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Avatar f tn My doctor said i have a bladder infection but i dont feel any of the symptoms does anyone no why normally if i have a bladder infection i know
Avatar f tn I had a uti in my first trimester
Avatar m tn Ive had many and once i didnt get treatment for 24 hours after the UTI showed symptoms and it was awful (tho that was a very bad infection) Hope you get sorted, bladder infections are something i'd never wish on anyone lol
Avatar n tn Does anyone have or had a bladder infection (UTI) during pregnancy? What did u do to get rid of it without meds? Doctor refused to give meds and I'm glad she didn't.
Avatar f tn I am having some similar symptoms..I have what FEELS like a bladder inf..or UTI, but all tests..UTI, Bloodwork, cultures..were negative..My bladder seems to always feel full, with a burning, tingling pressure in it! I SOMETIMES will burn with peeing, but NOT ALWAYS! I was treated with Cipro like you were as well, which DIDNT Help! The ONLY thing the ER found was an ovarian cyst on my ovary & fluid in my pelvic cavity..
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor about 6 weeks ago to test for a bladder infection and it was negative, even after the culture. I had to get up 3 times last night to go to the restroom, normally I only go twice. Just wondering if anyone if anone on the board has had a kidney infection, kidney stone, bladder, or urinary tract infection while pregnant. I have had around 10 stones and I am 29 years old.
587946 tn?1240925653 Last year I had a bladder infection every month. Severe pain with urination, throbbing in my urethra, pressure in my stomach, frequency, urgency, cloudy urine, and blood (visible, sometimes clots). Took antibiotics and seemed better until the next month. Saw a urologist, he did a cystoscopy and saw nothing unusual. He did a urethral dialation because I had scarring. He did a cat scan and still saw nothing unusual.
1318483 tn?1318347182 An infection anywhere along the line classifies as a UTI (urinary tract infection). UTI is a non-specific generic term. A bladder infection is a UTI. Not every UTI is in the bladder. Nitrofurantoin is the generic name for Macrodantin, an antibiltic commonly used to treat UTIs. I would have thought you would be beginning to feel better after four days on the antibiotic. If you are no better by tomorrow, definitely call the doctor to report this.
Avatar f tn He give me spasm medication and referred me to a urologist. Fast forward another week still having UTI symptoms. Bladder medication for spasms was changed twice due to side effects. Saw urologist ct scan neg for stones and was otherwise normal, had blood work which was all normal. Had a cystoscope which showed inflammation at the bladder neck and urethra.
Avatar f tn Just seeing if anyone has or had a bladder infection in the early weeks of pregnancy. I'm almost 6 weeks and I'm constantly peeing (which I know comes with pregnancy already) but it's constant. I initially had my first prenatal visit made for November 6th. But they want to see me tomorrow instead. What do they do if I do have a bladder infection. I didn't think I could take meds?
Avatar n tn Yes, the urinary tract runs from the bladder to the kidney. So a bladder infection is a UTI. They are treated by antibiotics. You may be in the early stages and the burning pain hasn't started. If you 'know' something is wrong, make an appt. with your doctor and you'll do a urine test there. They culture it over 24 hours. I left an office being told I didn't have one but 8 hours later, they called to say it was now positive.
Avatar f tn UTI's are common in pregnancy because of all the pressure that goes on down there. They could lead to a bladder or kidney infection if untreated for too long. Symptoms are burning while urinating & never feeling like you've completely emptied your bladder. If you're having kidney pain, it could be the infection or a stone. I had one in my 12th wk & it felt like someone had it in a vice, twisting it in opposite directions.
Avatar f tn I have never had a uti so didnt know symptoms so on the third day the pressure was so bad I started having contractions I had to go to the hospital. its bad for baby so u need to let ur dr know asap so that they can give u meds to stop infection.the discomfort and pain of the pressure will get worst im telling u..
Avatar f tn Hi, thanks for your query. U needs to drink a lot of water. Get your urine routine test done & also fungal stain of a smear from the tip of penis & of urine also. For a proper diagnosis it's necessary to look the site. You may get the tests done under guidance of an urologist. Wish you good health.
Avatar m tn It is a primarily female syndrome in which women suffer from irritative bladder symptoms (urinary frequency, urgency, burning and a hesitant or slowed urinary stream) in the absence of any objective urologic findings. In this the diagnosis can be made only by the proper collections of urine specimens from both the urethra and the bladder. These specimens will reveal the presence of white blood cells in the urethral washings, while the midstream (bladder) specimen will be free of cells.
Avatar n tn You need a structural study of your kidneys (CT scan or Ultrasound) and a cystoscopy (a look into your bladder and urethra) to see if there is anything causing the UTI like symptoms. A urethral diverticulum, bladder or ureteral stone, or a bladder tumor can cause your symptoms. A chronic cystitis is a deep infection of the bladder wall, often the urine culture is negative, and it can take a month or two of antibiotics to clear it.
Avatar n tn A simple UTI can become a full blown kidney infection in nothing flat, or it can persist as a bladder infection for a long, long time. Most bladder infections do not spread to the kidney. Pregnancy is sort of a vulnerable time. It should not affect the fetus. I know reading and surfing the internet you can read some very concerning things...but in reality, there is probably little effect.
Avatar n tn Dear doctor I am a 43 year old women 3 weeks ago I began to have what I thought was a bladder infection. I did some home OZO test that showed some WBC but no nitrates. It began with urgency for 2 days and a feeling that my bladder would not empty. After 2 days the burning began. The doctor thougth it was a UTI and presecribed antibiotics and Phenazo.
889551 tn?1416184483 A strong and persistant urge to urinate Burning sensation while urinating Passing small, frequent amounts of urine Cloudy urine Urine that appears pink or dark like a soda-it means blood is present Strong smelling urine Pelvic pain in women Rectal pain in men When Kidney's are affected: You may feel pain in your upper back and side Have a high fever Experience shaking and chills Have nausea and/or vomiting When the bladder is affected: You may experience pelvic pressure Lower abdominal
Avatar m tn About a month ago I had symptoms of a UTI and went to the doctor. A dipstick showed that I had quite a strong UTI and I was given a course of antibiotics for a week. I felt better but the syptoms were still there a little, although felt milder. I went back to the doctors, another dipstick was done and it showed up for an infection but significantly "lighter" than the last one. so I was given a weeks course of nitrofurantoin. The symptoms then disappeared.
Avatar n tn After doing much research on this, I discovered that women can get many bacterial infections, along with times where no bacteria present. When no bacteria is present you still feel the same symptoms as if you had a bladder infection. When you feel the pain, discomfort, frequent urination, etc., it is a sign of a bladder attack. Interstitial cystitis is also known as Painful Bladder Syndrom (PBS). Have you heard of it?
4244557 tn?1371701336 So I got a bladder infection back in December. Took antibiotics but didn't do anything. Went to my family doctor on the 8th to get new antibiotic and got some. A week later I missed my period and hey we're pregnant. Stopped taking my antibiotic cuz it said not to take if pregnant, may be pregnant or breastfeeding. Even my doc knew I could be pregnant so don't know why he prescribed that. Now he won't prescribe anything else and I can't get rid of this infection.
Avatar f tn I'd call the Dr. Sounds like a UTI. Verrrry common during pregnancy because of the extra weight on the bladder your body cannot always properly empty the bladder, leading to infection. I'd reason to suffer. Until you call though cranberry juice has been known to help with UTI issues...wouldn't recommend anything OCT though.
1430240 tn?1290434023 i dont think its a bladder infection but every thirty minutes i feel like my bladder is sooooo full but i go and its barely anything. is this a bladder infection?