ vomiting after bleeding began two days ago.
Avatar f tn Hello, You need a detailed clinical evaluation for determining the exact cause of your symptoms. From the information shared by you it seems that you are having bleeding between periods or after intercourse. Emergency contraception is known to cause irregular bleeding or spotting after taking it. It is possible that this spotting is due to these pills but other possibilities should also be ruled out if the bleeding is severe or persistent. The commonest cause of is hormonal imbalance.
Avatar n tn my period came a week early which is really unusual for me and went on for the usaul 6 days and was just like my normal period with blood clots and then it stopped for a day and started on the day it should have started and went on for a week but was light, with no blood clots then it stopped for 2 days and now has started up again. i will be 51 in July could it be the on set of the menopause!
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 31 years old and have always had very light and very painful irregular periods. In the last year I have spotted twice in between periods and have gone to the Dr. and had ultrasound performed to check for abnormalities (it came back that i only have a polyp on my uterus). I started my period 8 days ago and all was normal until yesterday. I started bleeding very heavily ( throught a tampon and a pad in 30 min. to 1 hour) and it seemed to come in waves with no warning.
Avatar f tn I bleed for five weeks and was refered back to the clinic. I had a scan and they said i had blood clots and an infection but no retained tissue. I was given antibiotics for a week, the bleeding didnt stop i was refered back and i had another scan and they told me i had retained tissue from the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn As long as there is a full 20 days between bleeding it can be considered a period. You should let your doctor know you are still bleeding, have them check your levels again (mine went back up after dropping because of that tissue that was still left) And if it doesn't release within a minimal amount of time they will want to do a D&C so you don't get an infection. Many women say there first few periods after a miscarriage is really heavy with clotting.
Avatar n tn I had very heavy periods, all the sudden they stopped to very light, I'm 47 should I be concerned
Avatar f tn The only thing that goes against it is clots which are usually a sign of periods and miscarriage. Yes, implantation bleeding can last 5-6 days. Take a blood pregnancy test. If the test is negative then you are not pregnant. If it is borderline, repeat after a week to see if the levels are rising. Rising levels indicate pregnancy. Take care!